Desperate Dems.

From left, Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., and Rep. Mondaire Jones, D-N.Y., hold a news conference outside the Supreme Court to announce legislation to expand the number of seats on the high court, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, April 15, 2021. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Last Friday, President Biden signed an executive order creating the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States. The ostensible purpose of the ostensibly bipartisan commission is to consider and review, “principal arguments in the contemporary public debate for and against Supreme Court reform…”

That is, of course, hogwash. The commission’s purpose isn’t to review anything nor is it anywhere close to bipartisan. The actual purpose of this new commission is to provide cover. The goal is to create a micron-thin patina of legitimacy to cover the Democrats’ odious desire to increase the number of justices on the high court from nine to 13.

Minus all of the high falutin’ language contained in Biden’s order, it’s called packing the court. FDR tried it in 1937 and it blew up in his face. As recently as the 2020 presidential primaries, Joe Biden was against it.

But that was then. Today, with Biden deeply in thrall to the far-left base of his ever leftward-lurching party, he is obligated to do pretty much whatever he’s told. Consequently, on Friday he created a showpiece Supreme Court commission.

But that was a week ago. Today, congressional Democrats stood on the steps of the Supreme Court and announced that they don’t need no stinking commission. No need to consider, “principal arguments in the contemporary public debate.” (That’s messy.) No need to wait six months for a report. No need to read such a report and see what it says (as if what it will or would eventually say would be a surprise to anyone).

No, no need for any of that. Just cut to the chase and pack the court now.

Democrats are, of course, still seething over President Trump getting three nominally conservative justices confirmed to the high court in just a single term. They unloaded everything they had on Brett Kavanaugh and yet there he sits on the court. They tried to kill off Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination on the grounds that Trump was a lame duck president and had no right to put up a nominee. No such limitation was to be found in the Constitution and there Justice Barrett sits.

Dems are livid.

But why jump the gun? Why not wait for the presidential commission to give them cover?

One word. Time.

It’s now or never. The Democratic congressional majority is razor thin. The Senate is tied 50-50. They can now afford to lose only two votes in the House. They greatly fear, for good reason, the 2022 midterm elections. The Democrats have a narrow window of opportunity and they know it.

So here we have court packing legislation to go along with HR-1, that would nationalize elections, and the mockingly named “New Way Forward Act,” that would make expelling illegal immigrants – even those with criminal records – all but impossible.

Democrats have no time to mess around. They’re coming with everything they have. And if you’re not frightened by what they’ll try to do to the country in the coming weeks, you’re not paying attention.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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20 Responses

  1. Mike Gauthier says:

    This court packing bill will fail to pass even with a Democrat majority and of course Pelosi isn’t supporting it. So when you think about why they are even entering it, the answer seems to be they are trying to bully and intimidate the court into ruling as they desire. John Roberts has frequently ruled with the left, and they are pressuring him with the hope he will do so again in upcoming cases. In effect the Dems are threatening Roberts by saying, “nice little court you have there, it would be a shame if something happened to it.”

  2. Rilla Anderson says:

    Once again, nailed it.

  3. Buddy Saunders says:

    I have friends tell me the Democrats have gone crazy. I tell these friend, “No, the Democrats know exactly what they are doing.” And yes, Paul, if they succeed, we all face a national nightmare. Our preference should be to face the challenge so that we never face the nightmare that comes from doing nothing. We each must do our part in every way we can, know who we vote for, support elective candidates that will represent us and not the Democrat–Republican–biased media–big business–big tech elites. We need to vote in 2022, and be certain our votes count in free, honest, fair elections where only citizens with I.D.s vote. And then we need to watch like hawks those we elect, and any that betray us, swift boot them out at the first elective opportunity.

    And may we always have President Donald Trump there with us in the vanguard. If we don’t do these things, court packing will be just the beginning,

  4. Michael Reagan says:

    Dare we say America has no Constitutional Government to follow Constitutional Law? Have we descended into governance by the minority of the majority on the East and West coast as well as the Rust Belt? We are only basically three months into the Biden Administration and chaos reigns with more on the way. Next up: Washington DC as a State, then Puerto Rico as a State, four new Senators and half dozen democratic representatives? Then a Commission on White Supremacy a.k.a Trump voters?

    Said this before and I will say it again; at least the Dems do what they say. They told us all what was about to happen as did Obama. THE Fundamental change of America is happening before our very eyes. Question is, what do we do about it? One answer is to keep Texas and Florida Red. As long as two of the most important voting powers in the U.S. of A is Red, WE have a fighting chance. These two fall and we are screwed, Blued, and tattooed. BUT, holding out until 2022 is going to be a monumental task. Does anyone think by 2022 President Biden will continue to be President? I don’t.

    • Matthew E. says:

      What does everyone expect them to do ? Decide to declare their conservatives,join the Republicans, be a nation of one party ( Republican); to listen to yall you’d think the sky was falling or earth was burning, relax ! All this goofy fear mongering is simply to get you’re vote and help someone with a lot of money get more ; the entire political system sadly is a farce, enough already!!

  5. Brenda Brown says:

    this news today was nauseating.

  6. C M Solomon says:

    A DEFENSIVE strategy rarely works against a Marxist OFFENSIVE strategy that stays two steps ahead of us Conservative Patriots that honors the Constitution. We have known for decades the demonic goals of the Marxists to eradicate the Constitution and destroy our Liberties (by any means necessary). So, the question is where was OUR OFFENSIVE strategy to stay ahead of the Marxist Commiecrats and put THEM on the DEFENSIVE, instead?

    Wake up State Governors and State Legislators! You all should know that we (the USA) are a FEDERATION of sovereign States that MUST NOT SURRENDER the 10th Amendment of the Constitution to the power hungry Marxists or otherwise we will cease to exist. Where can we rent a steel spine of OPPOSITION for these weak State politicians that are willing to sacrifice OUR individual Liberty on the alter of Federal bribery and Media criticism, threatened and promoted by these unholy, globalist, despicable, mob-like, lying, Con Artists of the radical Left?

  7. Jean Bammel says:

    Have you ever been afraid and realized that you had to fight to stop whatever frightened you? Well I think that Americans that love the United States of America are being pushed into a corner and the only way out from our fear is to stand up and if necessary fight. Does anyone understand that the Democrats don’t know how much fear they are creating in our hearts.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      They know exactly how much fear they are creating. Our over reaction allows them to ram unconstitutional legislation down our throats. Under reaction allows them to cram unconstitutional laws down our throats. We are at a crossroads unlike anything “we” have ever been a part of. The Freedoms we have already lost are nothing compared to what is about to happen. We MUST make our voices heard and keep Texas Red. We MUST keep conservative Sheriff’s, County Judges, and School Boards elected. Right now this is our best shot at weathering the storm. Texas is a shining light and a very strong voice. We MUST keep it that way!

      • MATTHEW E. says:

        What are all these freedoms we’ve lost? How about some examples, I here this often.

        • Paul Gleiser says:

          The freedom to assemble. The freedom to worship and go to church. The freedom to conduct business. The freedom to speak without fear of retribution. The freedom to seek redress from our government. Please watch the video at this link:

          • MATTHEW E. says:

            We haven’t lost any of these things from my observations, fear mongering that someone is going to take that away I’ve heard plenty of,I do know that there is a lot of money in fear, been hearing it all my life,fear sales,it’s all about the votes and the money,it’s all just a game for those in charge,sad but true.

  8. Ron Eagleman says:

    Yes Paul, the Dems are desperate to make hay while the sun shines! The Leftist puppeteers who are pulling the strings know that they had a close call with the 2016 election, and do not want to take any chances with a fair future election. If you wanted to destroy a country, I cannot think of anything that would be done differently than what we are witnessing. As was referenced by others on this subject, conservatives need to put down the swim noodles and grow a pair to have any chance against their brass knuckles. Even if some of these radical policies are rejected by our representatives, the intimidation factor will accomplish a lot. As Mike pointed out in his comment, the threats to “reform” the supreme court will have a chilling effect on their decisions. Does anyone doubt what the Capitol Hill “green zone” and all the arrests are about? Seems pretty obvious…..don’t even think about organizing a protest, as it could be interpreted as an insurrection!

    • C M Solomon says:

      How many innocent lives were lost and how many shop keepers and their life savings were put out of business and how many billions of property damages were sustained by Commiecrat tolerated (and media sponsored?) “Peaceful Demonstrations” that were conducted by the Leftist (Antifa and BLM) rent-a-mobs in riot-torn, Democrat controlled cities in the last year? If the Commiecrats didn’t have double standards of JUSTICE, they would have no standards at all!

      The “Fortress Washington” is EXACTLY the warning to all Freedom loving Americans that we and our Constitution are under ATTACK! Again, where are the LOUD voices within the States to expose and reject the Federal Marxist takeover while using the highly amplified virus statistics and lockdowns to strike FEAR into the hearts of ordinarily rational Americans? Remember; never let a crisis go to waste?

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Bingo Solomon; and if there is no crisis, create one! Unfortunately, there are plenty that have been created by this new administration! The more chaos, the more diversion from the radical political changes that are being attempted to assure the country will be governed by one party. The scheme is very obvious: change the demographics to guarantee electoral success, eliminate safeguards like the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court to get favorable rulings, and intimidate (cancel) any person who would dare to object. This movement goes way beyond the usual political infighting, this is the Blitzkrieg assault, as Paul aptly titles his commentary “Desperate Dems”. There is desperation, but also dedication!

  9. C M Solomon says:

    Packing the Courts is just another way for the Far Left Radical Marxist Democrats (Commiecrats) to CHEAT. They have already “packed” the top of the Military with racist Generals promoting Critical Race Theory and White Supremacy dogma. They have already “packed” the media with propaganda con artists that lie and defame for a living, known for their “fake” news and unsupported claims and fabrications to promote their “hate America first” dogma while admiring tyrannical Communist dictatorships. They have already “packed” the entire educational curriculum and teachers unions and university bureaucracies with bazaar gender identity and revisionist history that promotes the “hate America first” and racist discrimination dogma. They have already “packed” mega-corporations with Left wing globalists to abandon American manufacturing and jobs in order to send factories and jobs to third world Communist dictatorships where cheating is tolerated and encouraged. They have already “packed” the electoral system to dilute legal voters with illegal ballot stuffing by way of their minions to win elections by cheating with impunity.

    The “pack-to-cheat” scheme as practiced by the Commiecrats is sophisticated and highly seductive to their political class in order to maintain their power and control over Americans that they want to dominate using the levers of government regulations, incentives, and grants.

  10. C M Solomon says:

    Most importantly, the Commiecrats have “packed” the government medical bureaucracies and drug companies with non-viral “experts” in order to eliminate use of proven therapeutic drugs that massively reduce COVID-19 deaths in favor of waiting for experimental vaccines with speculative results while hundreds of thousands of victims die unnecessarily. The evidence of medical malpractice is now coming forth that the lock downs had little to no effect on reducing the spread of the disease, yet massive financial and psychological harm was done to the American people as a result!

    The CCP controlled and Fauci funded “gain of function” virus research in that P4 Wuhan Lab (ability to create biological weapons) was poorly managed (escaped deliberately?) with the result that the entire world was infected. Communist China has benefited in that their main enemy, the USA, was severely weakened both financially and militarily. This has resulted in a Far Left Radical Marxist Democrat Party to assume almost dictatorial Federal power in America as they try to implement a permanent strangle hold (open border global strategy) on the future of the Nation as they portray Constitutional Conservatives as domestic terrorists! The CCP financial and political influence already established in the Democrat Party and radical elements in this country has dealt a severe blow to the Constitutional Liberties of the American people for the foreseeable future.

    • C M Solomon says:

      The Commiecrats and their “pack-to-cheat” scheme has ceased upon their successful COVID-19 FEAR and EXPLOITATION strategies to try to implement a mandated digital “Virus Vaccine Passport” to confiscate our Freedoms even further. Even a liberal feminist, Dr. Naomi Wolf, is alarmed with the headlong march into virulent Marxism by these “hate America first” saboteurs that want to eradicate our Constitution. The following link is offered as evidence of her convictions and you will probably be alarmed as well.

      Episode 874 – Not Science Fiction … Dr. Naomi Wolf Reveals Dangers of Vaccine Passports
      Bannons War Room Published April 14, 2021

  11. J. McCrary says:

    This is a blatant, unabashed power grab. They’re not grabbing it from political adversaries, they’re grabbing it from you and me. You’ll notice the four reps on the steps of the Supreme Court are from safely blue congressional districts. They’ve been sent out to do the dirty work and give Pelosi and Biden cover. Pelosi says now that she is not in favor of court packing. She knows this is a political time bomb that will blow up in her face. But the moment she feels like she has the political capital to spend, there is no doubt she would bring this to the floor of the house. It’s way past time for patriots to stand up and be heard.

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