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Do any of these candidates really get China?

The eight Republican candidates on the debate stage in Milwaukee Wednesday evening called out a long list of problems facing the country. Immigration, the economy and federal spending were at the top of the lists for most of the debate participants. Some time, but not a lot, was spent talking about China. But drill down into many of the problems that the country is currently facing and when you get to the bottom you are...

There’s no Utopia. There’s no Utopian energy.

I have an article I’d like to share with you. The author is Brian Gitt and his article is titled, “Chasing Utopian Energy: How I Wasted 20 Years of My Life.” You’ll find the article here. Mr. Gitt self-describes as an energy entrepreneur, investor and writer. In his piece he details his career as a clean energy activist and later as CEO of a consulting firm that “commercialized clean energy technologies.” For the purpose of...

Ignorant, dumb or dishonest?

Whenever I hear pontification about “clean energy”  from an elite leftist I can’t help asking; Does this person really believe what he is saying? Is he really this uniformed, or worse, this stupid? Or is he just being deliberately dishonest in pursuit of a political aim?

Big problems. Short days.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was at a loss to tell reporters how the president planned to fill up his day Tuesday.

From hell indeed.

Is the President of the United States in a compromised position relative to the Chinese, our country’s most formidable strategic and economic adversary?

Irony, thy name is Biden.

Joe Biden’s son has taken in millions of dollars working at no-show jobs for companies and organizations in Ukraine and China – companies and organizations that would greatly benefit from access to the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Made in China.

For 30 years, presidents and political leaders of both parties have led us around the fence on the subject of China.

On China Trump has been right early and often.

We suddenly are aware of the fact that untold numbers of things – things that are absolutely essential to the health of our economy as well as to our very bodies – are manufactured in a totalitarian country that will stick it to us the first time it suits their convenience.

Indiana Trump.

Time and again, when dealing with problems that have festered for years under previous administrations, Mr. Trump has simply rolled his eyes, reached for his metaphorical pistol and fired.