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The bad news keeps coming.

The intention via the Hunter Biden plea deal that a federal judge rejected last week was to cloak a growing pile of evidence that the “Big Guy” himself is the most corrupt president in our nation’s 234 years as a Constitutional republic.

Let’s be sure to thank Hunter.

The DOJ is now exposed. It must decide which is more important, protecting top Democrats or attempting the salvage of their increasingly damaged reputation.

The pathology of forfeited trust.

If Donald Trump stands credibly accused of criminally mishandling classified material, then so, too, does Hillary Clinton. Either you prosecute them both or you prosecute neither.

What 9/11 wrought.

Armed with the fearsome powers of surveillance that the bureau acquired following 9/11, the FBI has nearly unlimited power to protect those whom it favors while destroying those that it does not.

A win for the First Amendment.

Vigorous debate has been the hallmark of good government since at least the establishment of the Roman senate. Debate is anathema, however, to totalitarian statists.

The train of abuses.

It’s clear that in 2023 we’re no longer created equal. A small number of the wealthy and well connected in the ruling class enjoy privileges and immunities that are unavailable to you and me — the very thing for which the Founding Fathers and American colonists were willing to take up arms against the mighty British army.

It’s not justice at all.

If your last name is Biden or Clinton, you enjoy the exclusive benefits of the Department of Justice’s Concierge Justice System.

Epic corruption.

The story of Biden family corruption gets worse by the day, and soon will force us to cover our noses and mouths lest we be overcome by the stench.

Help for your Holiday shopping.

One cannot help asking, to what degree is the President of the United States now compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, Vladimir Putin and other malign actors?

So much we know. So much we don’t.

It is entirely legitimate for us to ask if the President of the United States, having evidently profited personally from the shady foreign business dealings of his son, is compromised as it pertains to the doing of his job.