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The state of American journalism: Exhibit A

If you’re among the dwindling number of Americans who watch the legacy network Sunday shows you saw this past Sunday a prime example of what’s wrong with “journalism” in America.

Perfect clarity.

Where only a few weeks ago the Left was unable to define the word, they now seem to have achieved perfect clarity as to what a woman is.

Lefty freak out.

The Left finds it inconvenient that we live in a constitutional republic comprised of 50 sovereign states.

Reviewing the lessons of Baltimore.

According to essentially everyone in the progressive political and media ecosphere, white racism competes only with climate change as the number one problem facing our society.

Confirm or disqualify Kavanaugh forthwith.

Christine Blasey Ford’s tardiness in bringing a sexual assault accusation – 36 years – coupled with Sen. Diane Feinstein’s tardiness in calling it to the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee – is enough to raise the suspicions of even the least cynical among us.


The first question in the third and final presidential debate was a real opportunity for Trump to remind us that the Supreme Court is perhaps the number one reason to choose him over Hillary.