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Not doing the job.

If we had a properly functioning fourth estate there would be some honest, probing and thoughtful reporting on the serious issues that now confront American society.

The End of a Love Affair.

Even though it is quite evident that they don’t know it yet, the media paid a dear price for their nearly decade-long love affair with Barack Obama.

How are these people “mainstream?”

Why do we still call it the “mainstream media?” Who among the pretty TV news faces lives or works in anything resembling the mainstream of American life?

Out of the shadow thanks to the IRS.

Purely for the mental exercise, let’s imagine that during the presidency of George W. Bush it came to light that the IRS singled out MoveOn.org or Planned Parenthood or some other liberal group for special scrutiny.

What will today’s media elites regret when they grow up?

Miss Campbell was a sweet old lady. She was among the last of a large cohort of American women. The Miss Campbells of the mid-20th century had three things in common. They never married. They unapologetically retained the title ‘Miss’. And they taught school. These women once constituted a sizable plurality of American school teachers. By the late 1960s, they were nearing the end of their careers and were being replaced by younger, married, fertile...

Winning in Iraq, losing in Washington.

War is serious business. Losing a war has serious consequences. The president doesn’t want to lose and he replaced the team that was heading in that direction with a team that is getting the job done. You’d think everyone would be happy. Think again. First, the media reports progress in Iraq only cursorily and only grudgingly. Second, the Congress seems to just wish the whole thing would go away, consequences be damned. But if we...

CBS Evening News still a distant third.

TV ratings for the week of July 9, 2007 show ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson and the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams nearly neck-and-neck with the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric trailing significantly. Here are the numbers: Average Nightly Viewers ABC: 7,670,000 NBC: 7,340,000 CBS: 5,850,000 Within the critical demographic of Adults age 25 to 54 where much of the advertising revenue lies, the gap is not quite as stark: Average...