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The relentless drip.

For a few days on vacation with my family in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the cool air, the absence of a television and a paucity of cell service worked to shield me from the constant drip of bad economic news. But of course, it couldn’t last.

The 50-year Tug-of-War.

The 50-year Tug-of-War.

Since 1960, the country has been in a tug-of-war between those on the right that believe that one can only be truly free when one accepts full responsibility for one’s own life…

Let’s call it the “Red State Rumble.” It’s on.

The Texas gubernatorial election fight is on. It will be over in March. The general election in November is a formality. The fight is between Kay Bailey Hutchison, currently the senior senator from Texas and incumbent Rick Perry. Both are Republicans and the two will duke it out for the Republican nomination in the March primary. Whoever wins that primary will be the governor. (The eventual Democratic nominee is roughly analagous to the Washington Generals....