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Dangerous ground.

Until such time as the justice system’s asymmetric treatment of Donald Trump as compared to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden is addressed, there is zero chance that prosecutors will have the country behind them in criminally prosecuting a former president.

Without shame.

It is indisputably true that Democrats bearing the last names Clinton, Obama and Biden have enriched themselves both personally and politically while simultaneously enriching and emboldening Vladimir Putin.

Here we go again.

Each time the subject of abolishing the Electoral College comes up, it reminds us anew that vast numbers of American citizens are civically illiterate.

Have you seen this man?

To the extent that attorney general Jeff Sessions has any role at the Justice Department, it’s apparently to keep quiet and fetch coffee for Rod Rosenstein.

Things I wish for.

President Trump’s policies by and large are helping my business and I wish he would be left alone to keep pursuing them. The fewer distractions, the better.

We deserve to know.

Save for matters of national security, when it comes to the operation of our government, and to the behavior of those in elected, appointed and staff positions within that government, we deserve to know.

More creatures from the swamp.

More creatures from the swamp.

That Rod Rosenstein put Robert Mueller in charge of investigating Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia would be laughable were it not so deadly serious.

le affaire Weinstein: More liberal hypocrisy.

Pretty much the entire galaxy of female stars in Hollywood have long characterized Republicans as brutish, war-on-women-committing misogynist pigs while long tolerating and even worshiping a liberal mega-misogynist pig right in their own midst.