Hats off to Paul Ryan.

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan went to a Washington, D.C. tattoo parlor and had a giant target tattooed on his forehead. Or so it is going to seem in the coming weeks.

In his capacity as budget chairman, he has unveiled a budget resolution for fiscal year 2012 that actually goes where no politician has dared go before. He touches the so-called “third rail” of entitlements.

That is to his everlasting credit because there is no way to address the dire state of the country’s finances without addressing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

For his trouble, Ryan is going to be accused of starving senior citizens and leaving sick children to die without medical care. His accusers are going to be the same Democrats that did not pass a budget at all for fiscal year 2011 when they were in the majority.

That hypocrisy will go unchallenged by the media.

Ryan’s proposal has no hope of being passed but it can and should be the platform for whichever Republican takes on Obama in 2012.

Hats off to Paul Ryan.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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2 Responses

  1. C M Solomon says:


    You are right. The current vintage of Conservative Republicans in Congress may have their “hearts” in the right place to wish for a more limited and fiscally responsible government, but they simply don’t have the “guts” to carry it out. Sadly, Paul Ryan’s budget proposals will only be a great conservation topic among Conservatives since the Democrat style gorilla tactics to market and win some his ideas by the polite Republicans is non-existent.

    It is very unfortunate that the Republicans, with the TRUTH on their side, wouldn’t have to LIE like the Democrats to win most of their ideas using a Conservative version of gorilla tactics. The Republican House of Representatives has ultimate control of the cash flow of the US Government. They are simply afraid to exercise that power.

    Hopefully, a new generation of tough Republicans who are not afraid to beat the Democrats at their own game will arise in the next year to displace the tired old Republicans that are only too happy to show the Democrats how to “turn the other cheek”. The unfettered boldness of the Democrats can only be blamed on the inability of the wobbly Republicans to consistently market the TRUTH (as Reagan did) for the last 20 years.

  2. Linda E. Montrose says:

    For as long as I can remember, the left has always demonized anything productive the right has put before them. They can not fight anything with FACTS, so they use the age old race card, the age old scare tactics and throw figures they pull out of the air to justify what they are saying. We need more people like Paul Ryan to put things in perspective. But what we really need are more people willing to step up to the plate and take a swing at the left’s propaganda, point by point and keep swinging until we hit the ball out of the park. At some point, people are going to have to take notice that we can not keep spending like there is no tomorrow and acknowledge the fact that drastic measures are needed if this Country is to survive. I was reading a book the other day and this one sentence jumped off the page as so relevant as to how the left reacts when they feel threatened by the facts…”I have found that the people who shout their opinion the loudest are usually the ones most insecure in their position.” You never know what gems of wisdom can come from a simple novel or how relevant it can be to real life.

    The left is constantly shouting that the right is for starving people, using the elderly and the very young as examples. That the right wants to cut spending for educating our children and the list goes on and on and the shouting gets louder and louder. This propaganda has been going on ever since I remember and that is back when LBJ was going to end poverty. Can one person tell me if poverty ended with LBJ, why is the left worried about people starving? And so much money has been thrown into educating our children, we should have the smartest kids in the WORLD? The left is good at promising, but are very poor in results, yet they tout themselves as being for the people. As I see it, this Country doesn’t owe one person living here anything more than giving us the liberty to do for OURSELVES, yet the left wants to keep us chained to the government by all those benevolent programs designed to do so much good. In reality, they have never done what they promised to do, instead, they have been a velvet chain dragging us down.

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