We deserve to know.

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With respect to our own government, we deserve to know. It’s as simple as that.

Save for matters of national security, when it comes to the operation of our government, and to the behavior of those in elected, appointed and staff positions within that government, we deserve to know.

Yet it has become too much the rule that we don’t. And as a result, a dark cloud of cynicism and doubt hangs over every federal department, most especially, sad to say, the Department of Justice.

Have crimes been committed by individuals in government? And if so, why, save for some token prosecutions on the periphery, has no one been punished? We deserve to know.

Did Lois Lerner, in her high-level position at the IRS, act illegally with respect to denying tax exempt status to organizations whose political beliefs she did not like? Publicly available information strongly suggests that she did. But the Department of Justice took no action.

Why not? We deserve to know.

Did Hillary Clinton violate federal law with respect to her private server, her emails, etc. etc.? No one denies anymore that she and her lieutenants on multiple occasions were in possession of classified materials. That’s a crime for you and me. Why isn’t it a crime for Hillary? We deserve to know.

Speaking of Hillary, while she was Secretary of State, did she engage in influence peddling with respect to the Uranium One deal that handed 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves to the Russians? We deserve to know.

Still on the subject of Hillary, are all of those donations to her family foundation from unsavory characters and governments on the up & up? Has that been properly looked into? We deserve to know.

Even yet on the subject of Hillary, was a conscious decision made at the Department of Justice to give her a pass on these things, evidence be damned? If so, was that James Comey’s decision? Loretta Lynch’s? The two of them together? We deserve to know.

Was a bogus “dossier” against Donald Trump cooked up with the explicit or tacit cooperation of the FBI and then used as the predicate for convincing a court to issue a warrant for electronic surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign? Was President Obama involved? We deserve to know.

Did certain high-ranking individuals at the FBI take it upon themselves to launch a clandestine crusade to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election? When Mr. Trump won the election anyway, did those same employees set out to maliciously undermine his presidency?

Is the fact that text messages between these individuals have suddenly gone missing just a coincidence? We deserve to know.

What’s in the memo? We deserve to know.

Do all of these questions amount to nothing more than the ravings of Republicans and righty pundits? Or has our government become corrupt at the very highest levels?

Until that question is answered, the very future of the republic hangs in the balance.

So we deserve to know.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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6 Responses

  1. R. Eagleman says:

    The fact that the governing politicos do not feel that the unwashed citizens deserve to know is a testimony to how far our government has strayed from the founding documents. I wonder how many people know that Lois Lerner’s “missing” emails were finally recovered through lawsuits by the conservative groups that were targeted. These groups were awarded compensation, but the damage done to the electoral process and the country can never be compensated. In effect, the re-election of President Obama was facilitated by the misdeeds of this I.R.S. official, but she still enjoys her freedom and government benefits. All of the questions that you pose deserve answers, but it is doubtful that we will ever get them, and that is extremely frustrating to everyone who wants to believe that justice is truly blind. It is possible that the deep state bureaucrats have now become so powerful that mere citizens and their elected officials cannot change the trajectory. Those elected with the purest of motives are no match for those who are highly motivated and positioned to maintain a centralized power structure. The Trump presidency may be the last opportunity for our country to remain a representative republic and not become a banana republic; which should be a goal for all Americans, Democrats and Republicans. Maybe I am being a little too pessimistic, and that we will finally get answers to the very important questions that you ask; hope springs eternal. To that end, I will again ask “has anyone seen or heard from our Attorney General”? Maybe he has gone underground in an attempt to drain the swamp? On the other hand, his recusal may include the HRC activities that you enumerate.

  2. Linda E. Montrose says:

    This can be answered with we have people in office that have committed so many crimes against America and her citizens and want to continue doing so, so that they remain in power, there is no way we will ever know the answers to 90% of the questions you put forth. The biggest indicator of this is in 2008 nancy pelosi hid the FACT that SHE allowed an ILLEGAL to run for president and no matter how many of us fought to have this person investigated, WE were the ones who were made to look stupid or crazy for even thinking something of that nature could occur. Well, it did. And because of it and the dishonesty of 99.9% of congress, America came very close to destruction. I would be willing to bet my life on the fact that 99.9% of congress KNEW that obama was, is and always will be a person who should never been allowed to run for our highest office because he was NOT an American citizen, but an Indonesian citizen. Sure all these things mentioned in your article ARE things we need to know. But everything would fall in place IF this ONE OUTSTANDING question would be addressed and answered. In answering this question, this ONE question, we would have the answers to all the others. In my humble opinion, the illegal has already answered it for when when he refused to allow his BIRTH CERTIFICATE to be displayed in his library. ALL the ones responsible directly and indirectly should be charged with treason. NONE of the things mentioned in your article would have happened if not for this ONE. In my humble opinion.

  3. Buddy Saunders says:

    A great column–as usual–and an equally impressive follow up from R. Eagleman. I’m hopeful that under Trump we can indeed drain the swamp and thereby turn back the growing influence of the deep state bureaucracy that is dangerously merging with the media and one political party, the Democrats. Such a continuing merger will end American democracy. Our current best hope in preventing this trend lies in President Trump and our electing more genuine constitutional conservatives. This is a battle we dare not lose.

  4. Richard Anderson says:

    A very enlightening column Mr. Gleiser, and important, to every American citizen who cherishes our Constitution and Christian heritage as a nation founded under GOD and “the rule of law,” not of men.

    Please continue with your excellent work.

  5. Stan Drake says:

    I think in our hearts, we who keep up with such things, understand history, and participate in the process KNOW the answers to all the points you bring up. Due to the “dumbing down of America” which is the most successful democrat/liberal/socialist agenda item, there are not enough citizens who even understand the consequences of our not knowing.

  6. R. Eagleman says:

    As Buddy, Richard, and Stan state so well: our best hope is to elect more constitutional conservatives, who cherish our constitution and our Christian heritage. By attempting to reverse this “dumbing down of America” with a reform of our educational system will be a big step forward. The efforts of KTBB with this forum is also an important part of meeting the challenge.

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