Without shame.

Paul GleiserWithout shame.

Thursday marked the one-month anniversary of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. News coverage of the invasion has brought many in the United States to an appreciation of the fact that Russian president Vladimir Putin is a murderous and thoroughly corrupt thug.

But thanks in large measure to an often supine and always leftist media, a majority of people in the United States underappreciate the corruption of our own politicians – most particularly our elite Democrat politicians.

Though not well covered it remains indisputably true that Democrats bearing the last names Clinton, Obama and Biden have enriched themselves both personally and politically while simultaneously enriching and emboldening Vladimir Putin.

Let’s start with the Uranium One deal. In 2010, Uranium One, which held mining stakes in about 20 percent of total U.S. uranium reserves, was sold to the Russian energy giant, Rosatom. The deal gave an enormous boost to Russia’s stated desire to become a near monopoly in world uranium production.

Because uranium is a strategic mineral, the deal required U.S. approval from the U.S. State Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that at about that time, Uranium One donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. It’s probably also just a coincidence that Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to give a 45-minute speech to some bankers in Russia.

Purely coincidental, I’m sure.

Utility conglomerate Exelon Corporation is based in Chicago, owns nuclear power plants in the United States and buys uranium from Russia. Those uranium imports happen to be exempt from the sanctions that were placed on energy imports from Russia following the invasion of Ukraine. But let’s don’t read anything into the fact Exelon Corporation happens to be the largest single donor to the Obama Foundation.

Elena Baturina is the billionaire widow of Russian oligarch and former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzkhov. While the assets of other Russian oligarchs have been frozen, Ms. Baturina is for some reason exempt from such sanctions.

Is it too cynical to believe that Ms. Baturina is untouched by Biden administration sanctions because of the $3.5 million she wired to one of Hunter Biden’s shady companies? Is it also too cynical to believe that the “Big Guy,” referred to often in Hunter’s emails and to whom Hunter was required to kick 10 percent of the action, is in fact his father, now the President of the United States?

There’s more, but we’re out of space.

The shameful truth is that the Clinton-Obama-Biden cabal has been selling us out for more than two decades. They have amassed enormous power and personal wealth while we deplorables worry about rising gasoline prices, declining real income, galloping inflation and shortages of food, housing, building materials and just about everything else. The very last thing any of them cares about is what’s good for the country.

I say shameful. The fact is no one named Clinton, Obama or Biden has any shame at all.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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9 Responses

  1. Greg R says:

    I can’t think of one thing to add Paul. You NAILED it. Keep em coming.

  2. Jim+Lee says:

    Very good Paul. I have always thought exactly this. Keep up the good work my friend. Hopefully, the true patriotic and intelligent Americans also see this. Take care buddy.

  3. Mike says:

    Power Brokers at that level have no conscience at all. As Vito Corleone said, “It is business”. They don’t care who they step on or who they are in bed with; it is all about the money. Plus they think; and apparently it is true, they are bullet proof.

    I absolutely LOVE it when we say The Ukraine cannot be admitted to NATO because of their “corrupt” government. HA!!!!!! Our government is NOT corrupt??????? Really!!!!

    Great article Paul, as Greg said, you absolutely nailed it.

  4. Stick D says:

    Worse than Rush Limbaugh, not a word of truth….

  5. Buddy+Saunders says:

    Those of us old enough to remember, recall the $100,000 Hillary Clinton made by investing in cattle futures. She, like Hunter Biden knew nothing about the business she was investing in.

    The following background info is from Wikipedia:

    “In 1978 and 1979, lawyer and First Lady of Arkansas Hillary Rodham Clinton engaged in a series of trades of cattle futures contracts. Her initial $1,000 investment had generated nearly $100,000 (equivalent to $356,579.55 in 2020), when she stopped trading after ten months. In 1994, after Clinton had become First Lady of the United States, the trading became the subject of considerable controversy regarding the likelihood of such a spectacular rate of return, possible conflict of interest, and allegations of disguised bribery. It was suspected by commentators that the profits were in fact allocations to her of profits from unrelated large block trades managed by her investment advisor James Blair, outside counsel to Tyson Foods, Arkansas’ largest employer, in an attempt to gain influence with her husband Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas. ”

    For more detail, do a Bing or Google search for “Hillary Clinton cattle futures.”

    Which is more crooked, the Biden family or the Clinton family? Not really a tough call. The winner has to be the Clintons. Hillary’s invention of the Clinton Foundation eclipses all the Big Guy’s scams, including Hunters art racket.

    Both families have been on the street corner selling themselves and their nation for very long time.

  6. Jean Bammel says:

    Sorry, but it is all true and thanks Paul for taking the time to tell the public. It is mind boggling that people we pass on the streets vote for the Clintons, Obama and Joe Biden.

  7. Matthew says:

    What a shame it all is no doubt. As a Congress man by the name of Tommy Tuberville (Alabama) said regarding the issue of insider trading not so long ago, if they crack down on things such as this who would likely want to come up here ( Washington DC ) and serve. So apparently to many who are there or strive to get there that’s a big part of the appeal . To hear him tell it ,why would anyone want to get involved if such perks even ones on a grander scale I’m sure , weren’t part of the job.Corruption and as always MONEY ! There are many different angles to achieving the same thing, making money, back room deals,campaign funds, arms sells ( Saudi Arabia )and so on. Working with some our nation’s most popular right wing ” Propagandist ” is very lucrative, getting attention and votes so you can keep the shcerade going and the money flowing.

    • Buddy+Saunders says:

      Corruption is not limited to a single party, but in the corruption game the Democrat party is the front runner by any measure. For example, if there were a corruption Olympics, Hillary Clinton would be a top gold medalist.

      • Mike says:

        Lest we forget Uranium One deal with who? Ah, The Russians! Isn’t it amazing the Clinton’s sell interest in a United States uranium mine, through a Canadian mining magnet, to the Russian’s. Then a fake “Russian” dossier shows up through a British agent on the Clinton payroll with fake information from Russia on President Trump bought and paid for by Hillary. That definitely competes with Hunter Biden’s crapola especially when considering the selling of the Lincoln Bedroom of the Whitehouse to the Chinese!!!!! OMG how insidious can a narcissistic political family get!!!

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