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Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 10/13/17


If Satan ever laughs, it must be at hypocrites; they are the greatest dupes he has; they serve him better than any others, and receive no wages.”

Charles Caleb Colton,
19th century English cleric.

If Rev. Colton were offering that observation today, he would almost have to be speaking of the American Left in general and the Hollywood Left in particular.

Following the explosion into the national consciousness of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual predations, all sorts of Hollywood lefties are suddenly expressing outrage. Actress Meryl Streep, among many others, professes to be “shocked.”

Give us a break, Meryl. This story is still fresh and yet it’s already out there that pretty much everybody in Hollywood has known for a long time that Harvey Weinstein is a piggish, sexually-obsessed creep who routinely uses his power and clout to get over on women who otherwise would never give him a second look.

Weinstein’s obsession with pretty Hollywood actresses has been a running joke in the movie industry. During the 2013 Academy Awards telecast, presenter Seth McFarlane, having just introduced Sally Field, Amy Adams, Helen Hunt, Jacki Weaver and Anne Hathaway as nominees for best supporting actress, went on to quip;

Congratulations. You five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

Meryl Streep and Ashley Judd and essentially the entire galaxy of female stars in Hollywood have long characterized Republicans as brutish, war-on-women-committing misogynist pigs. They hold this view most particularly of late with respect to Donald Trump. And most of them are not the least bit shy about saying so, often unleashing vulgar, profanity-laced tirades on the subject.

Isn’t it interesting that they are this passionate and outspoken about Republican misogynist pigs while long tolerating and even worshiping a liberal mega-misogynist pig right in their own midst?

It is, of course, not limited to Hollywood. On the other coast, Hillary Clinton, still nominally married to the former Misogynist in Chief, finds herself in the very uncomfortable position of having to finally break down and denounce the very behavior in Harvey Weinstein that she vigorously defended in her own husband. (And what to do about the millions that Weinstein has given to the Clintons directly and to their various shady causes and organizations?)

It is astonishing the degree to which liberals – including the media – get away with such inconsistency. Even though many (though, admittedly, not all) of the highest-profile accusations of sexual misconduct have been leveled against liberal Democrats – Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and now Harvey Weinstein come to mind – the Left is still able to enjoy a high level of success characterizing sexual misconduct as something perpetrated all but exclusively by white, patriarchal, Republican men.

I have said on repeated occasions that there is no greater hypocrite in all of God’s creation than a rich liberal. Thank you Meryl and Ashley and Hillary and all of you glittering liberal women for again proving me right.

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