Republicans have become single-issue losers.

Paul GleiserRepublicans have become single-issue losers.

One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln comes from a written message he sent to Congress in 1861.

The occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occasion.”

That statement is every bit as true today as it was 162 years ago.

The country is rapidly going broke. We’re under a staggering pile of debt fueled by staggering budget deficits. We now casually throw the word “trillion” around when we’re talking about federal spending. Trillion used to be reserved for talking about distances in miles between galaxies. Looming financial collapse is a difficulty that’s on the pile.

We now have war in Israel to add to the war in Ukraine upon which we’re spending billions of dollars. The Israel war, because of who Israel and where Israel is, particularly threatens our national interest, not to mention any sense of decency and humanity.

Put Israel on the pile.

We’re vulnerable to China. They’re a threat both economically and militarily. Their navy is bigger than ours. Their army is bigger than ours. They own the social media site Tik-Tok, a cancer eating away at the vital organs of our culture while ruining our kids.

So, add China to the pile.

Also add the southern border. It’s wide open and we’re being invaded by poor people, drug cartels and Lord knows how many incipient terrorists.

The middle class is shrinking. People who have previously been able to live in relative prosperity are now having trouble paying for food, gas and shelter.

Add inflation to the pile.

Rising racism. Rising antisemitism. Add those to the pile.

I could go on.

All of this is killing Joe Biden in the polls. His numbers are catastrophic.

Yet Republicans keep losing elections.

It’s time to face a sobering fact. The last great night for Republicans was election night 2016 when Donald Trump scored a huge upset over Hillary Clinton. But it has been downhill since. The 2018 midterms did not go well. We know that 2020 was a disaster. The much-anticipated red wave in 2022 didn’t happen. And Tuesday night of this week held very little good news for Republicans.

To address that pile of difficulty Republicans have to win elections and yet they’re losing elections over a single issue.


When Republicans open their mouths on abortion, independent and moderate women voters cringe. Without those voters, Republicans can’t win.

The only Republican candidate that seems to be getting it right is Nikki Haley.

We need to stop demonizing this issue. Let’s find consensus. Can’t we all agree that we should ban late-term abortions? Can’t we all agree that we should encourage adoptions? Can’t we all agree that doctors and nurses who don’t agree with abortion shouldn’t have to perform them?

I hate this topic. I cannot imagine aborting a baby so late in a pregnancy that the word abortion becomes a euphemism for infanticide.

But I have been forced to recognize that there is no world in which Republicans will bring about the end of abortion. Republicans must accept that and formulate a position and a message on abortion in keeping with where a majority of voters in the country are.

For the GOP, there is no task more urgent.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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9 Responses

  1. Michael Gauthier says:

    You are correct sir. Abortion is the gift that keeps on giving… to the Democrats. We need a policy that protects children and mothers as much as possible without killing us at the voter booth.

  2. Archie says:

    Paul, you are correct. The far right wing of the Republican Party has damaged the standing of the Party to win in toss up States and win over moderates. Giving the States the power to determine abortion regulations, while constitutional correct, may result in higher abortion rates.

  3. Darrell Durham says:

    It is a horrible time in a country in which a column like this is so very true. The voters respond to issues that concern them the most and abortion is one of them. I have yet to hear a Republican offer a credible solution with a reasonable chance of acceptance. We SHOULD be able to agree with Nikki but it’s doubtful we will. Democrats can’t agree to ANY limits. Abortion, immigration, spending, whatever you want.

  4. Cynthia says:

    I find this outlook appropriate to share. It’s an excerpt from a post on The Conservative Mom website:
    “However, abandoning the fight to protect the unborn is not an option. It is a time for courage, not fear. The Republican Party risks losing its essence if it abandons abortion as an issue. Social conservatives, guided by a higher calling, will not support a party that forsakes the sanctity of life. The prediction is clear: Republicans cannot win elections if they forsake the unborn, risking a complete takeover by the Uni-Party and alienating a significant voter base committed to defending the most vulnerable among us.” The whole story is here.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Cynthia, I stand with you and millions of others. Pro-abortion Republicans will not get my vote. Rather than a bunch of feckless RINOS, it will be conservative Republicans who bring victory in 2024.

  5. Buddy Saunders says:

    The Old Testament worshipers of Ashtoret, Baal, Chemosh, and Dagon, among others, practiced human sacrifice, including the sacrifice of children. Later, the practice continued, with the Aztecs as an example. As recently as the 19th century human sacrifice persisted in Africa until Christian nations suppressed it. We rightly consider all such people benighted.

    But from their perspective they saw themselves doing something essential to the well-being of their tribe or nation. By sacrificing individual adults and even children, they saw themselves serving the greater good. In rendering human sacrifices to their gods, these people of days past, benighted as they were, were seeking things essential to their survival– rain, good weather, bountiful crops, good hunting, protection from and/or victory over their enemies.

    In all of history how many adults and babies were sacrificed by these benighted people? Thousands? As many as 2 million? We will never know the answer, but given the much lower population in centuries past, surely the actual number is well below 2 million.

    But what we know with pellucid certainty is that here in the United States, since Roe versus Wade became law, over 62 million babies have been denied the opportunity to live, simply because they were deemed an inconvenience and nothing more.

    A nation, a people, who do this are beyond benighted. No good will come to such a nation, to such a people so narcissistic.

    Little wonder that our culture is collapsing all around us.

  6. Mike says:

    Let’s face an obvious fact, more men blog here than females. I have read “Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus” and “Men are from Mars/ Women are from Venus in the Bedroom”. I get Men are “Buyers” and Women are “Shoppers”. I go to a store to buy and know almost always were the item I am purchasing is. Women know what they wish to purchase but on the way to picking that item up they are side tracked by “other” items that grab their interest. Most men could care less what is between the item they want to buy and distractions. I completely understand that. BUT, killing a human baby is a whole nother subject.

    We ARE NOT talking about puppies and kittens here. We ARE talking about HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!!!!! Does not matter if “it is” a fetus or not; IT IS NOT A PUPPY, KITTEN, HORSE, COW, FOX, WOLF, BEAR, OR WHAT THE HELL EVER. IT IS A HUMAN.

    Why cannot the totally stupid get that? At least that is my opinion. These Suburban Mom’s who vote consistently Democommie on this subject must be drinking lead poisoned water because I am sure Basic Biology in High School taught them the difference in Human Reproduction and Animal Reproduction? Did they not?????????

    So, PLEASE, Females tell us why you all are so adamant about killing a human fetus or human baby? Because no matter how you parse this, abortion is KILLING A HUMAN, never mind a BABY. That is MURDER! PERIOD. THEY ARE NOT PUPPIES OR KITTENS!

  7. Linda E. Montrose says:

    More people want to be backseat drivers than take the wheel themselves. In the case of the males who post…arm chair quarterbacks. This is exactly why we are in the mess we are in this Country. NO ONE wants to take charge to do what is RIGHT! We can CLEARLY see what is wrong with what is going on in this country yet no one wants to take a stand on issues, instead they want to put their input from the back seat or in their comfy recliner yelling at the TV with their arm chair quarterbacking.
    Another thing, who REALLY votes these people in? It is not hard to reason what these people actually believe by their voting record. If they consistantly vote opposite of what you believe, WHY do you keep voting them back in???
    Thank GOD I was raised by a Grandmother who had loads of common sense! She instilled in me to stand up for what I BELIEVED in and not follow the crowd. STAND UP for what you believe or else you will fall for anything! QUIT trying to navigate from the back seat or that comfy recliner! Get out there and make your beliefs known and quit voting with the crowd!

  8. Bill Paschall says:

    Lets not forget the other BIG problem the GOP has. Ronna McDaniel. She needs to go. Now!

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