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Subsidizing idleness.

U.S. economic policy has arrived at the place where able-bodied people are making the dollars and cents determination that they are better off staying at home collecting unemployment benefits than they would be if they got up and went to work.

Everything comes at a price.

Appropriate policy occupies some indeterminable spot on a continuum between taking no special action whatsoever on one extreme and completely stopping all industry, commerce and interpersonal transactions on the other.

Personality vs. policy.

Find yourself in a debate with a Trump hater, and you likely can bring it to a fairly swift conclusion if you can pivot the conversation to the president’s policy successes.

The delusions of the Left.

The Left is spewing incomplete, taken-out-of-context or just flat fraudulent statistics in an effort to tell us how great things are going under the most far-left presidency in our history.

The real minimum wage: $0.00.

When it comes to things they oppose, Democrats well understand that when you raise the price of something you get less of it. But then they come to the minimum wage and that understanding vanishes.

Regulation Nation

The permanent federal bureaucracy is cranking out rules in such volume that literally no one can keep up.

Would you re-hire this employee?

I have a question for those wanting to renew President Obama’s contract. Why? What about the past four years do you wish to see continued for the next four years?

He said it because he believes it.

Only someone with a faculty lounge worldview could say with a straight face that the problem facing the economy derives from the fact that state and local governments need more money from the federal government in order to hire more government workers.

The relentless drip.

For a few days on vacation with my family in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the cool air, the absence of a television and a paucity of cell service worked to shield me from the constant drip of bad economic news. But of course, it couldn’t last.