Freedom v. control.

Texas governor Greg Abbott delivers an announcement saying that he is rescinding executive orders that limit capacities for businesses and the state wide mask mandate. (AP Photo/Justin Rex)

Yesterday, a client of mine asked for my help writing a statement saying that it will still be necessary for customers to wear a mask when shopping in his store.  That request was in response to Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order on Wednesday that supersedes his executive order from last July mandating that we all had to wear face coverings in public and that businesses like restaurants had to operate at reduced capacity.

When Abbott’s order dropped Wednesday, Twitter exploded. So did the heads of many in the northeast media. One such talking head called Gov. Abbott a “murderer.”

For his part, President Joe “Unity” Biden immediately called Abbott’s move “Neanderthal thinking.”

That’s because no one – including our Uniter in Chief – actually read the order. (No one save for me. And you, if you click here.) Here’s the key portion of what it actually says:

In all counties not in an area of high hospitalizations…a.) there are no COVID-19-related operating limits for any business or other establishment; and, b.) individuals are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings over the nose and mouth wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household, but no person may be required by any jurisdiction [emphasis added] to wear or to mandate the wearing of a face covering.”

Just for clarity’s sake, the word “jurisdiction” means government.

In other words, the governor restored to the people of the State of Texas the freedom to make their own decisions regarding their safety.

My client, and retailers like Kroger, Walgreen’s and Target, immediately exercised that freedom and said that shoppers still need to wear a mask. A local restaurant owner tells us that he’s going to hold off going back to 100 percent capacity. One of my wife’s friends said last night that she’s going to keep wearing a mask and avoid places where masks aren’t required.

The left is in a tizzy over Abbott’s order but not out of concern for potential increased illness or loss of life. (If they were concerned about that they would have long since called for New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s scalp over the 15,000 nursing home deaths directly attributable to his idiotic policy decisions last spring.)

No, what the left is riled up about is the loss of control that Abbott’s executive order represents. Liberals love control. They thrive on it. They wither and die without it. That’s why they have lionized Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Gov. Gavin Newsom in California despite the dystopic, COVID-wrought hellscapes in those states – while waging jihad against Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, whose decision to leave Florida open for business and allow Floridians to make their own decisions about masks, social distancing, etc. has proved to be a demonstrable success.

The COVID pandemic gave the left control over everyday life in America in ways they never imagined possible. They’re not going to relinquish that control without a fight.

Judging by the reaction to Gov. Abbott’s order Wednesday, that fight’s going to be a doozy.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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12 Responses

  1. Thank you, Mr. Gleiser for bringing out the fact that most of the covid mania has been simply about seeing if jurisdictions, in particular the Federal Government, could turn the population into sheeple!

  2. C M Solomon says:

    Paul, you have perfectly identified the motivating factors of the Liberal thought process when it comes to the affairs of human society. The Liberal truly believes that all human success and advancement comes by way of Government Control that guides the otherwise incompetent population that would be lost without their meticulous management of all human activities. As Rush said today in a replay segment, the Liberal has replaced the God of Creation (common to all religious faiths) with the god of Government which is the focus of the Liberal Religion (and it is a genuine Religion) with Mankind (not God) as the sole governing power of the Universe for which the destiny of mankind is dependent.

    That is why the Liberal does not believe in ANY moral absolutes since there is no God who actually rules the Universe in which there is Good and Evil and Accountability to that God for human conduct. Therefore, the ends justify the means and IF the “quaint” belief of Conservatives in (God-given) Liberty and Freedom are casualties of the advancement of the Liberal Religion, so much the better. That is why the Liberal can adopt ANY form of tyrannical Control such as Marxism, Fascism, or Communism in order to justify their search for their Utopian vision of a perfect society where there would be NO inequities.

    Needless to say, ANY form of Junk Science or irrational theories can be used to force conformity of the population to achieve their dictatorial goals. We are now watching this take place before our very own eyes. Under these conditions Freedom of thought is not tolerated and the Liberal has NO desire to accept debate in any form. Conservative opposition to the Liberal Control mechanisms is tantamount to heresy and subject to punishment as treason by the ruling government of elites who have declared themselves as the “wisest” of all men. They are endowed with the obligation to recognize and enforce Control at the expense of Freedom (as we would define it.)

    Given this huge difference in fundamental truths, there can be NO middle ground of compromise in order to achieve any semblance of harmony between the two sides. Total annihilation of the enemy is the only solution acceptable to the Liberal Religion of the Left.

  3. Richard Anderson says:

    Excellent column Mr. Gleiser.

    Citizens here in east Texas and all across our nation must PUSH BACK harder against these leftist communist fascist socialists who seek to destroy the very essence of The United States of America.

    Namely, FREEDOM under GOD upon which our great nation was established in 1776.

    The leftist Democrat party is clearly showing the American people their true colors about what they seek –TOTALITARIAN CONTROL– just like the CCP* (*i.e. Chinese Communist Party). For those who do not know, in China churches are being torn down by that government and Christians are being persecuted. Freedom does NOT exist for the Chinese people. Another word for this is TYRANNY!

    Our Founders warned us of this evil which MUST be fought off always. Don’t “let” it take root here in our home, The United States of America, land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE, one Nation under GOD.

  4. Jena Smith says:

    Finally! Someone pointed out the truth that the government mandates issued were about control.

  5. Ron Eagleman says:

    Yes indeed….freedom v. control; mutually incompatible! One by one, our freedoms are being eroded (controlled). This is an all out assault on our Bill of Rights, as was the well-executed plot to gain control of all branches of our government. In case no one has noticed, the freedom to assemble in protest to these controls has been controlled by creating a “Green Zone” around these “controllers”. Of course, Sleepy Joe does not have a clue that he is being used to destroy the system of government that has been so good to him and his family, but the Left despises. He was hand picked to be the tool, as his present state of decline will allow the puppeteers to pull the strings with impunity. Make no mistake, all moves they are making, including the “insurrection”, are being done to make hay while the sun shines. This destruction must be done quickly, just in case the tactics of the 2020 election cycle, and HR-1 are not enough.


    I wish I had just a molecular sized amount of your, knowledge and cool ol’ common sense as well as the ability to communicate with such eloquence.
    Mr. Paul you always express exactly what I am thinking and feeling with regard to the political and social actions, events and other goings-on today.
    Thanks for your voice of reason!!!
    Tracy Stephens
    I also like it when you share remembrances of the old radio days of Dallas. Ron Chapman, Eddie Chiles, Mr. Peppermint aka Jerry Haynes ……..

  7. Michael Reagan says:

    Thank You Mr. Gleiser for this timely article. My wife and I dined at The Olive Garden yesterday evening with mask in tow. Our primary discussion was on this very subject. Those who are truly naïve, ignorant, or simply were not listening to the Governor’s speech should have caught the meaning of his message. Texans are intelligent enough to make their own decisions of what is best for each business, each person, each family and respect their decision. Pretty sure most of us are on board with that. Kudo’s to Governor Abbott for having faith in Texas. My family will do their best to prove him correct.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Yes, if only these “journalists” would actually read Governor Abbott’s executive order, it would make such a big difference in what they spew from their respective media outlets. On second thought, it might make no difference, as the interpretation would still go through the same perverted filter. Anyway, we should support this decision by remaining vigilant and exercising common sense in our daily activities; we sure do not want these hyenas to be able to gloat that the Neanderthals are getting what they deserve! Having confidence in Texans being responsible, without big brother dictating every aspect of our existence is something I remember Dutch saying many times regarding the American people. His mindset is something we desperately need right now.

  8. G.Rieke says:

    My apologies Mr Gleiser. I didn’t mean to your ignore you. You are my hero and I love reading your columns and of course you ARE ALWAYS spot on and I seem to take it for granted.

    • C M Solomon says:

      G.Rieke, dittos to your comments. I have been following Paul’s commentaries for over 12 years and “You Tell Me Texas” has been a lifeboat of rational reality and Truth in a sea of Leftist media and political Lies and misrepresentations that are designed to advance an anti-American agenda. This has been obvious to me for over 40 years.

      It is forums like Paul’s that reassure me and others (of like mind) that we are not alone in our love for this country and its Constitutional basis and who also believes in defending our Liberty with our “Freedom of Speech” that we still enjoy. Paul’s effort to create such stimulating articles each week must be very time consuming for his research and composition. For his willingness to do this for so many years, we should all be grateful.

  9. Michael Reagan says:

    Mr. Gleiser: PLEASE allow me to report this important event! I wrote you all few days ago about the Tyler Morning Telegraph’s neglect in reporting on important Texas History events. Three dates ALL Texans should know and remember: March 2, Texas Independence Day, March 6, Fall of the Alamo, and April 21, San Jacinto Day where we really won Texas Independence by defeating the Mexican Army and Dictator Santa Anna. Well, on March 3, 2021 front page of the Tyler Morning Telegraph story, “Tuesday marked the 185th anniversary of Texas Independence Day”. These three dates are critical due to Texas being a Nation unto itself, the evolution of the 10th most powerful economy and nation in the WORLD if we so choose to become a Republic again. And the fact we would be one of a handful of energy independent nations across the globe that could fend of itself if we needed to.

    I have California, Oregon, and Illinois neighbors. They are clueless to our history, weather, nature, critters, etc. It is MY JOB to educate them, which I am striving to do. PLEASE TEXANS, do your part and DO NOT allow our history to go unreported, not educating our children, or instilling our strong, unwavering independence into our youth and those who move here. We are honest, forthright, loyal, and can take care of ourselves if need be. THAT is being lost rapidly. THANK YOU to those who helped me sound the alarm to REPORT OUR TEXAS HISTORY. Lets not allow that to happen again.

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