Would you re-hire this employee?

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If the polls are to be believed, approximately half the electorate wants to see President Obama re-elected. That’s fine. The only U.S. president ever to win by acclamation was George Washington. Every president since has been elected to office despite the fact that a significant percentage of the population wanted the other guy. That such is the case is the reason we have elections.

But I have a question for those wanting to renew President Obama’s contract.


What about the past four years do you wish to see continued for the next four years? Is it the president’s fiscal management? In just three and a half years, the U.S. national debt has ballooned from $10.6 trillion on George W. Bush’s last day in office to more than $16 trillion today. If you can’t wrap your mind around such huge number, don’t try. Let’s lop off some zeroes and make the number easier to understand.

If you lop off eight zeroes from what the U.S. government takes in in income, you get $24,690. That’s a comprehensible number. It’s an annual salary for millions of people. Now if you lop the same eight zeroes off what the federal government spends, you get $37,290. Take $24,690 in income, subtract $37,290 in expenses and you get a deficit of $12,600.

Now, lop the eight zeroes off the $16.0 trillion national debt and you get $160,000.

What you then see is a household that makes only $25 thousand a year that owes $160,000, that is spending $1.50 for every dollar it takes in and that is adding to a debt it has no prospect of ever being able to repay.

Ask yourself, how long could you make this scenario work? For how many years could you owe six figures to MasterCard and keep charging $12,600 in living expenses while paying nothing against the balance?

If this were a business, how long would you keep the manager?

Such is U.S. fiscal policy under President Obama. Are you really OK with another four years of it?

What about the president’s legislative accomplishments? Tell the truth, are you really excited about Obamacare? Has the cost of your health care come down even a single penny? Deep down, don’t you really suspect that Obamacare is going to fall far short of its promises? Don’t you worry even a little that you’re going to find yourself someday having to get around a bureaucrat in order to get to a doctor?

What about the economy? Are you hoping for more of the same? Yesterday, we learned that second quarter GDP growth has been revised downward (it never gets revised upward) to a truly dismal 1.3 percent, far short of the growth needed to get unemployment down from the over eight percent at which it has persisted for longer than at any time in 75 years. Does that work for you?

Or perhaps you’re proud of the fact that U.S. embassies are under siege all over the world. Maybe you’re OK with the fact that Afghanistan is descending into chaos. Or that a crazy man who hates America and is in charge of a nation of 75 million people is about to get his hands on a nuclear bomb. And that that man apparently has no fear at all of America’s commander-in-chief.

I could go on about bankrupt solar panel companies, electric cars that no one wants, the explosion in the number of food stamp recipients and a long list of other things, but space does not permit.

Say what you will about Clint Eastwood’s GOP convention appearance. He got one thing right. We do own this country and politicians are employees of ours.

So before you decide to re-hire Barack Obama put your owner’s hat on.

If you were Jerry Jones, if America was the Dallas Cowboys and if Barack Obama was the head coach, based on the results, would you give him a four year contract extension?

What would you say to your season ticket holders after you did?

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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4 Responses

  1. Mark Olinger says:

    If I can weigh in here … NO.

  2. C M Solomon says:

    Barack Obama says that he needs “more time” to reverse the Bush era mismanagement of the US economy that nearly put us into a depression, on the edge of total financial collapse. He has convinced most of the victims of the “Bush era debacle” that he (Obama) cares enough about them to provide generous government aid and is willing to force the rich (someone else) to pay for it. The recipients of Obama’s generosity and his offer of continued government security for the “needy” is a powerful incentive to trust him as a care taker — NOT as an employee.

    This is the alternate universe that the (Socialist) Democrat Party has created in which INTENTIONS not RESULTS determine your grade. In Obama’s case, he is credited with at least a B+, if not an A-.

    Paul, your logic is correct, of course, but it doesn’t appeal to those that can’t take the risk of trusting a Conservative who might threaten their gravy train — damn the rest of the country. As long as Obama’s lies and false promises continue to be supported by the so-called “free press” in his back pocket (sock puppets, anyone?), approximately half of the voters will continue to renew his contract as their Savior. Being President with REAL PERFORMANCE requirements is incidental.

    Didn’t someone say that “A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on?” What creed does Obama follow?

  3. Brian Eggerman says:

    Actually you’ve touched on one of Romney’s biggest obstacles to defeating Obama–namely the fact that four year olds can’t vote. Most anyone much over that age recalls the events that created the problems you outline, and realize that Obama has made great progress overcoming the incompetence of the previous administration.
    On the other hand, most anyone under the age of eight probably has no recollection of the Bush debacle and would naturally blame Obama for the mess he inherited. Plus, since they would have no memories of the 9/11 attacks, they would be unimpressed by Obama’s elimination of Osama Bin Laden.
    This appears to be the demographic group Romney is aiming at, as he keeps on about how he would do things differently from Obama.
    (How differently he has yet to say), but if he wants to sway any undecided voter of legal voting age, he needs to expound less on what he would do different from Obama and more on what he would do different from Bush.
    Either that or get the voting age dropped to four before November.

  4. Tworzenie says:

    Barrack Obama is one of the best person for this position.I guess his cadency will be even better.

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