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DeSantis got it right.

Ron DeSantis of Florida came closer to getting COVID policy right than any governor in the country.

Coronavirus plus 365.

I fear that 2020 marked a point of inflection for American citizens with respect to their fundamental beliefs about the tradeoffs between safety and liberty.

No solutions.

Less appreciated than it should be is the fact that government at every level – with no operation of any legislature or really any semblance at all of representative government – assumed micro-level control of our daily lives.

Made in China.

For 30 years, presidents and political leaders of both parties have led us around the fence on the subject of China.

Everything comes at a price.

Appropriate policy occupies some indeterminable spot on a continuum between taking no special action whatsoever on one extreme and completely stopping all industry, commerce and interpersonal transactions on the other.

On China Trump has been right early and often.

We suddenly are aware of the fact that untold numbers of things – things that are absolutely essential to the health of our economy as well as to our very bodies – are manufactured in a totalitarian country that will stick it to us the first time it suits their convenience.