Let’s take a sober look at Trump’s foreign policy record.

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Let us stipulate that President Trump’s press conference following his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki a couple of weeks back wasn’t his finest hour. Though generally quite adept at such unscripted events, he stumbled this time. I have no doubt that he is resolved to do better next time.

With that said, the reaction from the Left has been utterly unhinged. For my money, the worst of them all is former CIA director under Obama, John Brennan. Brennan completely wigged out, saying, among other things, that the president’s press conference performance;

…rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous.”


Let’s return to this planet and at least make an attempt at some objective analysis of President Trump’s foreign policy so far. Mr. Trump has an unorthodox style as it applies to U.S. presidents. His style has likely baffled his international opponents even as it has enraged his domestic critics.

Here’s an example. On the one hand, Trump met with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and China’s Xi Jingping at Mar-a-Lago and in both instances called them, “good guys.” Meanwhile, on the other hand, he expanded the U.S. military budget principally for the consumption of Russia and China. Breaking with his predecessor, he took the advice of his military brass regarding readiness.

To make himself understood by Xi and Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he moved a good portion of the Pacific fleet off the coasts of China and Korea and directly challenged Xi in the South China Sea. So that Putin would have no confusion, he provided weapons to Ukraine to fight the Russians, drew a red line in Syria regarding chemical weapons and then, when that red line was crossed, actually enforced it with missile attacks that killed Russian troops.

Again breaking with his predecessor, he has firmed up our relationships with key allies Japan and Israel. One is key in dealing with China. The other is key in dealing with ISIS, Iran and the broader Middle East. He has taken back essentially all of the territory conquered by ISIS during the previous administration and greatly curtailed that malign organization’s capacity to commit mayhem.

With respect to the Middle East’s strategic impact on the United States, Mr. Trump has unleashed domestic energy production to enormous effect. As it pertains to having leverage over the U.S. economy, OPEC is a shadow of its former self.

Which brings us to the economy. Most significantly, Mr. Trump has recognized the importance of the U.S. economy in world affairs and has taken concrete steps that have strengthened it dramatically. The U.S. dollar is again the world’s undisputed reserve currency.

Any intellectually honest observer is forced to admit that the world is safer today for the U.S. and its allies than it was two years ago. So, somebody please tell John Brennan to put a sock in it.

And let’s spot the president a Mulligan on the Helsinki press conference. He’s earned it.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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10 Responses

  1. BE CAREFUL: Saying Trump’s Helsinki performance wasn’t a home run risks your standing with his undaunted 40%

    This president’s foreign policy is all about domestic policy.
    And that’s fine with Amurka First-ers.

    • Richard Anderson says:

      No risk here. Excellent column Mr. Gleiser.

      My question –not to Mr. Gleiser– but to you sir, are you pulling against America and against President Trump? In short, are you rooting for our country and our president to fail? I, for one, know, I’m NOT!

      Myself, I have followed President Trump very closely from his announcement in 2015. And I can say, without reservation, that he is bringing back The United States of America, in every area… Back, to our Founders vision, of what our country was established upon…. one nation under God, respect for our Flag, Life, Liberty, Freedom, a renewed call for religious freedom, smaller government, less taxation, “out” with political correctness, renewed RESPECT of U.S. economic & military power & prestige around the globe, and, economic prosperity for all Americans as in American free enterprise capitalism with a capital “C.” I am FOR all of these.

      Don’t be blinded by resentment or hate, as these will make the heart sick.

      • Unlike Rush Limbaugh in 2008, I do NOT hope our president fails.

        And I’m not as concerned as some of Trump’s supporters regarding his relationship with Putin.

        I do remain appalled by Trump’s lack of character; but I acknowledge that The Undaunted 40% is not. Perhaps we were just raised differently.

        • Paul Gleiser says:

          Tell me that you were similarly appalled by Bill Clinton’s lack of character and there will then exist the basis for a thoughtful discussion.

        • Richard Anderson says:

          I am a Christian [Catholic] and I voted for Donald Trump as did multiple millions of other American citizens, because he was the clear choice to lead The United States of America. We The People were electing a President, not electing a national pope or a national pastor.
          Donald Trump is a fighter. And he fights for the men and women and families who have been forgotten by previous presidents.
          President Trump works for…. We The American People, ALL the people, whether they be rich or poor or in the middle. And I like that.

          • If he was “the clear choice” he would’ve won the Popular vote.

            Your forgiveness of his appalling lack of character is as admirable as it is convenient.

            And things have a way of working out.

  2. Brendan says:

    I think if you’re willing to blindly follow such a man of “character”, join the Space Force! It’s outside the jurisdiction of all those pesky lawsuits and investigations of this President…

  3. Dianna says:

    Past presidents have talked tough to Russia’s President Putin but had very weak actions against him. He has continued to meddle in our elections and do lots of other hostile acts for decades, despite their tough talk. President Obama himself stated that Putin denies meddling so shaming him publicly does not work. Has it occurred to anyone that President Trump is trying the opposite approach. He is speaking friendly to him in public so as not to shame him in front of his people, but behind the scenes Trump has taken tougher actions against Russia than any other president in US history. On top of that, he is strengthening our military and encouraging Germany to not do the energy deal with Russia, which would devastate Russia’s economy, and he is also helping arm Russia’s enemies. Maybe, just maybe, this is an approach with Putin that will work for once! My goodness people, give our President a chance to do his job!

    • Not all of the president’s supporters are as confident about what was said “behind the scenes” in Helsinki…let alone the “would”/“wouldn’t” statements that followed.

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