Irony, thy name is Biden.

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A cosmic irony is playing out right before our eyes.

You’ll remember this time four years ago when the “Russian collusion” narrative promoted by the left was gaining traction. There was no way that a barbarian like Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency absent the assistance of some malign outside force. It just wasn’t possible.

That outside force, for purposes of advancing the left’s narrative, was Russia. Massive effort was put forth by the top people in the Democratic Party and the media (but I again repeat myself) to end Trump’s presidency forthwith on the justification that he had obtained the office illegally. But for “collusion” with the Russians, who somehow cast a spell over 63 million American voters spread across the entirety of the North American continent, Donald Trump would have lost to the much more qualified Hillary Clinton in a landslide. It was only with Russian help that Donald Trump pulled off an impossible win, and as a result of that help, was in the pocket of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The rest is history.

Special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed and upwards of 40 million taxpayer dollars got spent investigating Donald Trump and his campaign. All the while the media – using little tidbits of information leaked by the Mueller team and simply making up whatever else they needed – spent 30 months yapping about “bombshell” developments and “the walls closing in” and “the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.”

All of it turned out to be a total crock.

Fast forward four years and consider Hunter Biden. For the benefit of you who have just returned from an Antarctic research expedition, or whose news consumption has been confined to that of the legacy networks (either of which would isolate one from knowing what’s really happening in the country), Hunter is the Biden son who got kicked out of the Naval Reserve for testing positive for cocaine. All of his jobs have been of the “my-daddy-is-a-senator-slash-vice president” variety. Aside from an Ivy law degree and his last name, his résumé is rather thin.

But we know from publicly available evidence that he has taken in millions of dollars working at no-show jobs and being on boards of directors for companies and organizations in Ukraine and China – companies and organizations that would greatly benefit from access to the highest levels of the U.S. government. We also know from divulged emails that a good chunk of that money got kicked up to the “Big Guy,” a.k.a. President-elect Joe Biden.

In 2016 there was no evidence to support the never-ending allegations that Donald Trump, who won his election straight up, was in the pocket of Russian president Vladimir Putin. In 2020, there’s a truckload of evidence to suggest that the man who just defeated Donald Trump, in an election reeking of fraud, really is in the pocket of Chinese president Xi Jingping.

Now there’s some irony for you.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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20 Responses

  1. Clifton Mire says:

    If you live I Tiawan you should be very afraid right about now. Trump would have helped Taiwan remain independent, Biden will stand by and do nothing when China invades.

  2. C M Solomon says:

    As the evidence of the corrupt Biden family “pay-to-play” international kick-back scheme is being revealed, we simply see that the Marxists ALWAYS blame the Patriots for the Evil that they are doing themselves. The greater the hysteria of the accuser only betrays the even greater evidence of his attempt to cover up and deflect his own guilt.

  3. Ron Eagleman says:

    Well stated! The most troubling part is the fact that Biden is truly in the pocket of Chairman Xi; can we even imagine how much juicy information that he has in the Biden file? The moment that Biden possibly takes his hand off the Bible, Xi will be salivating over prospects for new trade negotiations. The Chairman will have the “big guy” by the onions, and all the progress that Trump made will evaporate. Sadly, the irony extends to our “big guy” or “chairman” being subservient to China’s “big guy” or “chairman”; instead of a president who put America’s interest first. I wonder if Babbel has a Mandarin course?

  4. Buddy Saunders says:

    One of the things that really bothers me is the double standard applied by the left to Trump and Biden. Trump is a crook, with no evidence. But Biden and family have done nothing wrong, in spite of clear and mounting evidence. Those saying that cannot be trusted in any way whatsoever–they are betraying their country every bit as much as Biden.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Very true Buddy, and the first ones to plead “plausible deniability” when there is no longer freedom of the press, will be these hypocrites! They are so blinded by their own hatred and prejudice that they do not realize they are aiding and abetting their own demise. As soon as these tyrants can abolish the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment will be next on the to do list!

  5. Internet domain name was registered a year ago.

  6. C M Solomon says:

    Did I miss something that could allow the Conservatives to have a voice in future elections? Are the Republicans going to adopt a lighter touch of Marxism? I hear them talk of the “next election to set things right” as if the Republic will continue to operate as normal. How blind can they be?

    I thought that the Commiecrats “Plan” to take over the Federal government was unstoppable since the election fraud in Georgia is likely to continue in the Jan 5 Senatorial runoff election (the Left wins), given the spineless RINOs in charge and the cowering Supremes who are afraid of the Cancel Culture and their “peaceful” mob-like riots. We now know that SCOTUS will not stop illegal voting within a State since they don’t want to “get involved” with Constitutional issues at the State election level, no matter the fraud they chose NOT to even consider.

    Has there been a change in the one-party conversion of the Nation to Marxism that was inevitable given the following events that the Commiecrats pledged to do if they get a majority in Congress? This is an updated list of the “Plan” that has been published: Eliminate the Filibuster; pack the Supreme Court; add two Leftist States to the Union (4 Senators); eliminate the Electoral College and remove State Ballot restrictions; flood the nation with Illegals thru open borders and give them voting, medical and education rights. What is there to stop such a “Plan” from eradicating the Conservative vote as a force of influence in future elections? It will be diluted into insignificance, right?

    Without the Conservative (Constitutional) vote that matters anymore, we can look forward to the rest of the “Plan” as follows: NATIONALIZE healthcare, medicine, educational texts, colleges, social media, broadcasting, energy production, transportation and zoning rules for housing; eliminate tax exemption for religious organizations; create a carbon and mileage tax; ration energy consumption to reduce carbon emissions; eliminate the fossil fuel industry; raise income and property taxes to fund the equal distribution of wealth and government benefits (housing, food, etc.); establish a WPA style guaranteed work organization and a Marxist Youth Core; eliminate cash transactions; and eliminate inherited wealth with a 100% tax.

    Finally, with such a Utopia in place, guns and ammunition can be severely restricted because, without poverty, crime will diminish, right? This is reflected in the new “defund police” and NO bond and jail release plans that have taken hold in sanctuary States in order to encourage better behavior of criminals, right? Also, as a Conservative you can forget about 2022 and 2024 and future elections since a new Commiecrat Federal Ballot system will “adjust” elections as necessary on their “tabulators” to continue the Marxist Utopia in place.

    President Trump is the ONLY force in power to STOP this destruction of the Constitution and our Liberty. May God give him the wisdom to execute WHATEVER Constitutional powers are necessary to SAVE the Republic for us and future generations and WIN this war against sedition! Please don’t accept the propaganda of defeat that is sweeping the Nation. Our survival is at stake and we must encourage him to NEVER dismiss a landslide victory of LEGAL votes and he MUST keep the Office of the Presidency that he won. Only then will our future vote have any meaning, otherwise we become just another statistic to be managed for the “good” of the collective.

  7. Michael Reagan says:

    Lets do something really ironic. Why don’t we all put politics to bed until January 2, 2021? We can all take a breath, reflect, recharge, and enjoy family, friends, and remember the Reason for the Season!
    Watch the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter; many of us will not be around the next time that happens. Ponder the three Wise Men watching such an event unfold back in their day. Of course the night sky was much brighter and easier to focus on celestial events. But, this alignment did happen around the 7th century BCE at the time of the birth of Christ. Pretty neat huh!


  8. C M Solomon says:

    Maybe we can all hope for another Christmas Miracle this season in order to preserve the Message of Christ’s birth which created the Freedom to “Secure the Blessings of Liberty” and Righteous living for all of us and our Nation if ONLY we will continue to honor Him and “to Keep His Commandments”.

  9. Ron Eagleman says:

    We will soon celebrate the birth of the One who transcends all of the petty politics! Many thanks to Paul and KTBB for providing this forum to exchange ideas and express frustrations in a civilized manner. Merry Christmas to all!

  10. HEAR PAUL guest-hosting on KSKY/Dallas today and tomorrow.

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