USA: Setting the standard in political corruption.

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen (left) and U.S. Agency for International Development administrator Samantha Power.
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You Tell Me Texas - Paul GleiserUSA: Setting the standard in political corruption.

This week the Washington Post published an op-ed by Janet Yellen and Samantha Power – treasury secretary and administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development, respectively. The headline reads,

To uphold democracy, the U.S. must fight global corruption.”

Your first reaction is, ‘This is a joke, right? That headline cannot possibly be serious.’

And yet, there it is – right under the Washington Post masthead that reads, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

The last people on Earth who should be commenting on official corruption are members of this administration. How do they dare even bring the subject up given what we now know about Joe Biden and his wastrel son, Hunter?

We know beyond doubt that Hunter rode around the world on Air Force Two while his old man was VP. Those ridealongs were for the express purpose of collecting pay-for-play cash from corrupt dictators who spend huge percentages of their waking hours thinking up ways to hurt the United States. We know that Joe, himself, personally profited from son Hunter’s rainmaking.

We now know for certain that “Honest Joe” was lying when he said that he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings. We know because he bragged about it. We know that Joe blackmailed Ukraine with a billion dollars of your money to get a Ukrainian prosecutor off Hunter’s trail.

We know that no one who is a serious collector of art thinks that Hunter’s artworks are worth the price of the materials that he used to create them. Such understanding does not require any particular expertise. A functioning pair of eyes will do. Noboby – say again, nobody – would pay a half million dollars for one of Hunter’s pieces if his dad wasn’t the POTUS.

There’s plenty more on the Biden family but if we’re going to talk about rooting out corruption, there are other names on the list.

Here’s one: Clinton.

One of the greatest political money laundering schemes in all of history is the Clinton Foundation. When Hillary was Secretary of State under Obama and then the Democratic nominee to succeed him, money flowed like Niagara into the Clinton Foundation. Scungy, tinpot dictators and corrupt regimes from all over the world poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Bill and Hillary’s “charitable” foundation. Of course, those donations were made because of the good humanitarian work of the Clinton Foundation, right?

C’mon man! It was pure pay for play. How do we know that? Because the Niagara of donations to the Clinton Foundation slowed to a trickle immediately after Hillary lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the media to jump on any of this. They have repeatedly contorted themselves into pretzels in their zeal to look the other way. (See “Hunter Biden laptop story.”)

The Clintons and the Bidens (and the FBI and the DOJ and the IRS and go down the list) are as corrupt as it gets. If to “uphold democracy the U.S. must fight global corruption,” that fight begins at home.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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14 Responses

  1. Jim Lee says:

    Very good Paul. I sincerely feel that there are enough real “Americans” who will put a stop to this. Keep up the good work my friend.

  2. C M Solomon says:

    Hear! Hear! The corruption is epidemic throughout government, industry, media, academia, and religiosity, etc., because the idol worship of humanism at the expense of Righteous Morals (the Golden Rule) has reached dictatorial proportions while the egomaniacal elite embrace Marxism in search of their Utopian, EVIL goals. Furthermore, “To Hell” with your suffering and loss of Liberty as a consequence. If the corrupt can LIE, create misery, and habitually get away with it, why have a conscience AT ALL?

  3. Pete A Fasanello says:

    I love the way these idiots call our constitutional republic a democracy- apparently they don’t know the difference or they are trying to install one

    • Michael+Reagan says:

      Absolutely they are trying to install the Democratic People’s Republic of America with Dear Leader Obama as our “Dear Leader”. This cancer is alive and well; BUT at least there have been some successful Radiation and Chemo treatments as of late. The juries have checked some of the spread in the Rittenhouse verdict upholding the Second Amendment and right to self defense; and now that a jury found Jesse Smollett guilty on five counts of fabricating multiple falsehoods. We all need to keep our eyes and ears open to current affairs; which is easy thanks to Paul….Thank You Paul. Yes Sir, Mr. Fasanello, it is truly amazing how many Americans do not know we are a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy. That is our education system failing.

    • Ralph Covey says:

      It seems that the term “democracy” may have different meanings to different people. Can you give an example of a country that you would designate as a democracy?

  4. Ron+Eagleman says:

    Yes Paul, we certainly set the standard in political corruption! We are like the Banana Republics, but without the bananas! These two Biden administration officials are practicing the well-tested game plan of our old friend, Saul Alinsky, the Communist activist who has influenced so many in the “New Democratic” party. Whatever you are doing, blame others for doing it. This strategy has an immunizing effect, as logical thinking would not consider that the ones making the accusation would actually be doing it. Just think back about all the accusations that were made by the perpetrators; one fine example is the Hillary hoax that Trump colluded with the Russian government in the 2016 election. Guess who is actually being excavated from the bottom of that hoax as the actual colluder? There are many other examples, including the premise of this essay.

  5. Greg R says:

    WOW!! Great column Paul. I hope it’s not too late come November 2022 and the republicans don’t find a way to screw it up.

    • Matthew says:

      They can never screw it up, it’s called ” election fraud” . It is forever the go to response (claim) ,it’s the Ace up the sleeve so to speak. There will always be claims made and many will always believe regardless, the damage is done.

  6. Matthew says:

    There may were a time when typically our country and those that represent had integrity ,for the most part,and other countries may have felt the odds were good when dealing with us there was more confidence in trusting, when a hand shake meant something. Those days are long gone and only getting worse. All is fair in the pursuit of wealth it’s the American way,not suggesting we have a monopoly on this of course. There’s always a way to justify or minimize such behavior or ” LIE “. And folks wonder why crime is what it is, white collar or blue collar,red or blue it’s all the same in the game.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Dude you need to go back and read your history more carefully. Politicians have always looked for angles to crush their opponents even back in our Founding Father days. Integrity? HA! Do your research man! Politics IS a full contact sport. Those with a conscious need not apply.

      • Matthew says:

        No ,really ? I had know idea.Thanks for giving me a history lesson. Well I guess lack of conscious and any resemblance of integrity are not needed or expected by some of our citizens, in our leaders because it’s ” Politics “. Well I guess the ends justify the means after all. No one has an unrealistic expectation if they dislike blatant liers, grifters and the like . We are in a place now where this behavior is at an extreme, common with many,and it shouldn’t be acceptable or over looked regardless, no excuses. And yea it’s a mean unforgiving world out there, but there needs to be lines not to cross, obviously now there aren’t any and it’s not only in Politics.

      • C M Solomon says:

        Michael, history is simply being repeated before our eyes and the consequences are frightening!

        Apparently, someone didn’t read Paul’s essay on the unmitigated corruption that has infested the Left and that has dominated every globalist institution in the World particularly the Demoncrats in this country. I claim that the Marxist Democrats and RINOs are members in good standing with the Global Commiecrat Uni-Party for good reason because they are the MASTERS of DECEPTION as they bow their knees to their reincarnated idol BAAL and its Cult where they worship the idea that humanity must have dictatorial rulers (the Global tyrannical elite) to keep the Earth from destroying itself because of YOUR Freedom. What amazes me is the gullibility of ordinary (educated?) Americans that have fallen for this Evil, Godless, Liberty destroying religion being blasted across the Nation by almost every media, government, academia, and global business entity that actually depends on our Freedom Loving Americans to exist, at all! Maybe it is time for Americans that Love Liberty more than being quiet and unmolested to SPEAK out with conviction to their fellow Americans and warn them of the dictatorial powers that are ready to swallow EVERYTHING that they have worked to achieve for their family and future generations.

        The CCP so-called “virus” bio-weapon and the medical TYRANNY that was forced on us WITHOUT true scientifically based medical data justification here and abroad is the precursor of the Nazi-like plan to subjugate humanity using fake, bureaucratically organized, medical dogma. This dogma was NOT based on real, private, local, expert doctors in the business to heal and save lives with historically skilled medical performance and scientific data to back them up. By using fake and unconstitutional “community health deception” this country has been placed into a Freedom and Medical Practice Lockdown since March of 2020 to establish the precedent for dictatorial control of our every day lives by way of government and political tyrants that are hungry for total domination of the people at large. The “virus” was successfully used with deception to alter the validity of the voter base in the National 2020 election in order to commit fraud on a historical scale that placed these fledgling tyrants in power.

        Sick and elderly people have been unnecessarily sacrificed as collateral “victims” because proven medical treatment and therapeutic drugs were NOT promoted and actually PROHIBITED that could have saved tens of thousands of lives. This was done so that Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) could be instituted for the EXPERIMENTAL (Pharmaceutical ultra-expensive) and inadequately tested mRNA injections of a deadly Spike Protein to supposedly “activate” a narrow immunity response that we now know fades and DOES NOT prevent acquiring or spreading the COVID-19 disease and actually aborts a robust “natural immunity” that could have otherwise been achieved. Now, these “medical” frauds want to “jab” children and expose them to the potentially UNKNOWN and long-term compromise of their God-given immune system.

        Now we have a never ending government mandate on the horizon to enforce everyone to get the “jab and boosters” for life in order to be an accepted member of civil society. This is the criminalization of medical privacy and individual sovereignty of your own body because you may REJECT being used as a lab experiment for which animal testing was NEVER successful (they died). There is no justification to FORCE these injections on an experimental basis in order to test the safety and immunization quality against a target disease that had ALREADY been essentially cured with wide ranging and virtually permanent “natural” immunity by using early treatment with multiple and cheap drugs with monumental data as evidence.

        The global worshipers of the new BAAL (for world domination) have no problem with human sacrifice as their ancient followers willingly practiced, particularly, if they need to establish a fake medical justification to demonize and outlaw YOUR choice to utilize expert medical professionals NOT beholden to the incompetent medical bureaucracies with repeated failures as their legacy.

        • C M Solomon says:

          Here is an example of one man, a Canadian, that takes the Love of his God-given Liberty seriously to SPEAK out with conviction to his fellow Canadians and Americans in order to warn them of the dictatorial powers of EVIL that have ALREADY taken control in Canada and yet, he continues his fight against tyranny that came literally to his doorstep.

          “The test of your character is what it takes to stop you.”

        • C M Solomon says:

          “Setting the standard in political corruption” is being facilitated by the Marxist Globalist Commiecrats by using just another trick to subjugate our Nation’s population and economy into “fully vaccinated” Marxism! They are using FEAR AND INTIMIDATION in order to deflect attention from their EVIL plans BASED on CORRUPTION itself. Here is a MUST READ article that fully exposes these MASTERS of DECEPTION as they continue to tear down our Republic in order to “Build Back Better” the dictatorship that they have dreamed of for 100 years. This article explains how “Governments have whipped up and weaponized fear to unleash a new form of tyranny on humanity.”

          Global COVID Panic & the Dictatorship of ‘Vaccine-ism’:

          These comments might even apply to Paul’s next week’s subject.

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