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Golfing over governing.

More than two months late, the president has at last complied with the law and submitted a budget. It is, as we have come to expect, an ideological document that is untethered entirely from actual governing.

The road to insolvency is paved with good intentions.

One of the biggest drivers of America’s massive spending and debt problem is our inability to weigh the good intentions of programs that spend billions of dollars against the actual results that those programs produce.

Obama voters: enjoy your victory quickly.

If you’re celebrating Obama’s victory, be careful. You own President Obama and President Obama owns the economy and world events. Given the parlous state of both, prudence dictates that you keep your glee in check.

Would you re-hire this employee?

I have a question for those wanting to renew President Obama’s contract. Why? What about the past four years do you wish to see continued for the next four years?

The politics of smaller pie.

Interrupted from time to time by brief and usually mild recessions, since World War II the American economy grew at such a rapid clip that politicians were largely insulated from having to make difficult choices. That day may be over.

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Will we ever get serious?

The government has borrowed money over your signature and made promises in your name to the point that your household now owes $520,000.