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Thus ends Mueller.

In a functioning free republic governed by the rule of law, sober men and women would get to the bottom of how such a specious attempt to take down a duly elected president ever got off the ground in the first place.

As the worm turns.

We have come to fully understand that Democrats have no compunction whatsoever with respect to weaponizing the criminal justice process.

This guy needs to go.

The entire Mueller episode is an attack on the rule of law and a direct affront to the 63 million American citizens who together constituted a majority of voters in a majority of counties in a majority of states that freely chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

The caravan rolls on.

The entirety of Democratic “resistance” to Donald Trump has been undertaken in the fervent hope that you won’t notice that he is having a very successful presidency so far.

Have you seen this man?

To the extent that attorney general Jeff Sessions has any role at the Justice Department, it’s apparently to keep quiet and fetch coffee for Rod Rosenstein.

Things I wish for.

President Trump’s policies by and large are helping my business and I wish he would be left alone to keep pursuing them. The fewer distractions, the better.

More creatures from the swamp.

More creatures from the swamp.

That Rod Rosenstein put Robert Mueller in charge of investigating Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia would be laughable were it not so deadly serious.