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Media bias hatred.

Donald Trump’s real opposition comes from Anderson Cooper, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulus and the rest of the glittering galaxy of smug, condescending, self-satisfied elite media liberals.

Not doing the job.

If we had a properly functioning fourth estate there would be some honest, probing and thoughtful reporting on the serious issues that now confront American society.

What will today’s media elites regret when they grow up?

Miss Campbell was a sweet old lady. She was among the last of a large cohort of American women. The Miss Campbells of the mid-20th century had three things in common. They never married. They unapologetically retained the title ‘Miss’. And they taught school. These women once constituted a sizable plurality of American school teachers. By the late 1960s, they were nearing the end of their careers and were being replaced by younger, married, fertile...