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It is the economy, stupid.

Do anyone honestly believe that a Hillary Clinton economy – or even a Jeb Bush economy – would be rolling like this one is?

Personality vs. policy.

Find yourself in a debate with a Trump hater, and you likely can bring it to a fairly swift conclusion if you can pivot the conversation to the president’s policy successes.

Trump the executive.

We are now coming to understand that President Trump sees himself first and foremost as the executive head of government.

Texas for President 2016.

Texas for President 2016.

Rick Perry may or may not be on the ballot in November 2016. But the Texas success formula that he championed should be.

Memo to GOP: Become the high-growth party.

It is always a mistake to underestimate the problem-solving capacity of a robustly growing American economy. Yet Republicans argue with Democrats as if our current sluggish economy is the best we can do. It’s not.

The politics of smaller pie.

Interrupted from time to time by brief and usually mild recessions, since World War II the American economy grew at such a rapid clip that politicians were largely insulated from having to make difficult choices. That day may be over.