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Biden is coming for your car.

Driven by a blind ideological fixation on “climate change,” the Biden administration is trying to shove us all into expensive, impractical electric vehicles whether we want them or not.

The big disconnect.

In a representative republic, if it is to prosper, the priorities of those in government should reflect the priorities of those who put them there.

Simpletons in charge.

From a single storm in what has otherwise been a very quiet hurricane season, the Left has conclusive proof of the looming climate apocalypse.

Deadly environmentalism.

Leftist environmentalism has been around a long time and has mostly been an expensive nuisance. But now it’s provocative.

Crazy they call him.

Putin knows that renewable energy won’t replace energy from fossil fuel – certainly not quickly enough to replace the oil & gas production that Europe and the United States keep taking offline.

There’s a word for this.

Let’s increase our word power. The word we’ll learn today is “twaddle.” Webster defines “twaddle” as, “trivial or foolish speech or writing, nonsense.”


The liberal eco-doomsdayers have been wrong too often and have cost us all too much money. It’s past time to shout them down.