Our betters see a different life for us.

Paul GleiserOur betters see a different life for us.

We’re so busy earning a living, keeping a roof overhead, seeing to our children and doing our best to set aside for reasonable comfort in our dotage that we might overlook that our ruling class elites have a very different view of our lives than what you and I might have.

For most of us, the priority is to preserve a reasonable middle-class lifestyle while our children continue the American tradition of expanding upon the success and prosperity that we leave to them.

We want to live in the nicest house that our finances will allow, drive the nicest car that we can afford, take nice vacations and have enough extra to enjoy our hobbies and avocations. Such are the aspirations that have animated Americans for generations.

Our elites hold an entirely different view.

All in the name of “climate change,” our coastal, gated-community betters expect us to dramatically scale back our middle-class aspirations. They want us to be content to live in smaller homes. The planet cannot afford spacious homes on lots with swimming pools and lawns that must be watered and mowed.

Liberal elites don’t want us commuting to and fro to work by ourselves – each in our own vehicles. Safe in their pastoral cloisters they envision us in an urban setting, walking, cycling or perhaps using public transit.

They expect that we will have fewer children (if we must have children at all). Children, after all, expand the population, which in turn places a burden upon the environment.

Our elites expect us to reduce our usage of heating and air conditioning. Comfort must be sacrificed in the name of “saving the planet.” Related to that, they want us to pay higher utility bills and higher taxes on those utilities.

If we insist on owning a personal vehicle, that vehicle must be electric. They want us to drive electric cars even though they cost more to buy and don’t offer the range and mobility (read: freedom) of gasoline-powered vehicles. No longer may we be afforded the discretion to buy the vehicle that best suits our individual needs, desires and ability to pay. (Again, truth be told, they’d prefer that we simply abandon personal vehicles and ride the bus.)

In other words, in order that the ruling class might feel better about their own profligate consumption, we are supposed to dramatically scale back the standard of living to which Americans were once encouraged to aspire in order to mitigate a “climate emergency” that the ruling class invented.

Pushing that upon us allows wealthy liberals, many of whom having done little to earn the money that affords them their lives, to feel good about themselves as they continue to live on their waterfront estates (Michelle and Barack Obama), fly on their private jets (Al Gore, John Kerry, et.al.) and enjoy the comforts that wealth, power and political connections confer (everyone named Biden and every rich liberal in New York, Martha’s Vineyard, San Francisco and Hollywood).

Let me say it again. There’s no bigger hypocrite than a rich liberal.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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6 Responses

  1. Shirley says:

    Amen & amen. Great read & spot on!

  2. Richard Anderson says:

    Excellent column.

    In my humble opinion these liberals are really not liberals, but are leftists de facto Marxists in the strongest terms. They are dyed-in-the-wool fascists and communists. Such is the thinking of these loathsome men and women who have no love or respect for GOD The Almighty, or our Constitutional Republic, as the Truth is not in them.

    The United States of America, established in 1776 under GOD in Freedom with each sovereign individual Citizen having inherit God given RIGHTS is paramount as our Founding Fathers set forth 247 years ago. Let us keep that flame of Christian belief in Jesus Christ they lived and espoused burning ever brightly by pushing back hard against the evil tidal wave which the WEF, the WHO, and communist China desire to foist upon us.. as these three want to force on us that “the state” is god.

    Even more importantly, the GOOD Citizens of our Constitutional Republic must work harder to rid ourselves of the “evil bad actors within*” “*i.e. domestic enemies” by voting them out, calling them out, and whistle-blowing them out of power once and for all.

    Don’t need to use an expletive here, but these people you mentioned Mr. Gleiser, in your writing above are the absolute “most undesirable people” on the planet. No American or any person of self respect should heed anything they say or propagate. In a word they are EVIL and don’t GIVE A FLYING HOOT about everyday people who are not in their minuscule cabal. I don’t know of anyone who would want to be. These individuals are modern day Benedict Arnolds to everything our Founders fought and died for!

    If you love THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Our Country as founded 1776, you MUST FIGHT BACK by using your voice, pen, and keyboard as an influencer for GOOD, for GOD, and for the Traditional Family. Write an e-book, a letter, pick up the phone, and share your GOOD voice whenever the opportunity avails itself. All these things are important as we are fighting an information battle for the minds of people, who don’t know our great history and heritage of AMERICAN FREEDOM. And people of goodwill must win this battle or Liberty shall be gone from our beloved land of “The Pilgrims Pride.” LET FREEDOM RING.

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    We live in a DO AS I SAY; NOT AS I DO world the elites have hammered upon us. What does this say? To me it says just one thing. Our lives and our FREEDOMS mean absolutely NOTHING to the globalists and elites! We are treated as children by being told what, when or where we can do this or that as if we didn’t have enough sense to do things on our own. We are told to hunker down and do without to “save” the planet while those in power jet around the world, throw lavish parties and are driven where ever they want to go by gas guzzlers they don’t want us to own.
    We have people HERE…CITIZENS who are living on the streets and nothing is being done for them. Yet illegals crossing the biden open borders are welcomed by them being put up in hotels and catered to like royalty while these people trash these places and make demands for more. Nothing is right about this. Yet people who speak out about it are labelled as terrorist.
    America and her CITIZENS should come FIRST and foremost always!
    The globalists and “elites” are no different than you or I. They just have more money and have gained more power than we have. They eat, sleep, poop and put their clothes on the same as we do, yet they deem themselves better than us! In GOD’S EYES we are all the same!

  4. Richard Anderson says:

    Thank you Ms. Montrose for your kind words. You are so right in your post above about the elitist cabal.

    There is ONE man who is coming under heavy fire from the same said ilk of corrupt people –sadly and wrongly from within our own government. That man is fighting with courage and determination not seen in a President to overcome the false charges being “concocted” and hurled against him. He will NEVER quit on us and we cannot quit on him. We must stand fast with him in this fight against corruption and injustice which goes all the way to Joe Biden.. the most compromised and shady “empty suit of a man” to ever dawn the door of The Oval Office. Our Constitutional Republic, the U.S.A. is doomed UNLESS we return to THE RULE OF LAW.

    That man is common sense “Trump Republican” Donald J. Trump. He is our best hope to change from the current evil morbid course by “uprooting” this corruption, and steering our Nation back on the right path where integrity prevails, and to truly become once again.. “That Shining City Upon A Hill.” TRUMP 2024.

  5. Mike says:

    As our Dear Leaders are so fond of passing legislation or creating new offices and titles on Friday night or over the weekend; another Czar is added to the Swamp (Pig Trough). I wish I could add a drum roll here………..BOOK CZAR……Ta Da!!!! Now all these schools who are moral and Bible fearing, who buck the evil doers, will have a whole new office and army of Bureaucrats to bring lawsuits against our school boards and educators to insure our children are taught proper sex education at an early age.
    Oh My how we forget about these wonderfully educated, sages called Czars. The Royality knows best, right?

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