‘Oh, so what?,’ yawned a friend of mine when the subject of Jonathan Gruber came up.

If you’re unfamiliar, Jonathan Gruber is an economics professor at M.I.T. who, by all evidence, was the go-to guy on the drafting of Obamacare.

Videos have surfaced that feature Gruber going on at length about the deliberate lack of transparency in the drafting of the bill and the upfront understanding that promises such as “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” were entirely false.

He rather giddily credits the stupidity of the American voter as the key to getting the bill passed.

I think my friend gets this one wrong. He shouldn’t yawn. The Gruber story is a big deal. Gruber is a classic example of elite liberal condescension – a highly-degreed academic mocking of people like you and me. It’s the kind of top-down ruling elitism about which the founders were particularly wary.

But give Gruber credit. He at least got out in the open what we’ve really known all along. East coast liberals don’t think much of us. They don’t believe that we can manage our own lives. And they believe that the Constitution is an anachronism.

If you work hard, pay your bills, pay your taxes, raise your kids, go to church and make prudent choices about your life, to Jonathan Gruber and those in his circle (which we know includes Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi), you are an unsophisticated rube.

Thanks to Jonathan Gruber’s unusual candor, you at least now know that.


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