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Are you asking me or telling me?

Today’s Democrats don’t think they have to sell you. They believe that their elite university degrees and insider status confer upon them the right to tell you.

Things to think about re: COVID.

If the desire is for us to assume the risk of vaccination over the risk of contracting COVID, it would be good for our leaders and “experts” – including the unelected and increasingly discredited Lord Fauci – to act as if vaccination actually works.

DeSantis got it right.

Ron DeSantis of Florida came closer to getting COVID policy right than any governor in the country.

Freedom v. control.

The COVID pandemic gave the left control over everyday life in America in ways they never imagined possible. They’re not going to relinquish that control without a fight.

No solutions.

Less appreciated than it should be is the fact that government at every level – with no operation of any legislature or really any semblance at all of representative government – assumed micro-level control of our daily lives.