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In the wake of the stunning comeback by the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons in last Sunday’s Super Bowl you can be certain of one thing. Atlanta head coach Dan Quinn and his staff are hard at work figuring out how they gave up a 25 point third quarter lead. Atlanta, like most good football teams, understands that forthrightly addressing failure is what great organizations do.

The entirety of the American Left would do well to follow Atlanta’s lead. But so far, there is little evidence that they will.

Take top Democratic leaders. They should now clearly understand that getting 70 percent or more of the vote in the big metro areas on the east and west coasts isn’t enough to win the presidency or set the national agenda. To win the presidency, and to lead the country, you need the heartland on board with you, too.

Yet the top names in the Democratic party continue to be aging coastal liberals. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is from New York. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco. The early favorite for the 2020 presidential nomination is Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Boston.

But name a Democrat up-and-comer from Nebraska. Or Wisconsin. Or Kansas, Iowa or Missouri. You can’t, can you? That’s because there isn’t one.

That takes us to shrieking lefty celebrities. Unlike in the liberal enclaves where celebrities live, most people in America’s heartland are appalled when they hear a woman dropping F-bombs in public like Madonna did. Good mid-westerners wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something on their heads meant to evoke thoughts or images of female private parts. Being a “nasty woman,” as Ashley Judd proclaimed herself, isn’t something of which to be proud in Topeka, Kansas. Yet these stars persist in their vulgarity, taking no heed of the fact that, according to polls, most Americans find it offensive.

Then there’s the legacy media. They embarrassed themselves during the 2016 election to the point of risking permanent irrelevance.

So, in light of that embarrassment, what changes have the legacy media made? Answer: none – other than to double down against Donald Trump. The Daily Wire’s John Nolte is making a weekly list of blatantly inaccurate legacy media stories on the president. The latest compilation has 24 unmistakable examples. How many times do you have to be caught getting it wrong before you start working extra hard to get it right?

The Atlanta Falcons before they are finished will completely understand how they blew the Super Bowl. They know that they have no shot next season if they don’t.

You’d think that Democrats who lost a winnable election, Hollywood celebs that are finding it increasingly hard to sell a ticket and a legacy media that was not only wrong but appallingly wrong, would want a similar understanding.

There is, however, no evidence anywhere to support that idea.

The Falcons have a shot at next year’s Super Bowl. But right now, the Dems have no shot at all.

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