Two bad stories in one.

The front-page headline of Thursday’s New York Post said it all.

Paul GleiserTwo bad stories in one.


I can’t decide. Is this column about corruption in government? Or is it about corrupt and dishonest media?

It was the Post’s Miranda Devine who broke the story of the laptop computer that Hunter Biden left unclaimed at a Delaware computer repair shop. When the repair shop owner took legal possession of the computer for non-payment of charges, he discovered material that was so disturbing he felt compelled to turn it over to the FBI.

The FBI, for reasons that can only be political and are thus corrupt, sat on the computer. The frustrated shop owner then gave the contents of the hard drive to former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who at the time was Donald Trump’s attorney. Giuliani, in turn, provided the contents of the laptop to the New York Post.

Thank heaven. Because otherwise, we would be completely unaware of corruption that goes to the very top of the American government.

When Miranda Devine broke the story in the Post, the Big Tech social media sites and the legacy media went to extraordinary lengths to kill it. But they couldn’t keep Republicans from regaining control of the House of Representatives.

House Oversight committee chairman James Comer, as he promised he would do, has formally taken up inquiry into Biden family doings as first revealed on Hunter’s laptop. The emerging picture is breathtaking.

Following up on emails between Hunter and his father – then vice president and now President of the United States – Comer’s committee has obtained bank records that make it uncontestably clear that foreign governments – with the Chinese leading the way – funneled $10 million to members of Joe Biden’s family. The money flowed via a web of limited liability companies formed for no other apparent purpose than to conceal the payments.

The skies rained cash. Hunter, his girlfriend (a.k.a. his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden), Joe Biden’s brother, James, Hunter’s ex-wife, his current wife, three Biden children and one grandchild all received money from foreign nationals (and, again, mostly China) — all while Joe Biden was vice president.

Comer sums up Joe Biden’s oft-repeated denials of any knowledge of his son’s business dealings like this:

The Bidens have received millions of dollars from China. It is inconceivable that the president did not know it.”

So, what services were provided in return for all that money? Well, that’s the thing. No services were provided. Hunter Biden has no marketable expertise in anything. The only thing that Hunter Biden had to sell was his last name, about which no one would care if his father wasn’t the vice president and capable of influencing Obama administration policy. Hunter was selling access to his old man. Only the hopelessly naïve or the willfully blind can believe otherwise.

So, it’s two stories. It’s the biggest government corruption story in living memory.

It’s the media actively avoiding it.

Neither bodes well for the health of the republic.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Leading off this segment let’s review “Suspicious Activity Reports” and hypocrisy. No being a banking expert by any means; pretty sure a bank would not issue a SAR on an account unless the transaction was indeed…..suspicious. So the Biden team gets over 170 of these and no one sparks an investigation into what these are? Or, did whomever did indeed look into some of these and started asking questions and were told to shut up, ignore these, stop looking at them, or go find another avenue of employment? How are “We The People” supposed to know how to form an opinion on these overwhelmingly suspicious events with foreign countries that may or may not be friendly with us? We are meant to not know; period. We are meant to be good little drones and worker bees and ignore the man (or non-binary) behind the curtain and go about doing our jobs and do not question anything. This IS part of the PLAN to destroy the good ole US of A. The Biden Crime Family and their supporters, the Clintons, Obama’s, Bezos’, Gates, and all the other “good ole folks” of the World Economic Forum and One World Government group are foaming at the mouth at the positive progress they are making to destroy the USA and open the door to One World Government. Anyone really think Europe can stand on it’s own against the fall of America? Hell NO. World War II answered that question. Took us long enough to get involved in that conflict; but once we did we conquered the Atlantic and Pacific realm. We also crushed the Arab and Persian efforts to bring World Jihad with 9/11 retaliation. Who has conquered Afghanistan; no one other than the USA. Just ask Russia how that went in the 80’s. Now we are under total assault from the Cartels of Mexico, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and the WEF, WHO, and our own Socialist and Communist from within. WE ARE AT WAR AND CANNOT WAKE UP TO THAT FACT. The Bidens are a huge part of this. The continual assault on MAGA supporters and former President Donald Trump are front and center on this effort. Really does not matter who is the Republican Nominee in 2024 for President; you can bet your botton dollar the Democommies and the One World Government gang are coming at them with everything multibillionaires have to destroy them. This is truly a battle of Good vs Evil. Cannot say that enough.

  2. Paul i luna says:

    I think anyone voting for the democrats is supporting war in America because they are supporting people that don’t believe in freedom of religion ‘ So war has to happen in America. Iguess some one is paying them to take our guns so we can.t fight back.

  3. Linda M says:

    Until we develop a backbone and actually DO something about the CAUSE of this, we are doomed. For at least thirty years the talk about term limits has been around. This, in itself, can not stop the corruption that has taken over our government. BUT it would certainly slow it down until we could get a handle on it! We have had many chances to do the right thing yet we have sat on our hands and done NOTHING to stop the corruption of our government. Term limits is a term we get thrown at us to throw up a smoke screen where the average person can not see what is truly going on. Congress isn’t going to enact TERM LIMITS. That would mess up their little playhouse. Just how far back in the 50 YEARS did the corruption of the bidens begin? The pelosi’s? The feinsteins? and the list goes on and on of people who have 30, 40, 50 years in office. This is NOT what the Founders envisioned because THEY saw where it could lead…right where we are today! Yes, this IS a battle between GOOD and EVIL and it all comes down to WE, THE PEOPLE making those elected to WORK FOR the people as our Country was founded or sit back and allow evil to completely take over!

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