Biden is coming for your car.

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Paul GleiserBiden is coming for your car.

I recently bought a brand new, off-the-showroom-floor car. I really like it. While driving the other day, I thought about the first new car I ever bought, a 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

Aside from the fact that it and my current car both had engines and rode on tires, there’s almost no comparison. My new car goes twice as far on a gallon of gas while putting out a fraction of the exhaust. The “dashboard” in my new car– to use that antiquated term – is a technological marvel that was unimaginable on the day I bought my first car.

Advanced technology is now commonplace in cars at all price points. Most new cars have backup cameras, and most will warn you if it’s unsafe to change lanes. Nearly all new cars allow you to pair your smartphone for both entertainment and navigation. The features and creature comforts available in vehicles today are limited only by how much money you have to spend.

And there lies a key point. We freely choose our cars from an intensely competitive marketplace of about 1,300 available make and model combinations covering a wide range of prices. What’s more, today’s cars last longer, which creates a large and diverse used inventory to meet the needs of people who can’t afford a new car.

That’s why 90 percent of Americans own or have ready access to a personal vehicle – and the freedom that goes with it.

Internal combustion engine vehicles are the indispensable core of a low-friction national transportation infrastructure that is essential to a free-market economy comprised of 330 million people spread across an entire continent.

But along comes Joe Biden. Driven by a blind ideological fixation on “climate change,” (and perhaps by a plausible and widely speculated personal obligation to China, which dominates world EV battery production), the Biden administration is trying to shove us all into expensive, impractical electric vehicles whether we want them or not.

All evidence suggests that we don’t.

Said auto industry analyst Karl Brauer,

We’re seeing the start of an overall market pushback against electric vehicle sales now that early adopters and environmentalists have their vehicles.”

EV sales comprise approximately eight percent of U.S. new car sales and appear to have peaked. General Motors and Ford are quietly curtailing their previously much-ballyhooed plans for EV production in the coming year.

Lackluster as they are, EV sales would be worse if not for massive cash subsidies given to EV buyers courtesy of U.S. taxpayers (read: you and me). Never mind that products that truly represent value in a free-market economy have no need of government subsidy. (How much tax credit did you receive when you bought your iPhone?)

But forget telling any of this to the Biden crowd. They don’t want to hear it. That’s because the urge to interfere in a well-functioning marketplace is an urge that leftists cannot control.

So, get ready. They’re coming for your car. If they succeed, they’ll come next for your air conditioner, your stove and the meat you buy at the grocery store.

As Rush used to say, “Don’t doubt me.”

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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7 Responses

  1. Darrell Durham says:

    I enjoy the programs called “…. That Built America” showcasing the free-market society you are talking about. The greatest inventions were born out of minds of people who saw a need for a better way. The market picked winners and losers. Some made millions, some just made a living. It wasn’t perfect. But it built America. The government doesn’t think or work the same way, therefore it can’t run a business. You can’t create the market for the product and subsidize the building of it and expect a rousing success. Biden’s wind farms aren’t faring any better. Several projects have been cancelled off the East Coast recently. Something about the obstruction of the ocean view! Never mind the environmental impacts, supply chain issues, inflation costs, and lack of sufficient government subsidies!! However they have taken away their ability to produce electricity in conventional ways. Gavin Newsome has announced plans to ban new ICE vehicle sales in 2035. The Democrats are all-in attempting to save the world, all the while going all-out to destroy it.

  2. Rilla Anderson says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this post. We live in North Dakota, and an EV is okay for our short summers (read: golf carts), but an EV for everyday use? It simply will not work in a frozen climate. Our local vehicle dealer recently quit selling one brand because they are going EV and they know they will not sell here. It *may* have some benefit in warmer climates, but around here? No.

  3. Keith Hilliard says:

    The 1973 technology would still run after an EMP blast. Don’t you wish you still had it, but all fixed up?

  4. C M Solomon says:

    One of my neighbors has a 1972, 350 cu in, Pontiac LeMans with an accurate 90,000 miles that runs great and he will NEVER sell it. Everything is original and is easily repaired without sophisticated electronic technology such as chips from Taiwan. He has owned it since 1982 from the original owner and it gets 18 MPG and is used for local (short) town travel. Will it be confiscated or fined out of existence in the New World Order being established by our Overlords?

    An EMP blast wouldn’t destroy it but the gas station pumps would die along with the electric grid that our government is willing to sacrifice in favor of billions to Ukraine to feed the world’s greatest money laundering system that funnels kickbacks to corrupt politicians who want our southern border open to the criminals of the entire planet that get FREE living accommodations (food, shelter, medical, education, attorneys, cash, and BALLOTS) as serviced by the Cartels and the NGOs!

  5. Paul & Erni luna says:

    the democrats not Trump are the ones that Americans should be suing for causing so much violence and killing and one day soon a war in America because they are selling out America to other countries and they support the worst killers of the human race . They want to get rid of Trump because he knows what they are doing to America. Think God for Trump and anyone else that stand up for America and freedom of religion.

  6. Mike says:

    We still have approximately one year and two months to be slaves to the World Economic Forum New World Order barrage via Sleepy Joe Biden and Company. That is a heck of a lot of time to further destroy the fabric of Free America, our economy, and simple put…! Look what has happened in the last six months! War on basically anything that burns oil or oil related products including your gas stove, gas grill, gas heater, or anything else that burns so called “Clean natural gas”! WTH? Lable “Clean Burning”? Doesn’t that get a pass? Hell no, it is labeled gas which means oil; so evil. But lets not loose sight of what the ultimate goal is………World Economic Forum Billionaires Global Government. YOU will not own anything; but YOU will be Happy! Or you will die. BETTER REMEMBER THAT PHRASE because that is the goal of World Domination of you and I. How do we destroy the great economic engine called America? Marxist in our Colleges spewing chaos and lies, Marxist screaming Climate Change and Doom, war on oil and coal, no new anything energy in America (Remember clean Nuclear Energy?), ship out everything manufactured in the USA (DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ASSEMBLED IN THE USE VERSUS BUILT IN THE USA!!!!! China builds it, ships it, and we put it together here….whoop whoop!) Folks we are at war with forces from within. Biden, WEF, and their acolytes are coming for everything Red Blooded American; not just your cars. America’s Cars are symbolic of our power. Anyone every been to Cuba or Africa? 1950’s and 1960 vehicles rule the day, and those people are dang glad to have them. Our Automobiles are a gigantic symbol of our wealth, power, and innovation. Destroy that and you let the air out of a very large balloon that kills our moral. Moral wins battles and wars. We MUST win this next election; or we are burnt toast.

  7. Donald L Nixon says:

    I will limit my comment to EVs and the current marketplace for vehicles. EVs may be and probably are the future of personal transportation if personal transportation survives – and it is under attack in the USA. Tesla is the only reason EVs have the current market share they enjoy, which is still less than 10% of new vehicle sales. Tesla only exists because of market hype generated by Elon Musk after he took over the company from its founders, and huge government subsidies along with supportive legislation and mandates. Of the ‘real’ vehicle manufacturers in the early 21st century, Toyota was the only one who read the tea leaves correctly and provided the market with the right vehicles for the time – hybrids. Today, we are facing the need to transition from ICE to EV – but there are several speed bumps in that road, primarily battery technology, charging infrastructure, and dependence on rare earth elements mostly controlled by China. As Toyota has steadfastly maintained while working diligently on EV technology and other alternatives to ICE like hydrogen fuel cells – the hybrid technology they are so good at is still the best thing we have to bridge the transition period, which will still take a lot longer than the idiotic government mandates to kill ICE vehicles by 2025, 2030, 2035….
    Full disclosure – I have owned a couple of Toyotas in the past, but never a hybrid. The last Toyota in my fleet was a 2001 Corolla. I currently have a Kia SUV and a BMW roadster – both ICE vehicles. I don’t hate EVs, but won’t own one until the battery tech and charging infrastructure get a lot better than at present.

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