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Lost this week in the release by the Senate Intelligence Committee of what is simply being called the “torture report” was the grilling that Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber endured in front of the House Congressional Oversight Committee.

Which is probably good for Gruber. But bad for the republic. It would have been better if Gruber could have been the lead story all by himself.

The putting of an elite, uber-educated liberal on the hot seat is informative from time to time. The video is worth watching.

There’ one exchange that exemplifies many. After committee chairman Darrel Issa (R-CA) pointed out that Gruber had failed to disclose, on the form sent to him in advance of the hearing, how much he had been paid for his work on Obamacare, Rep. Jim Jordan of (R-OH) followed up.

Jordan: Give me a dollar amount…the American taxpayers would like to know how much they paid you to deceive them, and got made fun of by the very dollars they paid you to make fun of them. They’d like to know that. So how much were you paid?


Gruber: As I’ve said, the committee can take that up with my counsel.


Jordan: So you’re not going to answer the question. You’re under oath. We’re asking you a simple question…


Gruber: As I’ve said, the committee can take that up with my counsel…


And so on and so forth. He never answered the question. He never stopped smirking.

The smugness, the condescension, the refusal to be even minimally accountable – they are all infuriating. Gruber perfunctorily regrets calling Americans (meaning you and me) stupid. But anyone can tell by watching that Gruber still thinks we’re stupid. He just wishes (momentarily) that he hadn’t said so on tape.

And it is also clear that Gruber isn’t the least bit bothered by the fact that none of the promises of the Affordable Care Act that he helped midwife have come true. Not one.

He is unconcerned that if you liked your plan you couldn’t keep your plan. He is unconcerned that premiums have gone up and deductibles have gone up and that affordable policies have been cancelled.

He is unmoved by or even unaware of the ill effects that Obamacare has had on fulltime employment.

As we have said here many times, elite, inner-circle liberals like Jonathan Gruber can afford their conceits only because they, unlike us, are seldom forced to suffer the resulting ill effects.

Liberals like Gruber have no regard for people like you and me. They don’t believe in free markets. They have no respect for ordinary people who don’t move in elite circles. And they hold that vast swath of continent filled with nearly 300 million people that covers what they consider a yawning void between the east coast and the west coast in dripping, condescending contempt.

From that condescension we get disasters like Obamacare.

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