The bad news keeps coming.

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Paul GleiserThe bad news keeps coming.

In the wake of yet another indictment of former president Trump and following very troubling testimony before Congress by former Hunter Biden BFF Devon Archer, you might have missed – or you might not remember – that last Friday, President Biden finally acknowledged the existence of his seventh grandchild.

He wishes you’d remember that. He also hopes that while thinking well of him for it, that you will also concentrate a goodly percentage of your mental energies on Donald Trump’s latest legal woes.

The little four-year-old girl who won her grandfather’s tardy recognition is Navy Joan Roberts, daughter of Lunden Roberts, a stripper with whom President Biden’s drug-addled, sex-addicted, unskilled and unemployable wastrel son Hunter once hooked up.

The president at last acknowledged the little girl but as much as he’d like you to think so, that acknowledgement isn’t an act of decency. It’s an act of desperation. It (along with the timely release of another grand jury indictment of Donald Trump) is intended to distract from the bad news that keeps piling up on the Biden White House.

Last week was particularly bad. The plea deal between First Son Hunter and the Department of Justice that was to not only keep Hunter out of jail on federal tax and gun charges but also provide immunity on a long list of other charges, was rejected by a federal judge in Delaware.

The de facto blanket immunity that was buried in that plea deal was critical to Joe Biden’s political future. The intention via the deal was to cloak a growing pile of evidence that the “Big Guy” himself is the most corrupt president in our nation’s 234 years as a Constitutional republic.

The president’s own words are coming back on him. You remember these exchanges with the media when asked about his knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

FOX WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT PETER DOOCY: “Mr. Vice President, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings?” VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” SPEAKING AT A PRESS CONFERENCE: “I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period.”

Or how about this voicemail, found on Hunter’s infamous laptop? It’s a message that Joe Biden left for Hunter following a New York Times story on Hunter’s dealings with Chinese oil tycoon Ye Jianming.

Hey, pal, it’s dad. It’s 8:15 um…on Wednesday night. If you get a chance, give me a call. Nothing urgent. Just wanted to talk to you. I thought the article, at least online – it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times was good. I think you’re clear. Anyway, if you get a chance, give me a call. I love you.”

In the clear on what? I think we all have a pretty good idea, and the Biden White House knows it.

Pay close attention for the next month. Either this story simmers down (or the Trump story eclipses it), as the Biden White House fervently hopes.

Or it boils over in a huge way.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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4 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Creating the “Republic of Texas” is looking better and better every day. But here is the fly in the buttermilk, Texas is the same as the Nation; a two party system. So lets say for debate, Texas indeed wins It’s independence and is a Republic again. We now have the exact same demographic as the Nation. The big cities are Blue and the smaller cities and rural areas are Red. How does one solve that problem? The problem? Equal Justice For All. Hummm, not so now in the US of A. So, does the TxIT movement solve that issue? NO, it does not. Problem is the waffling of the electorate between what “they” deem is in their best interest. President Joe Biden is THE Chronic Liar in Chief bar none. At some level one has to feel empathy for that infirmed fellow; we all know he is NOT playing with a full deck of cards. Has anyone paid attention to his ability to simply walk? OMG it is pathic; never mind DO NOT put him on a bike or scooter or anything that screams “balance”!!! And then there is what is right and wrong in everything Presidential. Go back and study his career in the Senate; he is a disaster, a pure politician waffling with every subject that will garner him votes and re-election. Now we are angry and ready to pick up torches and pitchforks to go after the guy? He has been and always has been a walking talking liar, shapeshifter, politician in the raw sense of the definition. He has ZERO ties to rural America, the common guy, or anything thar requires hard work and dedication. He is all about selling power and influence for money. Remember the phrase, “Money IS the ROOT of ALL evil!” Well Joe Biden has confirmed that in Spades. Least we not forget, Barack H. Obama and Joe Biden appointed how many high level Judges to America’s courts? We are seeing the results of that now in 5K HD. FOLKS, ELECTIONS DO HAVE MAJOR CONSEQUENCES and the destruction of our Judicial System is on full display before our very eyes as a result the last elections from 2008.

    Back to the Republic of Texas. If WE THE PEOPLE OF TEXAS, decide to say to Hell with the USA and become independent again; we are right back where we are today in the United States of America. What do the Conservative/Libertarian/Constitutional folks do with the Left Wingers? Make them illegal? Toss the out or in jail? Of course the Left Wingers would toss us in jail, would they not? Would they? We are in a very tenuous period of time; bordering of the 1859/60 spin up to Civil War that tore us apart. I for one will not do what California or New York or Illinois, or any Left coast or Northern State wants to do. They do not represent our values and traditions. They do not want to US telling them what to do. Joe Biden represents those radicals as we see them.
    What we need Is Equal Justice Under the Law. Biden MUST be investigated and asked the same questions as former President Donald Trump. Our Judges MUST apply the law equally to all parties or we can kiss the word United goodbye. Right now we are anything but united. The very fact Joe Biden’s Attorney General M. Garland allowed the raid on former President Trumps home in Florida lit the fuse to internal war among us. This was planned and executed with perfection. I do not know what to do about all this. But You Can Bet Your Best Gold Monkey Statue, I will be keeping a sharp eye on my elected officials at home and questioning their every move. IT ALL STARTS A HOME IN YOUR CITIES AND COUNTIES AND SCHOOL BOARDS. Where do you thing these idiots got their starts? AT home!!! Wake Up!

  2. Linda E. Montrose says:

    There is so much WRONG with joe biden it would fill a 500 page book! And it started when he stepped into the political ring. If I were Navy’s mom giving that poor little girl the biden name WOULD NOT HAPPEN!

    President Trump has been point on in everything he has said. The left is scared to death of President Trump and will stop at NOTHING to try and stop him. EVERYTHING the left has thrown at him is clearly a sad attempt to keep President Trump from running, but there is NO ONE on the left’s side that could ever come close to President Trump in or out of the political arena! President Trump spent YEARS watching people before he ever decided to run for President. So, I figure he knew what he was getting into. But these people are so well versed in lying and covering their tracks, even for an experienced person as President Trump, it was extremely hard to really know who to trust.
    The left knows they do not have a leg to stand on with these pie-in-the-sky indictments, therefore they are depending on crooked judges to help them limp forward. But in their haste to get Trump, they failed to realize that HASTE MAKES WASTE and being the Wylie Coyote they are, just may have an anvil drop on their heads!!!

  3. Darrell Durham says:

    Joe Biden was always for sale, and he was placed in Delaware in the beginning. He has lied and scammed his way his ENTIRE career. He can’t hide it all. Frogs are jumping out of the wheelbarrow everywhere! The Democrats are trying to spin it around and making themselves even more transparent. Trump will (should) win in a landslide unless the Democrats commit election fraud again. The independent voters can’t deny the obvious anymore. Their distaste for Trump must be overcome by mistrust for the Democrats. Biden is for sale and must be replaced before the sale becomes final.

  4. Linda E. Montrose says:

    The democrats are known for if something works for them once, they will try it again! BUT things didn’t go quite like they thought last time and this is why they are doing all they can to take Trump out of the race. They are standing in quicksand and don’t even realize it. There is no way to do the same ole trick they did to put biden where he is now because people have eyes and ears to see and hear what is going on…really from the start! Yep, they are truly the Wylie Coyotes going over the cliff with that anvil right on top of them. Will they ever learn??? I doubt it!!!

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