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I have four things to say about COVID and vaccinations. First, I am fully vaccinated. So is my wife. So are my two adult daughters. Each of us made our own decisions. There was no family meeting on the subject.

That leads to the second thing. At this point in the COVID story arc, what you choose to do about COVID is your business. As it pertains to COVID, we have reached the place where free citizens can manage their lives according to their own risk tolerance. I can’t and won’t tell you what to do about getting vaccinated. It’s your call. I have no right to tell you what to do about your body and your health. Neither does His Serene Highness Lord Tony Fauci (Exalted and Most Excellent Health Potentate for Life, Peace be Upon Him), President Biden, Governor Abbott, your county judge, your mayor, your city councilman, your pastor, your barber or your bookie.

It’s your business.

That leads to the third thing. From where I sit the evidence (as gleaned from the media, which now that I think about it may open up a fifth thing), suggests that the benefits to getting vaccinated outweigh the risks. From what we hear from government as reported by our elite media betters, the vast majority of those who are coming up positive or getting sick from the much-ballyhooed Delta variant are unvaccinated.

Let’s assume that’s true. It means that because we now have three vaccines that are readily available, there is now a viable way to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID while going about one’s normal, ordinary, daily life. This necessarily recognizes – in a way that is becoming increasingly uncommon – that there is risk attendant to very nearly every course of action that any of us takes.

The “mad pursuit of zero [risk],” as former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels characterized the government’s response to the pandemic – which would have us sheltering in place until all risk of COVID is utterly eradicated – has done incalculable harm to small businesses, families, school children and, most worrisome, the concept of individual liberty

That leads to the fourth thing. If the desire is for us to assume the risk of vaccination over the risk of contracting COVID, it would be good for our leaders and “experts” – including the unelected and increasingly discredited Lord Fauci – to act as if vaccination actually works. Saying out of one side of one’s mouth that vaccination is the key to COVID protection while saying out the other that even if you’re vaccinated, you’re not really protected, is a sure way to keep those on the fence from getting vaccinated.

And yes, I do have a fifth thing. Some honesty from government and the media (but I repeat myself) regarding COVID would have well served the republic. So much of the policy and reporting has been politically driven that we now literally don’t know what or who to believe.

Some things – say for example, life and death, making a living and preserving liberty – should transcend party politics and the leftist sensibilities of our media grandees.

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