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Days of merry and bright.

Christmas is the season of miracles and we should thus remember that the American economy is capable of miracles if left unshackled by taxes, regulation and the incessant meddling of power hungry, vote pandering politicians.

It really is a simple choice.

Who can better deploy the fruits of American enterprise – the federal government or those who actually produce the fruit?

What this conservative believes.

I believe in the sovereignty of the individual. Therefore I believe in personal responsibility. I believe in the duty of self help and in the freedom that flows from self-reliance.

Feeding His flock.

Recently, in an apostolic statement Pope Francis said, in effect, that capitalism is OK with him on the condition that we feed the poor. I say, with all deference to the Holy Father, that we can feed the poor only on the condition that we have capitalism.

Are you your neighbor’s (yard) keeper?

Conservatives believe in the sanctity of individual property rights. Liberals believe that those who are well off should be compelled to forfeit wealth for the greater good.

Memo to GOP: Become the high-growth party.

It is always a mistake to underestimate the problem-solving capacity of a robustly growing American economy. Yet Republicans argue with Democrats as if our current sluggish economy is the best we can do. It’s not.

Romney’s rock and hard place.

Romney has already disclosed that his effective tax rate is about 15 percent, well below the rate that most middle class taxpayers pay. On the strength of that disclosure, the demagoguery is on, little of it having any connection to facts.