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Now what?

The Dems have thrown everything they could get their hands on at Donald Trump and every last bit of it has bounced off.

Democrats should be ashamed.

On a day in the future when impeachment might actually be necessary, it will be harder to obtain public and bipartisan support, impeachment having been so trivially pursued in this present instance.

A call to greatness.

Trump did, Tuesday night, what presidents are hired to do – call the country to be its best.

Reality Star-in-Chief

In one move, Trump outed the Democrats as the open border advocates that they are while simultaneously giving cover to Congressional Republicans.

For once, Jim Hoffa is right.

I interviewed Teamsters boss Jim Hoffa at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last year. I disagreed with very nearly every word that came out of his mouth. So you know there has been a dramatic shift when I find myself suddenly agreeing with him.