The Biden presidency will be costly – to Democrats.

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, March 25, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

For all of President Joe Biden’s frequent incoherence, a great deal about his presidency is as clear as it can be. Biden intends to raise taxes – particularly on capital and investment, reopen the country to a flood of poor, uneducated, illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, restore cumbersome regulations on business, strangle the oil & gas industry in the name of climate change, abandon America First as a guiding foreign policy principle and relentlessly pursue an agenda of identity politics.

It’s all happening right in front of us. Some of it will be watered down or stopped by the need for 60 votes in the Senate – unless Democrats are successful in doing away with the legislative filibuster. Much of it will be done via executive order.

All of it’s going to eventually cause problems for Democrats seeking election. You can thank Donald Trump.

As we said in this space after the 2020 election, Trumpism is here to stay no matter what happens to Trump. Donald Trump awakened the people who actually make the country work – the shop owners and mechanics and entrepreneurs and technicians and people who have to wipe their hands before they shake yours – to the fact that they have been getting screwed for 30-plus years by presidents and politicians of both parties.

Donald Trump was the first president of either party in three decades who neither condescended to nor took for granted the American middle class. The middle class is a uniquely American invention and a gift to the world. It is by virtue of the rise of the middle class that poverty became the exception rather than the rule that it was for most of human history.

The Bushes, Clintons and Obama all wrote off the manufacturing plants of the American heartland as anachronisms – relics of a bygone era. At least one of them wrote the people who worked in such plants off as “deplorables.”

Presidents of both parties either tacitly or explicitly supported the immigrant flood pouring across our southern border. George W. Bush actually hailed illegal immigrants as the people who would come to the country and do the work “that Americans won’t do.”

That Ivy-educated elites, Wall Street and Big Tech titans and the top people in Washington politics were all getting rich, while those in the middle and working classes were struggling to keep up amid wages that had stagnated for 20-plus years, was of little concern to either Democrats or Republicans.

Donald Trump was having none of it. All of the perfectly legitimate criticisms of Trump notwithstanding, on his watch wages rose, unemployment fell, order was restored on the border and prosperity flourished. For many traditional Democratic voters – notably blacks and Hispanics – it was their first-ever taste of prosperity.

None of that will be soon forgotten – particularly as Biden policies of higher taxes, open borders and increased regulation take hold and provide a jarring comparison.

Which means that whatever Democrats attain during a Biden presidency in the near term, they will pay for dearly over time.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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13 Responses

  1. Richard Anderson says:

    Excellent column.

    Press conference today by Biden was the most prevaricating spectacle I have ever witnessed in my life upon this Earth in presidential politics!

    Biden is an unmitigated disaster! He is WRONG on policy as well as incompetent, feeble, and reckless. I believe dis- informed old school JFK Democrats who voted for Biden, many of which are now unemployed union workers* (*i.e. via Democrat/Biden CANCELED Keystone Pipeline project) are now seeing the grave error they made, but won’t make again. This will bode well in 2022 for conservative governing Republicans like President Trump, enabling them to take back The House and The Senate. And The White House in 2024.

    IMHO, the vast majority of the American People are in no way, shape, or form truly aligned with the leftist Democrat cabal now in charge MISMANAGING our government. To me, the future looks bright for The United States, but conservative Republicans must TRY HARDER and WORK HARDER to get the current bad apples OUT of office.

    God Bless President Trump, and
    God Bless America.

  2. Jim Lee says:

    Another gem my friend. I always pass your “You Tell Me Texas” on to my Liberal friends up north. They have no idea how well we have it here in Texas. Keep up the good work Paul

  3. Pete Faz says:

    I was raised in a”Democrat home”,even though Watergate was going on I registered as a Republican and while I have not always been in agreement with the party I would never be a Democrat.
    The way they use people has always been disgusting to me -I am so glad my parents did not live to see the destruction the Democrats are raining on America

  4. C M Solomon says:

    Paul, your synopsis of the slow but certain destruction by the Left of the fundamental American “miracle” of Limited Constitutional Government and Free Enterprise that had brought prosperity to our country (beyond any in human history) was SUPERB. The America First agenda would work in any country if the shackles of tyranny were removed from their citizens if their God-given flame of Liberty was allowed to survive and thrive.

    Unfortunately, the Marxist forces in this country that have caused this destruction of American values have been wildly successful given their infiltration in almost EVERY aspect of organized society. Furthermore, they know that this momentum must be maintained and accelerated in order to eliminate opposition that may arise from the loyal American victims of their evil plans. The successes of the unexpected Trump win and Administration policies was a shock to the Left’s long term agenda and that is why we are now seeing extreme promotion of Cancel Culture, Open Borders, and cooperation with Global Communists (especially China).

    This assault on our Nation’s Conservative population is designed to overwhelm the traditional America voter with virulent fear of reprisal by using all the levers of government intimidation and threats. In addition, the Left will use every possible subversive technique to essentially DISENFRANCHISE the power of the traditional American voter by massive and illegal ballot harvesting that will result in establishing One-Party Leftist rule regardless of any opposition that may arise. This plan has obviously worked in many Blue States that were formerly Red and it appears to be bullet proof as long as the inflow of a supplicant and subservient population continues. There are many formerly wealthy Nations that succumbed to the Marxist “death” as well.

    The corrupt Commiecrats know the risks and are determined to play for keeps using any means necessary, even if illegal. The corrupt Courts don’t seem to care either. Republicans continue to claim big wins are possible in the next 2022 election, but without ANY legal accountability or solution to the ballot fraud that stole the last election. Most of the Republicans are even afraid to utter the word “fraudulent” due to media criticism. The Left’s fear of Trump’s successes may have turned the inexorable Marxist drift of the Nation to the left into a gallop.

    Since the Commiecrats have created Fortress Washington to perpetuate their scheme, what plan can you suggest, Paul, which will overcome this demographic alteration of the country that is destined to weaken the middle class, increase dependency, and enhance the vast population of illiterate poor and destitute newcomers that normally gravitate and support a (falsely) benevolent tyrannical regime?

  5. C M Solomon says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot to include the following link that illustrates the Left’s sophisticated plan that seems to be working.

  6. Chuck says:

    I am sure you must be right. Many people have to be looking at current events and experiencing buyer’s remorse after electing the current administration. The main fear that I have in this is that those now in power seem to be aggressively doing their best to stack the electoral deck going forward, and they might succeed in disenfranchising us from full representation. May God have mercy on our country.

  7. John Lester says:

    Biden and his leftist/socialist allies are creating tremendous problems for the “regular” citizens. I thought that we were drowning in debt and foolish spending UNTIL the Democrats took over. President Trump had our country turned around into the right direction with his particular approach to governing. Now, we are being flooding with illegal people, drowning in federal debt, being harmed by China and the USSR. Our current situation with this “out of control” government can not be maintained. Our military is not being properly supplied and the “woke” leadership is out of control. Biden is not a friend of our morality.

  8. Darrell Durham says:

    I was embarrassed to see the person that was chosen to lead this country. When he began an answer, obviously lost his train of thought, then just moved on, HAD to be one of the worst moments in presidential speech history. Our enemies are laughing at “the democratic process” of electing a leader. In their zeal to erase all things Trump, they are also erasing over 50 years of struggle with civil rights, flooding the country with illegal immigrants, and selling the U.S. to China. I challenge anyone who voted for Biden to defend their decision. If I were to ever actually meet Kamala Harris in person, I would ask her one question: “How do you find humor in EVERY question you are asked? You are one step away from leadership of the United States of America! That s@#t ain’t funny!!!”

  9. MJ says:

    Excellent observation and comments.
    I encourage everyone to get involved at all times, and in all levels of government. From local to national elections the office holders need to hear from their voters. Email, text, call or write them. Even if the office holders are true red (not blue!) they are not mind readers so tell them what is important to you!

  10. L Miles says:

    Do the Marxist Democrats act like they are guilty of a STOLEN election or that they have sponsored the radical use of social media to CENSOR speech or use the non-free press to SUPPRESS the truth that they are turning this country into a Fascist-Communist dictatorship that crushes the opposition by any means necessary in order to rule for the next 100 years? NO! They are acting like conquering victors that are FEARLESS of any threat from traditional Americans that still believe we should be following Constitutional Rule-of-Law. I don’t doubt that invoking Martial law under false pretenses in order to suspend the Constitution is in their plans, if necessary, to solidify their permanent rule. Furthermore, they KNOW that NOTHING is going to stop their power grab as they cozy up to the Communist sympathizing global community of nations.

    Only the foolish would assume that our Republic, a representative form of government by which we citizens control our destiny, is still intact. Where is the evidence? Once the national elections can be “rigged” as Trump has stated and NO ONE has demonstrated the power to extract accountability and execute punishment of the perpetrators of these illegal acts, what rationale is possible that we can recover from this new status quo of rule by tyrants with impunity? The more that crime is tolerated the more pervasive it becomes, causing evil to be redefined as the NEW GOOD. Just look at the Cartels that control our southern border with the support and acquiescence of the Democrats since Trump’s rules were abandoned!

    As we lament the rapid death of our Republic, the Marxists are invoking every scheme (too many to list) at their disposal to CRIMINALIZE and PURGE Constitutional Law and the American heritage that formed this great and blessed country in order to solidify their 100 year Marxist reign of terror. All Trump supporting Conservatives are at risk as we have already observed!

  11. Buddy Saunders says:

    Can always count on a great column each week. Thanks, Paul.

    Here’s an example of what is NOT manufactured in the United States–plastic bags. While I’m sure SOME bags are manufactured here, I haven’t been able to find an American company that that can make my company a standard clear poly bag. One mfg. said they could make the bag but I’d have to accept a bag that might be 1/4-in. wider than I require. That’s more tolerance than I and my customers want. While my company isn’t the biggest bag buyer in the world, we buy our basic bag by the 18-wheeler load on a regular basis. Yes, we have a current supplier than gets it right, but that supplier orders my bags from China and I don’t want our stuff coming from the communists. I want to buy American, and so, too, will our military if China cuts off our supply. Our military uses a lot of bags, too.

  12. Ron Eagleman says:

    The Biden presidency will be costly-to Democrats IF( a big if) the Democrat machine is not successful in eliminating voting integrity. I fear that this is the next hill that they are willing to die on, as a victory will prevent retaliation by voters. It just makes me a little nervous that we are depending on a couple of weak-kneed Democrats to stop HR-1. There could be more coercion and bribery than these two senators can resist; of course, Biden’s nomination of Manchin’s wife to the co-chair of Appalachian Regional Commission is a coincidence. If bribery does not work, get ready for some mafia-style kneecapping!

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