Things to think about re: COVID.

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I have four things to say about COVID and vaccinations. First, I am fully vaccinated. So is my wife. So are my two adult daughters. Each of us made our own decisions. There was no family meeting on the subject.

That leads to the second thing. At this point in the COVID story arc, what you choose to do about COVID is your business. As it pertains to COVID, we have reached the place where free citizens can manage their lives according to their own risk tolerance. I can’t and won’t tell you what to do about getting vaccinated. It’s your call. I have no right to tell you what to do about your body and your health. Neither does His Serene Highness Lord Tony Fauci (Exalted and Most Excellent Health Potentate for Life, Peace be Upon Him), President Biden, Governor Abbott, your county judge, your mayor, your city councilman, your pastor, your barber or your bookie.

It’s your business.

That leads to the third thing. From where I sit the evidence (as gleaned from the media, which now that I think about it may open up a fifth thing), suggests that the benefits to getting vaccinated outweigh the risks. From what we hear from government as reported by our elite media betters, the vast majority of those who are coming up positive or getting sick from the much-ballyhooed Delta variant are unvaccinated.

Let’s assume that’s true. It means that because we now have three vaccines that are readily available, there is now a viable way to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID while going about one’s normal, ordinary, daily life. This necessarily recognizes – in a way that is becoming increasingly uncommon – that there is risk attendant to very nearly every course of action that any of us takes.

The “mad pursuit of zero [risk],” as former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels characterized the government’s response to the pandemic – which would have us sheltering in place until all risk of COVID is utterly eradicated – has done incalculable harm to small businesses, families, school children and, most worrisome, the concept of individual liberty

That leads to the fourth thing. If the desire is for us to assume the risk of vaccination over the risk of contracting COVID, it would be good for our leaders and “experts” – including the unelected and increasingly discredited Lord Fauci – to act as if vaccination actually works. Saying out of one side of one’s mouth that vaccination is the key to COVID protection while saying out the other that even if you’re vaccinated, you’re not really protected, is a sure way to keep those on the fence from getting vaccinated.

And yes, I do have a fifth thing. Some honesty from government and the media (but I repeat myself) regarding COVID would have well served the republic. So much of the policy and reporting has been politically driven that we now literally don’t know what or who to believe.

Some things – say for example, life and death, making a living and preserving liberty – should transcend party politics and the leftist sensibilities of our media grandees.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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26 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    The saying is that ‘there are 2 sides to every story – what he says and what she says’. There are in fact 3. There are the aforesaid 2 sides and the 3d is the‘truth’.

  2. Liz Quinn says:

    I refuse to take the shot. I have studied the subject since the beginning from every angle. We aren’t allowed to give our opinion, if negative, about it. The great resources that have been fully examining the subject are censored. This is the most evil thing that has happened to the world, and most people don’t see it. It’s astounding that most are so blinded by extreme fear or apathy due to laziness (just get it so you can board the plane). How is it that no one is curious about something being injected into their bodies? And these injections will continue. Now that they’ve gotten away with the trick once, the precedent is set. Look at what Netanyahou did to his people. The damage that the shot has done to them won’t be allowed to be known. And Israel can’t afford for their enemies to know the damage that’s been done.
    I’m even more worried about this issue than I am about what China is about to do to us next. And I’m very worried about that.
    Our politicians aren’t really addressing the issue. Rand is the only one, and he has advised people to get the shot, even though he, himself, has not. He claims that he has had covid, and therefore has immunity. He shouldn’t have to give an excuse. No one should have to. We see where this is going. No rights unless you get the shot, and then, no rights. I wouldn’t doubt it if the government shows up at the door, and either enters by force, or causes us to lose our house, etc., for refusing to have the shot.
    Liz Quinn
    Whitehouse, TX

  3. Ron Eagleman says:

    Now wait a minute, Paul, you have gone too far this time! One’s bookie absolutely has the right to be concerned and advise clients about health issues! It is very risky to try to collect when a person is on a ventilator, and impossible if in the morgue! Seriously, how could the Biden administration expect the public to have confidence in a vaccine that they trashed constantly when the Trump administration was developing it in “warp speed”? Now they want to tell everyone that they were “just kidding”? When you couple that political misinformation with the mixed recommendations by “Lord Fauci” and the CDC for those vaccinated to wear a mask, it is surprising that compliance is as good as it is.

  4. Matthew E says:

    Is the general health of a nation a ” national security issue” ? I’m thinking it is,could it be possible that the reasoning behind some of the push for vaccinations and other things for that matter is for national security concerns.Folks are so concerned about what other countries may do to us,how we need to protect ourselves in every possible way. With the obesity epidemic,diabeties, to name two big ones. Is it possible it’s not some twisted conspiracy? With all the health issues plaguing so many,our youth is so often in terrible condition our military has a hard time with recruits . Yea, I think unfortunately a lot of Americans don’t know what’s best for them ,and could sure drag the rest of us down with them. Problem with many things in an advanced society is you’re ignorance, IQ, and delusions from far fetched ideas can harm others,I think that’s why we have laws. A strong nation requires a healthy population.

  5. Jdo says:

    Watch videos by Dr. Peter McCollough before you make that decision.

  6. Michael Reagan says:

    Interestingly enough, how does this compare with the 1960’s when, as elementary school kids (me one of them) were lined up outside the cafeteria and one by one herded in for our polio and tuberculosis vaccinations. Two crippling, potentially fatal diseases that the Government mandated to eradicate. And they basically did until the influx of millions of illegals brought TB back; as well as some other nasty ones. So why, instead of the Government at all levels shutting down our nation, just line us all up and vaccinate us all? Everything opens up and their control goes away. Control, goes away. Speculating out loud here. But, us late stage Baby Boomers and our parents were not given a choice on those vaccinations. What is the difference?

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Not much difference, if any. Two possibilities could be that both of the vaccines to which you refer, were not still in “emergency use authorization” FDA status, and the mixed signals that the public has received regarding safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccine. As the government admits, they will use indirect mandates. You are not required to get the vaccine, but you may lose your job, be barred from commercial travel, disallowed an education, etc., etc., which is essentially the same as lining us up by the cafeteria. Kinda like not confiscating guns, but outlawing ammo, or disallowing medical benefits if you have a firearm in your residence, as it would be a health risk You are right Michael, what is the difference?

    • E Winkley says:

      The Main difference between the two is the research/testing (short and long term) and requirements that were in place when the polio and TB vaccinations were given!
      And were still requirements for all drugs submitted for approval, up until approximately 20 years back.
      Think also about the ‘booster’ shots that followed for some of our past vaccinations…..were they immediately required?? No!!
      The humans who have Chosen to take these substances AND assume ALL risks and Cost themselves put way too much faith in unreliable (at best) people!!

  7. Pete says:

    Fauci’s last mission was to cure A.I.Ds— how has that gone ?

  8. Matthew E says:

    One difference for sure people weren’t consumed by all sorts of conspiracy theories and obviously brainwashed by on-line ” wackos ” with goofy ideas. And also the airwaves weren’t full of ” Propagandist talk shows” where they’ll literally say anything for a dollar,and people take it hook line and sinker. I guess it’s all a big distraction from their boring mundane lives , and unfortunately it’s here to stay, way to much money to be made from ratings and let’s not forget donations; just ask ” We build the wall ” guy and Steve. I’d like to think ” Integrity ” was still alive then as well,and public displays of A#*kissing weren’t acceptable either.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Thanks Evans, Good thing we have you to sort it out for us!

      • Matthew E says:

        You’re welcome,glad to help do my share to sort through the madness , gas lighting, deflection and so on. And the idolizing of men.

  9. Darrell Durham says:

    I remember getting the MMR vaccine and the others that were required. However, there are differences. Evidence is starting to point out that COVID-19 was developed in a lab. There have been MANY opinions about the disease, often from the same sources. Our trust in government was better then than now, as was the trust in the medicines being given. The effectiveness was accepted. Now we don’t know what to believe. I don’t feel I can trust the word of the leaders of government. They have been caught lying too many times. This is not the first time elected officials have gone astray and gotten greedy and power hungry. The country has been through trying times before, and has always come together to get past them. We must do so now.

  10. Richard Anderson says:

    As the greatest of all time talk radio news anchor said* (*i.e. Rush Limbaugh) when a caller called his show, about the corona virus vaccine?, like flu vaccinations? said the caller, Rush was quick to point out that while yes indeed while we have “flu shots” they cannot be called a de facto “flu vaccine.”

    The reason.. because they don’t comprehensively stop the flu, but rather may prevent some cases of the flu. That is a BIG difference! A shot vs. a bon fide PROVEN vaccine [a preventative cure] like we had Dr. Jonas Salk and his Polio vaccination in which polio was completely ENDED. Such cannot be said of the covid vaccination “so-called” as it’s effectiveness based on real time events is marginal at best.

    President Trump is to be commended for his all out Herculean effort, but he did not make the covid remedy shot / vaccine, as that assignment was carried out by medical people, one of whom has been proven to have habitually lied to President Trump, Senator Rand Paul, and the American people. The point here is, that Americans don’t really know what to believe as this whole event has been politicized by democrats who are all about CONTROL and POWER at any cost. We have seen this familiar theme of CONTROL and POWER in our past 2020 presidential election where the incumbent President of The United States was “cheated” out of his legitimate win. Forensic audits are ongoing now as a number of states are determined to correct this FRAUD.

    But to covid or “whatever it really is in fact,” I humbly say, our nation must “move on” and leave behind this irrational fear and mask wearing that has caused far too many to curl up into a fetal ball.

    Take care of yourself, take a Multi-Vitamin daily, plus extra Zinc, and plus extra Vitamin D to combat the corona virus and LIVE LIFE WITH FAITH IN GOD, and LIVE LIFE WITH GUSTO.

    Though F.D.R. was not my favorite President, he said one thing that was so true and cannot be said loudly enough.. “THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF.”

    • Matthew+E says:

      Exactly, ” Fear itself ” , now if everyone believes that there would be FAR less manipulation ( control ) by all the fear mongers,Propagandist, taking heads etc. No more boogeyman hiding under the bed.

  11. Tammy Blair says:

    I appreciate your opinion immensely. That said, I haven’t chosen to take the “jab” for multiple reasons.

    1) It’s not a vaccine by their own definition. It’s experimental genetic therapy where full disclosure of the ingredients are not disclosed. The Nurmeburg Code and federal law prohibit forcing experimental drugs on citizens. If at some point in the future it becomes “approved” by the political FDA, then it will be something to look at. Until then, no thanks.

    2) Immunity from prosecution given to the manufacturers. If the shot is so safe, then what’s that about?

    3) My own medical situation where the shot is contraindicated for me. Bad reactions to flu shots and an autoimmune disorder cause me to question the safety for my situation.

    4) I don’t understand why a shot is needed when the survival rate is so high. My age group has a survival rate of 99.98%. The risk of the shot doesn’t seem worth it.

    5) Contradictory information regarding the shot is censored by the government and media. Why? And don’t tell me it’s for our health. Thousands of illegal aliens are transported to our interior with NO shots. That doesn’t make sense.

    At the end of the day, my own health care provider has the same questions and has refused the shot. I need some things to make sense here, and too many things just don’t. Considering the Tuskegee Trials the and forced sterilization of roughly 600,000 citizens deemed “undesirable”, all done by the government, lead me to question any time the government politicizes medicine.

    Like you mentioned, it is my choice. It should remain so.

  12. C M Solomon says:

    I have been following this subject for 16 months and learning from many videos and articles and anywhere else that I can glean information from PRACTICING EXPERTS IN THE FIELD. I simply don’t accept the big media, government, big tech, big pharma, POLITICALLY CHARGED opinions that are NOT based on decades of TRUE EVIDENCE of similar viruses and vaccines (or therapeutics that I have previously discussed) that were successful in providing TRUE TARGETED IMMUNITY that was spread throughout the Nation resulting as HERD IMMUNITY, the BEST goal for all concerned. The current vaccines are not true vaccines but are EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifiers that CANNOT give your body the ability to develop natural immunity that is traditionally a lasting value.

    Beware of political (not true medical) pressure to accept so called “emergency use experimental vaccines” that can only be introduced when therapeutics are falsely banned in spite of being proven to be effective in early treatment of the disease. Are experimental vaccines safe and worth taking the risk with you own body when full safety trials have not occurred? The fast-track Swine Flu vaccine in 1976 was halted when less than 100 victims died as a result of the injection after only 40 million Americans were inoculated and it was NOT classified as EXPERIMENTAL. Did you know that you release from ALL LIABILITY the manufactures of the current EXPERIMENTAL COVID-19 vaccines if you die or are disabled as a result thereof by accepting the inoculation?

    How do you explain the censorship of ANY EXPERT opinion that doesn’t accept the dogma being forced down our throats, the results of which is fundamentally restricting our BASIC LIBERTIES, all in the name of medically excused tyranny? How do you explain the outrageous open border strategy to plague the entire nation with criminals and diseased and untested illegal aliens that are placed in secret to every corner of the country or tolerating BLM and ANTIFA (peaceful?) death and destruction riots while shutting down churches? There is obviously a wicked scheme at play by the Commiecrats and the CCP compromised bureaucrats and globalists to drastically change this Nation into a third-world, oligarchy controlled, Marxist dominated dystopian society that occurs in Nations that have been conquered by these despots through their FEAR and demographic modification tactics. No CCP manufactured virus or one that occurs naturally should EVER rob us of our basic Liberties as a functioning Constitutional Republic, particularly when censorship is rampant as it is now!

    If you want to listen to a REAL EXPERT (Dr. Robert W. Malone) that is actively being CANCELLED (defamed as a quack) and being declared to be among the most dangerous purveyors of DISINFORMATION in the country by the self appointed judges of the TRUTH, who are in reality despots who are threatened by anything that exposes the BIG LIE of their tyrannical message, then I would suggest viewing the following 10 minute video at the link below. This is a clip from Bannons War Room Episode 1129, July 28, 2021 on Rumble.

    Also recommended is the following video: “Dr. Robert Malone: mRNA Vaccine Inventor Speaks Out Against Big Tech Censorship”, Jul 8, 2021, 19:45 minutes.

  13. C M Solomon says:

    Just a reminder: The Marxist Commiecrat Left whose religion is Communism, always practices the art of blaming Constitutional Conservative Patriots for EXACTLY the evil deeds that they are guilty of (in astronomical proportions) in order to deflect attention onto their sworn enemy. The Left actually believes that by pointing out FAKE evils of the Patriots that they themselves are considered righteous “moral mountains of virtue” because they have the courage and “good judgment” to condemn their enemies with dripping sincerity. Only the sock puppets of the Left are stupid enough to believe this BIG LIE that repeats itself ad nauseam.

  14. C M Solomon says:

    The irrational response of the Marxist sock puppets to the TRUTH is always a sign that one is over the TARGET.

  15. C M Solomon says:

    Dr. Robert W. Malone participates in another interview and weighs in on the risks of the COVID-19 virus and how AUTHORITARIAN RULE is burying the TRUTH. This is Episode 1137 (48 minutes): “Deep Dive into COVID” Published July 31, 2021. If you can skip past the embedded commercials, you should find this discussion to be one of the most profound explanations of the SCIENCE of human immunology and virus mutations and variants from the acclaimed mRNA Vaccine Inventor himself.

    You will find that there is still a lot to learn about the body’s reaction these genetic DNA modifiers that are NOT traditional vaccines that can’t build normal immunity as in the past. He also explains the value of limited use of the “vaccines” to the elderly with comorbidity issues while using a large selection of therapeutics that have been proven successful in eliminating hospitalization and the risk of death for most of the population that could otherwise lead normal lives. His ability to debunk the ignorant and immature (false?) edicts from the bureaucratic self-proclaimed experts was outstanding. The video is at the following link.

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