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The politics of smaller pie.

Interrupted from time to time by brief and usually mild recessions, since World War II the American economy grew at such a rapid clip that politicians were largely insulated from having to make difficult choices. That day may be over.

A nation of infants.

Forget the esoterica of the constitutional arguments. Forget that Congress has arrogated to itself power over your life on a scale never before seen. The real problem with Obamacare is that upwards of four out of ten in the United States believe that entitlement on such a scale is even possible.

If only Rush had said…

By his ham-handedness, Rush Limbaugh turned the event of a college student’s testimony before Congress into a wasted opportunity to expose the folly of limitless entitlement.

Following Europe’s dangerous path.

Self-reliance means possessing and maintaining the ability to defend one’s self, something of which Europe is now utterly incapable. The president’s proposal to dramatically cut defense spending reveals disturbing parallels for the U.S.

Reality acceptance.

The human capacity for self-delusion is the only thing that explains why the left continues to cling to a tired and discredited belief system.

The useful Tea Party

The useful Tea Party.

Administration apologists are blaming the Tea Party for the recent downgrade of U.S. debt by Standard & Poor’s. I disagree. I think the Tea Party forced a useful debate exactly as the founders would have hoped.

Hats off to Paul Ryan.

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan went to a Washington, D.C. tattoo parlor and had a giant target tattooed on his forehead. Or so it is going to seem in the coming weeks.

Taking candy away.

Even a sweeping Republican victory on Tuesday will not be enough to address the problems America now faces.