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The truth about the pandemic begins to emerge.

What we can now see with the perfect clarity of hindsight is that the advent of COVID opened the door for a microscopically small cohort of “experts” to arrogate to themselves nearly unlimited authority over the lives of ordinary working Americans.

Mad pursuit.

The ‘mad pursuit of zero’ precludes policy makers and politicians from ever asking, “Will the benefits of doing this outweigh the costs?”

Are you asking me or telling me?

Today’s Democrats don’t think they have to sell you. They believe that their elite university degrees and insider status confer upon them the right to tell you.

Things to think about re: COVID.

If the desire is for us to assume the risk of vaccination over the risk of contracting COVID, it would be good for our leaders and “experts” – including the unelected and increasingly discredited Lord Fauci – to act as if vaccination actually works.

Coronavirus plus 365.

I fear that 2020 marked a point of inflection for American citizens with respect to their fundamental beliefs about the tradeoffs between safety and liberty.