House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan went to a Washington, D.C. tattoo parlor and had a giant target tattooed on his forehead. Or so it is going to seem in the coming weeks.

In his capacity as budget chairman, he has unveiled a budget resolution for fiscal year 2012 that actually goes where no politician has dared go before. He touches the so-called “third rail” of entitlements.

That is to his everlasting credit because there is no way to address the dire state of the country’s finances without addressing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

For his trouble, Ryan is going to be accused of starving senior citizens and leaving sick children to die without medical care. His accusers are going to be the same Democrats that did not pass a budget at all for fiscal year 2011 when they were in the majority.

That hypocrisy will go unchallenged by the media.

Ryan’s proposal has no hope of being passed but it can and should be the platform for whichever Republican takes on Obama in 2012.

Hats off to Paul Ryan.

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