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The jobs president.

Unless you’re economically illiterate, ideologically hidebound or just blinded by hatred of Donald Trump, it is impossible to dismiss the policy successes of the Trump administration and their impact on employment.

Texas for President 2016.

Texas for President 2016.

Rick Perry may or may not be on the ballot in November 2016. But the Texas success formula that he championed should be.

Obama’s State of the Campaign speech.

So now it’s the American Jobs Act and $400 billion in the form of money that we don’t have to be thrown at fixing roads and bridges and job training for the unemployed.

Insulated from reality.

When the president delivers his major policy announcement on jobs and the economy Sept. 5, let’s all make it a point to remember last year’s $20 million jobs program in Seattle.

Understanding our low voltage economy.

The Chevy Volt, a darling of the Obama administration, is little more than a gussied up golf cart built with taxpayer funds. GM almost literally cannot give the things away. Yet Obama dares lecture automakers about the market.