The truth slithers out.

Jim Lo Scalzo via AP

Dr. Anthony Fauci – head of the U.S. Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases and the highest paid of all 2.1 million federal employees – has an email problem. His emails from early 2020 – which is to say the period immediately leading up to the COVID lockdowns that tanked the economy, put millions out of work and permanently hobbled the education of an entire generation of school children – have been made public.

Via the Freedom of Information Act, we can now see what Dr. Fauci was saying in private and compare that to what he was saying in public. It is not a flattering comparison.

Perhaps the most troubling revelation is the fact that Dr. Fauci was funding through an intermediary agency – read: cutout – what is called “gain of function” research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – a.k.a. the “Wuhan lab.” Gain of function is a fancy way of saying “engineering” – the purpose being to increase the virulence and transmissibility of a pathogen.

What this means is that it is very probable that Dr. Fauci has known from the jump that the COVID-19 virus was likely created using American taxpayer dollars.

And he lied about it.

Under oath.

Also, if you will recall, it was about this time last year that Dr. Fauci was at great pains to tell us that the COVID virus began infecting and killing humans as a result of a “species jump” from animals. He went out of his way to distance the virus from the Chinese lab located in Wuhan, ground zero of the pandemic. So effective was Fauci in that disinformation effort (and let’s be fair, the media was helping every step of the way) that among the emails in this just-released trove is one from Peter Daszak, the head of the nonprofit group using grant money from Fauci’s agency to fund research at the Wuhan lab (i.e. the ‘cutout’), thanking Dr. Fauci for his efforts.

Ah, there’s more.

In an email exchange with Ezekiel Emanuel – brother of Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and current member of the Presidential COVID Advisory Board – Fauci said that the masks that he has been insisting that we wear don’t really do anything. Yet in sworn testimony before a House committee in March, he vehemently insisted that masks are vitally essential.

Many like me began disliking and distrusting Anthony Fauci very early on. In this line of work, you develop skill in spotting what we inelegantly call (and please forgive the expression) a “media whore.” Tony Fauci is the very embodiment of that unflattering moniker.

With the help of the media, Tony Fauci was raised from relative obscurity to national demigod. He had power he never dreamed of. And we should note that one such power was to promote policy that would damage a president seeking reelection that he, Fauci didn’t like.

All through the COVID pandemic we were told to “trust the science.” Question: Why would we trust the science if we can’t trust the scientist?

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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34 Responses

  1. Michael Reagan says:

    Thank You Paul for this article on the esteemed (cough, cough) Dr. Fauci. This guy made my head explode and still does. Narcissism thy name is Fauci. Who, in good faith, stands before the world, day in and day out and flat out lies about a disease many of us still don’t know really what it is or does. Think about the common flu; it is basically cured. Aids, the gift that keeps on giving death and sorrow is a forgotten horrible disease. Malaria, typhus, mumps, measles, chicken pox, all barely mentioned or not at all. Right now there are no other diseases other than Covid 19. What a messed up state of affairs perpetuated by this evil little man.

    • Matthew E says:

      Well we shouldn’t be surprised, I think a really good question is who else knew of this way back when ? Apparently there was a lot of misinformation back earlier last year. Some claimed for our benefit, the not to scare folks comment made by guess who . Narcissism thy name is Trump is (definitely ) more like it, no one can hold a candle to that guy , I mean really. That’s not even debatable. Not to say Fauci doesn’t have issues. I wasn’t aware the flu is all but cured,thanks for informing of that,I must have missed it,apparently some suggest, I miss a lot. I agree for sure,all this lying needs to stop, we saw outrageous lying in the last administration, the bar has definitely been raised for sure,unbelievable. We shouldn’t be surprised Fauci did his share.

      • Michael Reagan says:

        Name ONE person who you know that has had the common flu over the last year and half?
        Just one. As many people as I come in contact with and correspond with; ZERO has had the good ole H1N1 flu or derivative. NOT ONE. You do not think that is completely false!

        • C M Solomon says:

          You have made a brilliant point, Michael. The word “cases” has been perverted to mean ANYONE testing COVID positive (due to exaggerated and unreliable testing) even when they were NOT sick or had a fever. Likewise ANY illness due to other underlying conditions or who died with a smidgen of COVID positivity was deemed a COVID designated serious illness or cause of death. Hence, the “miraculous” REDUCTION of NORMAL seasonal, respiratory, and otherwise UNTRACKED medical problems was purposely ignored in order to boost the COVID statistics.

          The inflamed propaganda to strike FEAR in Americans in order to surrender their common sense to the almighty “bureaucrats” to enhance their lust for power and wreak havoc on the Trump economic miracle was entirely successful by these evil and cruel bags of deception. Fauci and his collaborators (CCP sympathizers) were at the center of this FRAUD on America and the World at large. The time for ACCOUNTABILITY and PROSECUTION is at hand!

          • Michael Reagan says:

            CM, true story relating to Covid and Fauci. My wife and I took our two grandkids to the Woodland’s mall so they could ride the indoor Calliope; which they love. It is on the second floor of the mall. So while we were waiting on the elevator (which the kids love to ride) a man approaches me out of the blue. He introduces himself and begins to tell me the story of his father’s illness; heart disease. This is a story I have heard before and I dare say some on this blog have as well. This guy’s father dies of a heart attack; but the Certificate of Death says: Covid19. I tell him Yes Sir, the sad fact of the matter is the more a state reports Covid deaths the more funding they get. Have we not heard that before!!!! Not the first time a person has conveyed this story. I took my father to Trinity Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler for an issue and ran into another guy who’s Dad died of a stroke. Death Certificate: Covid19. As Monty Python skit number # says, “Say no more!” We all have been informed that Covid deaths equal dollars. How heinous is that !!!! But it is true and cannot be disputed.

          • Matthew E says:

            Economic miracle? What ? Unemployment went down just over 2% more apparently, that’s good of course. I’ll say again ” inflation “, infrastructure ( its crumbling) ,how far does the dollar stretch? The cost of living across the board. Wages across the board did almost nothing measurable really on any real upward trend. All the tariffs battling simply got passed on to consumers ,farmers didn’t fare well at all. There were a lot of stock buy backs,and CEO pay and perks were still outrageous. Nothing significant in Healthcare cost whatsoever. Plenty of manufacturing going on overseas then goods coming back here, instead of most manufacturing returning here as we were told. Harley Davidson uproar few yrs back on motorcycle parts ,good example. Coal business inevitably never improved across the board, cases of black lung as it’s called as seen a surge though ( sad situation), I guess that’s result of to much ” Government Regulation “.

        • Matthew E says:

          Well with all the changes in a lot of people’s activities, disinfectant use,masks, simply not out and about near as much,it stands to ” Reason” that other bugs and their transmission would or could be stifled . I’m sure there were some,and yea wouldn’t be surprised some were documented as ” Covid” as well. What’s that saying ” never let a disaster go to waste” money !! Making money off of fear and others misery,seems to be popular in USA. Tons of money made in the last year or so,sure wasn’t the little guy.

  2. Jim Lee says:

    Paul, another good article. My father was a doctor (1916-1990 – RIP), and the smartest man I ever knew. He would have thought like me. From the start I suspected this. The Chinese didn’t like Trump, couldn’t control Trump, and therefore created a plan (with the financial help of Fauci, Gates, and Soros) to put the world and this country in chaos. Scare folks enough, they will do anything the government says.
    Keep up the good work my friend.

  3. C M Solomon says:

    This Fauci bureaucrat is the epitome of the self-appointed, god-like creatures that permeate the Administrative State Swamp (ASS) that have seized power well beyond that which is authorized by our Constitution. They live in a world SHIELDED from ACCOUNTABILITY by way of the bureaucratic layers and incredibly complex structures they have erected with the cooperation of the Leftists who also feed as government parasites in order to expand their mutual control over the American people. It’s all about growing their mutual empires. It’s NOT about serving the American people with efficient, good, and honest government.

    When ALL the truth is revealed about this so called “pandemic” (as compared to previous virus infections) along with the “manufactured” excuses used to eliminate basic Liberties (lockdowns), as guaranteed by the Constitution, there should be incredible anger against Fauci and his fellow CCP travelers in our government. This elite cabal that caused trillions of damage to the US economy and hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths due to restricted treatment (from known and successful therapeutics due to their thirst for power) will probably result in litigation from millions of families and businesses to recover a part of the losses that these incompetent bureaucrats and their Leftist propaganda machines have deliberately inflicted upon the Nation.

    The TRUTH is that the Left used this virus to shut down free speech and valuable medical information that could have avoided most of these economic and human losses. Needless to say, their hatred for Trump and their desire to eliminate the outstanding successes of his administration was more important than the predictable harm that they would cause to the Nation given their evil motivations.

    • Matthew E says:

      Wasn’t Trump involved , claiming responsibility for saving lives by shutting things down,while folks were trying to get a handle and better understanding of the virus.?

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Now Mr. Evans, try to stay focused on the shutdown that President Trump instituted, as opposed to the shutdown of the economy. Try to remember, the president wanted to stop travel from China as soon as the origin of the virus was determined; however, now stay focused, he was accused of xenophobia, racism, killing baby pandas, and everything Biden, the Dems, and their media friends could concoct. Stay focused now….do you think that there would have been more or less people killed by the virus if Biden had prevailed, and allowed infected Chinese to continue to flood into our country? Now, the real question… you think that the soft treatment our current president is extending to China and Russia is connected to the revenue stream received by him and his family? C’mon man!

        • Matthew E says:

          Well anything is possible. Again both sides have and do their share of shenanigans ( corruption) . There are many ways to enrich yourself when in these positions. Depending on who you listen to, and not question but simply believe can certainly affect a person’s view.Things get so skewed for the sake of entertainment ( money) I’m amazed at how confident some folks are in what they believe occurred in past and present. And to suggest more or less that for the most part the last administration was free from any shenanigans, things were above board, all decisions made were not flawed to any significanse , regardless of any accusations then and still going. Using overused standby ” Media Mob” as a way to dismiss information, claims etc is ridiculous.

          • Michael Reagan says:

            Matthew, Matthew, Matthew; really the last administration ad nausa. Love him or hate him, President Trump did more for the average Joe and America since President Ronald Reagan. Are you a denier? America First Buddy! Would you support Chinese jobs over American Jobs? HUH? Would you support Russian jobs over American Jobs? Chinese lab created virus shutting down the World economy and allowing corrupt Democratic Governors to suppress Freedom of Speech, Economy, Due Process, advocate for total chaos via BLM and Antifa!!!! The Media, complicit, nepotism saturated via politicians wives, cousins, nephews, etc, and nothing more than reality t.v. Biden did take money from China. Obama kicked the door in for race war; Bill Clinton brought the Chinese into the Lincoln bedroom of the Whitehouse. Lets see now……….AH! All Democrats. DO YOU DENY THAT? Answer the Question Dude.

          • Ron Eagleman says:

            Huh?? Are you sure that you are not Professor Irwin Corey reincarnated? (Google him) As Brother Solomon opines, this doublespeak is fit for a goat’s indigestion…..with all due respect.

        • C M Solomon says:

          Ron, our paper “spitball” champion (with all due respect) retorts with the brilliant answer to almost everything as: “Well anything is possible.” The spitballs are completely devoid of substance or discernment which renders them useless and they should be left to rot on the ground. Maybe a blind goat will find them chewy. They say a goat will eat almost anything. Thank God for scavengers!

          • Matthew E says:

            Sounds like a lot standard talking points often used on particular radio shows to me . Substance ? Really? You’re cherry picking one statement out of many as always, never any details on things just blank statements, no ” substance “, detailed examples . Nepotism Really? That’s just a liberal thing? ” Stand back and stand by” as spoken by someone who was referring to a group that is in many ways no different to the ones you mentioned ,although they seem to be pro fascism, that’s a big difference. A lot of stuff was done but not much in the way of detailed examples, just that more stuff was done,ok then. I’m betting a lot went on regarding Chinese once upon a time,at Corp America, and Wallstreets request.

        • Matthew E says:

          Doublespeak , really? Well I think there’s a lot of projecting going on from some folks. And of course the cherry picking of comments, I guess it’s easier that way,it’s all the same to me. I’m baffled by this need to be so defensive of our previous President, as I’ve said before he’s just a man,puts his pants on ( I’m assuming ) the same way we do,but hey maybe not.

  4. Buddy Saunders says:

    Our first impression of Fauci was positive, his being a doctor and all, one versed in the concern at hand. But over time he gave us reason to doubt him, until finally all trust and faith was lost. But never in our wildest dream did we imagine Fauci had a hand in advancing gain of function research and doing it in all places–a Chinese biological weapons lab FINANCED in part by our own government.

    Two weeks ago I wrote about flimflam Fauci in my own blog, Buddy’s Soap Box, saying:

    “You just can’t make this up! We’ve all seen science fiction movies with this common plot: A deadly plague is let loose in the land, more often than not producing zombies, and a gaggle of heroes who risk all to find cause and cure. At least one is a techie, usually a comely young woman in a tight t-shirt or an affable young black man. He or she, with some help from a Tom Cruise-type, break into a government or corporate computer and reprogram it with a few strokes and the day is saved. And what they discovered along the way was that our very own government or a mega corporation caused the plague and then covered it up, even to the point of trying to kill our heroes.

    “That plot sound familiar in real life? Well, folks, it looks like it really happened, with the government bad guy in real life being Anthony Fauci. Had Fauci been in the movie, he’d have been devoured by the hungry zombies he helped create. But this is real life, where the woke media make heroes of villains, in this case a man who funded incredibly dangerous zombie virus research via a communist government that killed its own doctors when they tried to warn of the coming pandemic.”

  5. Richard Anderson says:

    Thank you for your excellent five star column Mr. Gleiser, bringing us the truth.

    You make very good points and pose questions that ALL of America should be asking about Anthony Fauci.

    Specifically, just who is he really, who is he really working for, and what is his real agenda. From what we are learning, it’s not in the interest of the American people, but rather giving special considerations and accommodations to the enemy of The United States… the CCP i.e the Chinese Communist Party government in China and sadly some of our own officials in Washington, D.C.! Incredible to say the least.

  6. Ron Eagleman says:

    One of your very best essays, Paul, which so eloquently exposes this bureaucrat who has had such an enormous negative impact on the health and livelihood of Americans. His previous performances with other infectious diseases, and the associated liability, would have disqualified him for employment with any private enterprise. As is the case with so many of the bureaucrats, job security is never an issue and incompetence is rewarded. There is an old saying: ” those who cannot do, teach, and those who cannot do or teach get a government job”. Due to the political persuasions of Dr. Fauci, it is impossible to quantify how many people died, due to not receiving life-saving therapeutics in the early stages of this infection. If “Truth slithers out” completely, we may find that this was an integral part of the full court press to remove the clear and present danger to China and it’s tentacles within our country. There is no way they would allow President Trump anything positive to report during the campaign. Even though he is now being vindicated….mission accomplished!

  7. Stan says:

    After doing some research on those speaking scare tactics the loudest (i.e. Fauci, Birx, etc.), I questioned the validity of THEIR “science” from the get go. Turns out Fauci never was a “practicing” doctor since he did his internship. He was hired by the government early on in his career. I knew from experience the masks being recommended (N-95) was inadequate due to its inability to filter smaller particles. It was actually developed to protect against asbestos and other harmful larger particles workers in the construction industry were exposed to. Most of those particles can be seen “floating” in the air in certain environments. Wearing that mask for virus protection is like putting up a hurricane fence to keep mosquitos out of your yard. I refused to use the mask and haven’t worn one since the scamdemic started, and don’t intend to. Trump was correct from the start in that based on what the media and so called “experts” were saying, there was no reason to increase the fear level of Americans to the point it ultimately reached. I believe he saw exactly what was happening in that the government officials and lame stream media learned exactly what they wanted to know and that was just how easily they would fall into compliance to total control of the people by an over reaching government via the generation of false fear and lies.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Stan, the hurricane fence preventing the entrance of mosquitos is a great analogy! It makes it so much easier to understand than the porosity of the mask is larger than the virus. Yes, the mask theater was a dress rehearsal to measure the compliance quotient of the American people. I bet that the acceptance of all of the “mitigation” mandates was much greater than they even dreamed. Who knows, the gun grabbers may try some kind of mandated suspension of the 2nd Amendment. Of course, for the greater good, especially with all the recent increase in homicides.

      • John G. says:

        I’m confused about your statement. The N95 mask is 95% effective at blocking particles down to 0.1 microns in size. The Covid-19 virus is 0.12 microns. Do you have some data that I’m not privvy to?

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          It definitely is confusing, John, but from the data I have seen, the manufacturers of the N-95 masks label them to be effective filtering 95% of the particles down to 0.3 microns. But even if the virus is smaller than the openings, they do not freely move through. Most virologists measure the Covid-19 virus to be around 0.1 to 0.12 microns, but they are usually attached to other substances, which would make them larger and more likely to be filtered. The “porosity” term I used is an oversimplification, and did not consider other factors that make some of the particles more like birds instead of mosquitos (in keeping with Stan’s analogy). The bigger point, which I did not make, is that the “face coverings” which we see in 99.9% of the people, are mostly virtue signaling. I do not remember seeing anyone correctly using an N-95 mask, which as you accurately stated, would give some protection. There is no 100% effective mask without cutting off the air supply, which might be a little counterproductive.

          • C M Solomon says:

            Ron, as you say, the mask subject is confusing because it and anything COVID-19 the Left has seized upon has turned POLITICAL to advance their demand for ultimate CONTROL over us serfs. Remember their motto? “Don’t let any crisis (manufactured or otherwise) go to waste”. The masks being discussed are “surgical” (blue) masks that are readily available everywhere. The N-95 masks are for health care and construction workers. If they have an exhale ventilator port they are worthless for COVID-19 protection and are harder to breathe with.

            The following presentation by Dr, Scott Atlas for Hillsdale College is superb and is based on REAL science and evidence, so far. His entire family and property was under serious threat (doxxed) by the Left and the bureaucratic dogs in the ASS to the point that it was costing him a fortune for security as a key advisor to President Trump with the result that he ultimately resigned his position. I would recommend watching the entire presentation before it is censored. The mask introduction discussion starts at the 28 minute point. His presentation should answer your questions in spite of the propaganda to the contrary of getting the TRUTH out!

            The “one size fits all” stupidity of the bureaucrats (that are not authorized to practice medicine by the Constitution) should be shut down and ignored by the American people and get them off of the backs of our personal care physicians that are directly responsible to their patients with actual real-time experience.

            Dr. Scott Atlas: video for Hillsdale College

            Daily Mail: extra article on evidence issue

          • John G. says:

            The OP specifically said N-95 masks. Stop moving the goalposts.

          • C M Solomon says:

            Fact: The N-95 rated mask removes 95% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter.

            Ron, as you say, the virus contaminated moisture droplets (larger than 0.3 microns) can be caught by an infected mask wearer breathing OUT due to their size, if using a N-95 mask (not commonly used except by medical professionals). A surgical mask is not tight fitting or can filter at this level of a 95% rating. The infected droplets that escape any mask, either surgical or N-95, dry out in the air within minutes with the result that the remaining size of the virus is 0.1 to 0.12 microns as you state. Therefore the air suspended corona virus particles can’t be filtered very well, if at all, if breathing IN through these masks unless there is some special built-in “activated” material that can capture these tiny particles, certainly NOT with the common surgical mask.

            The moral of the story is a sick person with respiratory illness should stay home and away from the public, lest he spread the virus in the air that can’t be adequately filtered by any surgical or N-95 mask that is commonly used by the public. I believe that is why quarantining and treating the sick is the best solution, NOT requiring everyone to mask-up with the false hope that they can be protected from others that may be sick. We have NEVER stopped the flu by way of a mask wearing protocol in this nation, nor should we. We can SLOW the spread but we CAN NOT STOP the corona virus except through 1), “herd immunity” or 2), SAFE vaccines (non-experimental, with complete clinical trials) that can ACTIVATE normal human immunity or 3), with proven THERAPEUTICS that STOPS the virus in the infected cells before it reaches and creates the lung damage, which in most cases, is irreversible. Is this not what the history of the medical profession for successful treatment of respiratory illnesses has already established?

          • John G. says:

            Fortunately we don’t need to rely on our opinions. From OSHA:

            Yes, an N95 respirator is effective in protecting workers from the virus that causes COVID-19. “N95” refers to a class of respirator filter that removes at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles from the air. Some people have mistakenly claimed that since the virus that causes COVID-19 is approximately 0.1 microns in size, wearing an N95 respirator will not protect against such a small virus. That mistaken claim appears to result from a misunderstanding of how respirators work.

            When an infected person expels the virus into the air by activities like talking, coughing, or sneezing, the airborne particles are composed of more than just the virus. The virus is part of larger particles that are made up of water and other materials such as mucus. These larger particles are easily trapped and filtered out by N95 respirators because they are too big to pass through the filter. This is called mechanical filtration. But mechanical filtration is just one of the ways that respirator filters keep particles from passing through the filter. An electrostatic charge also attracts particles to fibers in the filter, where the particles become stuck. In addition, the smallest particles constantly move around (called “Brownian motion”), and are very likely to hit a filter fiber and stick to it.

            The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) tests respirators using particles that simulate a 0.3 micron diameter because this size particle is most likely to pass through the filter. If worn correctly, the N95 respirator will filter out at least 95% of particles this size. An N95 respirator is more effective at filtering particles that are smaller or larger than 0.3 microns in size.

            The N95 respirator filter, as is true for other NIOSH-approved respirators, is very effective at protecting people from the virus causing COVID-19. However, it is important for employers and workers to remember that the respirator only provides the expected protection when used correctly. Respirators, when required, must be used as part of a comprehensive, written respiratory protection program that meets the requirements of OSHA’s Respiratory Protection standard. The program should include medical evaluations, training, and fit testing.

          • C M Solomon says:

            I hate to repeat myself, but I would rather follow the EVIDENCE of actual MEDICAL TRIALS to test the effectiveness of masks in ACTUAL PRACTICE rather than an opinion from OSHA, which is just another government bureaucracy. Please reconsider the links below, which I have already referenced as TRUE EVIDENCE on the effectiveness of masks given the absence of trials to the contrary. The mask issue was NEVER vetted properly, given this new CCP originated virus that primarily targets the advanced elderly with core morbidity issues for which proven therapeutics were very effective in halting the disease, with an accompanying major reduction in death rates if used in time. This is assuming that the COVID-19 diagnosis was not faked as the primary cause of death. This whole “pandemic” was an unnecessary exercise in government OVERREACH of monumental proportions for political reasons as everyone will soon realize as the “truth slithers out”!

            Are we going to require a government mandate for everyone to tightly wear a one time daily use N-95 mask in all future virus outbreaks before a vaccine is properly tested through required clinical trials (multiple years) and before everyone is fully vaccinated? What about the loss of Liberty with government lock-downs, again, with the devastation that they brought? Give me a break! What is the point of bringing up the N-95 mask debate, anyway? Let’s follow the science, not half-baked, government mandates from bureaucracies that aren’t qualified to practice medicine and LOVE building their respective empires and destroying a Presidency that they hate!

            Dr. Scott Atlas: video for Hillsdale College

            Daily Mail: extra article on evidence issue

        • Michael Reagan says:

          Do you wear glasses? Anyone who must wear glasses in many instances in East Texas (as in NOW ) cannot properly wear a mask and use their glasses. Bill Murray would have said in the movie “Stripes”……”Fogged up Sir!” The fogging is so extreme with high humidity a person cannot see. So wearing a mask or seeing to drive, write, pay a bill, or walk down the street or through a store? What is the answer? Masks SUCK! Plus cannot hear what a person is saying. I am done with masks; forever.

          • Ron Eagleman says:

            O.K. John, I was trying to give you a soft landing, but since you do not want to accept it. Yes, the OP referred specifically to N-95 masks, which by the manufacturers’ disclosures are 95% effective down to 0.3 Microns, which you claimed to be 0.1 Microns. By your own statement, the virus is 0.12 Microns. Do the math! Sounds a lot more like the mosquito and hurricane fence analogy that Stan described, and no movement of the goalposts. However, as I described, but you may not have read, there are other factors that strengthen your argument. Maybe you have N-95 mask manufacturers that will warranty protection down to 0.1 Microns, if so, please accept my apologies.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          One last time, John, your claim that “the N-95 is effective at blocking particles down to 0.1 microns in size’ is incorrect according to most manufacturers. I assume you were making the point that the Covid-19 virus is 0.12 microns, which is larger and is blocked by the 0.1 micron N-95 mask? The basis of your argument (the 0.1 micron number), was wrong. By the way 0.3 microns is approximately 300% larger than the diameter of the virus, but I conceded that there are other factors which would make the N-95 more effective. Evidently, you are now aware of those factors. Congratulations, but let’s try to stay on Paul’s commentary, which is that the truth is slithering out, and how can we trust the science when we cannot trust the scientists? The masks that the scientists have been mandating for the general population are not the N-95 type, but “face coverings”. Can we at least agree that these are of little or no value?

    • Matthew E says:

      False fears and lies ! Amen to that !! It’s been a free for all since 9/11. And cash registers keep ringing. Pandoras box was opened after 9/11 . As always ” Fear” is money, and to a degree control. The boogeyman changes occasionally, goes back and forth, terrorism, gun control, Socialism etc. And Wallstreet and politicians are laughing all the way to the bank. Yet for some reason folks still want to believe at least some of them,when it’s all said and done one side over the other has their best interests at heart. They say hope is more addictive than heroin . But it seems to me it’s not hope , they are convinced apparently, and so it goes. It’s was said not so long ago ” you won’t have a country left” if things go a certain way,well I hope some people aren’t to disappointed when they find it doesn’t happen ,like so many things ,just never seem to happen and are conveniently forgotten.

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