Is this the new normal?

Paul GleiserIs this the new normal?

Do you remember when the pandemic was new? Do you remember when all of a sudden we couldn’t go out to a nice place for dinner or go to the movies or go to a concert? Do you remember wrapping your head around the idea that if your Nana died, you wouldn’t be allowed to hold a funeral for her?

Here’s what I remember. We kept talking about how long it was going to take for things to get back to normal. Today, by most outward appearances, things have gotten back to normal. Restaurants and movie theaters are open. Kids attend school in person and few of us are still wearing masks.

But appearances can deceive. Things can appear to be a certain way and yet be unable to withstand closer scrutiny.

So, here’s a sobering question. Are things normal? Or is failure our new normal? Beneath a thin veneer of what looks like pre-COVID America does there lie an America that can no longer get anything right?

Consider these facts.

Once thought to be a relic of the 1970s, inflation is now back with a vengeance. So, too, are high gasoline prices. As recently as this time two years ago, if you shopped a bit, you could fill up for less than $2.00 a gallon. That was because of the abundance of petroleum we were producing in America at the time. For the first time in many decades, America was a net energy exporter.

Today, the American oil & gas industry stands hobbled by Biden administration policy even as gasoline is said by experts to be headed for $6.00 a gallon by Labor Day. As Americans struggle to afford gas to drive to work, President Joe Biden – the man whose lefty-greenie energy policy caused the problem – actually said out loud on Wednesday that he has no idea what to do about it.

Parents of newborns can’t get infant formula. The reason: the Food & Drug Administration took 40 percent of the country’s formula production offline with nary a thought as to how the inevitable shortages would be addressed.

Crime is up by double, and in some cases, triple digits in cities all across the country. That’s because of leftist legislatures, mayors and district attorneys who refuse to appropriately punish and incarcerate the sociopaths who commit crimes.

Thousands upon thousands of poor, uneducated migrants are illegally entering the country every month via our essentially open southern border. Along with those who are simply seeking a better life come criminals, sex offenders, drug dealers, nascent terrorists and a river of a deadly drug called Fentanyl.

These problems, along with many others, do not spring from a natural catastrophe or some other act of nature. All of them are policy failures. The good news is that policies can be changed. The bad news is that this administration is unlikely to do so.

Meanwhile, we’re becoming used to incompetence and failure. It’s becoming our new, post-COVID normal. And that’s something that frightens me greatly.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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11 Responses

  1. Pete A Fasanello says:

    I wonder how lies, “The Big Guy ” will tell tonight

  2. Greg R says:

    I don’t believe it’s a failure at all Paul. I believe it is going exactly as planned. Conservatives are playing checkers while far left democrats are playing chess. They’re always two or three steps ahead. All you have to do is look at how many fires they have going, CRT, underage sex Ed, grooming, the border just to name a few. I mean it’s like we don’t even have a fire truck to put out all these fires. We’re trying to stomp them out with our feet while they start more fires. Everything is planned, all of it just so they can exert more power and control. Just follow the money.

  3. Ron Eagleman says:

    This “new normal” should frighten every American who values freedom and prosperity! I think that anyone who is paying attention should no longer be confused about the reason for this precipitous decline in every aspect of our society. It is impossible for any reasonable person to conclude that this “new normal” is accidental or the result of incompetence. Sadly, we must confront the reality that this downward spiral is very intentional and very competent. Why would anyone want to intentionally destroy the country that has been such a beacon of hope for her citizens and the world? Follow the money, and study the “Communist Manifesto” and “Rules for Radicals”. Those who are shorting the U.S. Dollar will hit the jackpot, and those who want absolute power without those pesky constitutional limits will be in charge. Well, what about the citizens of the society that was the envy of the world? Well, the citizens will be chasing garbage trucks for food, and the society will no longer be the envy of the world. When the plan is complete, the border walls will be impenetrable, not to stop entry, but to prevent a mass exodus. Anyone remember the Berlin Wall? Sorry to be such a downer, but this “New Normal” commentary is just too explicit for me. Have a nice day!

  4. Mike says:

    To both Greg R and Ron’s point I go back to what I have been shouting to the roof tops…..World Economic Forum. PLEASE look this up. Almost everything happening in the USA today and in the past is a direct result of the WEF and their plan to rule the world. When I read their manifesto in 2019 it laid out the covid pandemic for 2020, it laid out the blitz on destroying the fossil fuel industry, it also clearly laid out their role in the domination of the world governments. Here is a short quote from Wikipedia on a question asked about who runs the world economy; “Many people think that the global economy is controlled by governments of the largest economies in the world, but this a common misconception. Although governments do hold power over countries’ economies, it is the big banks and large corporations that control and essentially fund these governments.”

    Way back in the 1700’s a fourth generation English banking dynasty member named Mayer Amschel de Rothschild ( Rothschilds ARE members of the WEF today) once said something to the effect of I care not who rules by title, it is he who controls the money that makes the rules. Amazing don’t you think?

    Folks this is all by design. We the people can stop this downward spiral but it will take an effort very few of us are willing to stretch our necks out to do. To start go to the World Economic Forum website and take a look and read and listen to their videos. Professor Klaus Schwab (a.k.a Fritz the Nazi as I fondly refer to him) is the CEO and founder of this sinister group of billionaires. Bill Gates, George Soros, Henry Kissenger, Al Gore, and Prince Charles to name a few are all part of this narcissistic evil. The new normal they are diligently working for is enslavement of us worker bees for the good of the environment and their pocket books. How better to bring us to our knees than to make prices so high, limit food sources, destroy the nuclear family unit, push equity instead of equality (huge difference in the meaning of those two words), brainwash our children, and test the limits of organizations like the World Health Organization and the CDC in forcing their policies; not laws of the state or country, on the ordinary citizen via a world wide disease. Think of the information these people gathered and continue to gather on us; and how we reacted to organizations that do not make laws or have enforcement authority. The result is what we have today. Lets not forget the invasion occuring on the southern border; it is an invasion to weaken us and break us economically. Who do you think will pay for all the services, education, and food those millions are going to need to survive? You and I are of course. Wake the hell up people.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Please read and re-read Mike’s post; it contains a lot of valuable information that goes under the radar. The WEF, WHO, and our compliant CDC are gradually turning up the heat on the contented frogs in the pan of water, just assuming that none will jump out until it is too late. As Mike advises, “wake the hell up” and jump!

    • Matthew says:

      Last I heard,skeptical of course, there’s over 11 million unfilled jobs currently. I’m betting these people will be taking many of those jobs since obviously people already here aren’t interested, it all takes a little time.

  5. Linda M says:

    This has been put into play a LONG time back by dumbing down society through television and the movies making what used to be obscene, “normal”. Instead of objecting to what was going on, we just let it ride. It became “normal”, so they went on with their plan by including the CHILDREN in their little plan. Telling children how they were to feel in their bodies. This is not just dumbing down, it is killing society. NO CHILD SHOULD BE SUBJECTED TO WHAT THEY ARE CONCERNING SEX IN KINDERGARTEN. For GOD’S sakes let children be CHILDREN. Quit using “the children”, it is clear that it is the CHILDREN who are going to pay the price later on and this is the way it has been ever since I can remember. When the left really wants an agenda done, they start harping on “the CHILDREN” and how if we don’t do what they say, it is THE CHILDREN who will suffer. NEW NORMAL? NOTHING has been NORMAL, that I can remember, in my whole life. We just became accustom to what is being dished out to us. NOTHING is going to change for the better until we STOP accepting what is dished out to us as “normal” when it isn’t!

  6. Howard Ferguson says:

    Your task should you choose to accept it Mr. ….Gleiser is to rebuild our country while simultaneously getting rid of the dreggs of the sexual revolution . The name is IMF for a reason .

  7. Matthew says:

    The new normal seems to be ” Excessive Fear Mongering “, petroleum industries ” hobbled ” I’m betting they’re liking this rhetoric, cashing in big time ! Stock buy backs ! Tripled profits ! Wooooo ! Let the good times roll, after all their goal is to make as much profit as possible not provide us with so called more affordable energy, capitalism, free-market. If things are tough get a second or third job,that’s what we Americans are known for,that’s what built this country, hard work ; not playing the victim, being scared all the time,or allowing Propagandist to scare you all the time. Inflation we always have bouts of Inflation at times,it to is worse like everything else that’s escalating. Policy cannot control greed, capitalism and free market,it’s not about Patriotism, or what’s best for all,it’s profits. People can dance around it all they want, always blame someone else , or some thing, get caught up in all the outlandish conspiracies ,CRT, GROOMING etc. Apparently they say over 11 million jobs are unfilled currently,unemployment just over 3%, and the future applicants are coming across the border, the free market demands cheap labor,Americans want more,who can blame them, again never was and never will be about those who are born here. Votes and money, and blame the other guy. Conservatism has become the cult of personality, conspiracies and blame everything on someone else with no real plans of their own,just talking points that sound good or looks good on it’s face. That is the new normal.

    • Mike says:

      I have always said it is good to have the alternate view in every conversation. What makes me so curious is are you just a bomb thrower or are you a “true believer” in the Biden Administration’s Climate Agenda, Blow Up America policies? So what is it? OR, are you conducting an experiment like Rhode Island Red did to measure the “where-with-all” of East Texans. Curious minds want to know! So spill it.

      Point number one: Excessive Fear Mongering – So by saying America WAS ENERGY INDEPENDENT AND A NET ZERO IMPORTER OF OIL AND GAS that makes all us out here raising billy hell about paying $4.48 plus per gallon of gasoline “Fear Mongers” because the Biden Administration did this on day one by killing the fossil fuel industry with an executive order? Really Dude! THAT HAPPENED without question. And a “DAH” comment, how about all those 18 wheelers needing that diesel to deliver products to the stores? Producers and Manufacturer’s raising prices because the cost of shipping is twice as high. Basic Economics 101, Come On Man! Smell the coffee burning.

      Point Number 2: Did you not see the New York Post article on driving an electric car across the country? If not look it up. We are putting the cart before the horse on electric vehicles being viable tools for a family that travels; which includes all us who have had jobs that require extensive travel. No Way No How can a person be efficient and effective driving an electric car other than living close to their job and NOT going on vacation in it. Lets REALLY look at the transition from gasoline, diesel cars to electric going cold turkey as the Climate nutjobs want now. Do you own an electric car? Huh!

      Point #3: Getting a second and/or third job? Can you afford the gas to do that? Well can you?
      Never mind if you have small children or are a single family parent. Can you afford to pay child care in this environment?

      Point #4: “…..and the future applicants are coming across the border….” Are you mad, as in crazy? You seriously want millions of illegal aliens (they are NOT migrants; they are invaders, period! ) that are going to get free everything on the Biden Admin’s watch where WE THE PEOPLE pay for it???? I want what you are smoking.

      Point#5: Conservative is a cult with no real plans of their own. Man O Man are you not watching or listening. The Demobrats can do NOTHING but blame Trump for all their Marxist ideology when THEY are the ones who are in bed with the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Saudis, and God knows whoever else hates America. That is as clear as a cloudless winter day in January. Granted, I definitely do not agree with quiet a bit of the Republican Agenda; I am an Independent. But the Democrats have sold their souls to Communism; easily proven. At least the Republicans are mostly conforming to the Constitution. You do know America is a Republic? Democrats do not.

      So Excessive Fear Mongering? That is the Democrats favorite weapon because they have NOTHING of substance to offer other than what we have now; chaos.

  8. Matthew says:

    Mike,Mike, Mike, I too am Independent, Bidens ” Agenda” or ” Green New Deal ” is simply all talk and ideas at this point, that’s why all people ever say is ” Policy ” with out any details . Did a few things initially regarding oil and gas,which has been grossly exaggerated as to its effect. Energy companies are doing what they want, “Free Market ” !! Investors are getting what they want a ton of money ! Republicans rejected Bill to take a closer look into Energy costs,possible price gouging, why ? I wonder,because they want things to keep going as they are, it’s called politics, votes. No ideas of bills to pass or anything to help improve anything ,of any substance, just Trans, homophobic rhetoric, lies on CRT, grooming is the latest, all the boogie men coming after their children, yea I call that fear mongering, gross exaggeration on issues that exist on a minimum at best. Mostly constitutional following, better said would be if and when it’s convenient, I appreciate you saying mostly,many can’t do that unfortunately. All these people coming across our border is obviously to fill jobs,and no doubt they’re likely to vote blue one day. That reminds me,” The Great Replacement Theory ” it’s fear mongering at its finest! So much of the industrialized world is experiencing all or mostly the same issues we here are, I guess the ” Policy ” thing is all going on there as well, imagine that.

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