Robert Mueller is attempting a coup. Here’s why.

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Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 12/8/17


The initial reaction by the Left to Donald Trump’s election victory was predictable. The hair pulling and shrieking and shouting of vulgarities is pretty much standard lefty fare.

The female-organ shaped hats and the marching in the streets and the foaming at the mouth on the cable chat shows were all to be expected. When lefties don’t get their way, they throw temper tantrums. (When was the last time you saw a march or a demonstration led by disaffected conservatives?)

When Trump surprised everybody and won, I knew that all hell was about to break out on the Left.

But here’s where I got it wrong.

I was naïve enough to believe that it would all die down by now. It hasn’t and it’s now clear that it won’t.

Democrats and establishment Republicans and Never Trumpers and deep-staters and all of the denizens of the swamp have been made crazy by the electoral map. They just can’t understand it. Look at it and you’ll see why.

The map shows in stark relief that Donald Trump won the majority of the votes in a majority of the counties in a majority of the states.

Forget Hillary’s empty assertion that she won the popular vote. It’s meaningless. She didn’t win the country. Donald Trump did.

But how?

A guy that I interviewed in Manchester during the New Hampshire primary, who told me that he had just voted for Trump, explained why in a few simple words.

He says on TV what I yell at my TV.”

Millions of Americas in the vast heartland, that for at least 20 years have been dismissed and condescended to by the Washington establishment and the elite media finally had enough. They found their voice in a gruff, often uncouth political novice.

The Left still doesn’t know what hit them and they’re still unable to accept it.

Thus we get Robert Mueller as special counsel leading an investigation predicated on a completely fabricated “Russian dossier.” That special counsel’s office then gets filled with openly partisan lawyers and investigators. At the investigation’s nexus stands a guy named Peter Strzok, an FBI agent and rabid Democrat partisan who left a trail of text messages to his mistress in which he expresses complete loathing for Donald Trump.

FBI agents are supposed to be above such things. This guy isn’t. That he has now been demoted is of little consequence at this late date. The damage is done.

What’s going on before our very eyes is nothing less than a coup attempt being led by current and former top officials of the FBI. Unthinkable but true.

But Mueller should be very, very careful. Those people in that sea of red counties in the heartland won’t be easily dismissed any more. They’re awake and they’re plenty t’eed off. If you don’t believe it, stand back and watch what happens when someone tries to nullify their vote.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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17 Responses

  1. Jim Lee says:

    Well said Paul.

  2. Richard Anderson says:

    Top flight column Mr. Gleiser. Kudos sir!
    The special counsel investigation is completely unwarranted, totally without merit, and has no basis in fact whatsoever.
    In my humble opinion, it is sour grapes. That is all.

    The disgruntled loon progressives have not an iota or scintilla of knowledge as to who the American people–the vast voter base in between the far left east coast enclaves and the far left west coast enclaves–are.
    WE THE PEOPLE are those everyday people who make up THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as illustrated by your map above, mostly residing in the red colored areas. Areas of the country where something they* {*i.e. “the left”} do NOT possess.
    Common sense.

    To close, just one example of President Trump’s prowess of accomplishments, on the economic front…. 40,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs just created, the highest number ever for November (going back to 2002) according to the ADP report. Jobs that predecessor Obama* said were never coming back. *He has been wrong on nearly everything, while Trump has been CORRECT on nearly everything! This is why progressives and liberals are so utterly out of touch with AMERICA.

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    It is my opinion that Mueller is making up crimes as he goes hoping he will have something “stick”. NOT going to happen Mr. Mueller. All the things so far have nothing to do with the original so called investigation. The PEOPLE out here are on to you and the lefts antics. Look, we weren’t happy about an illegal being in office for eight years, but did you see us out there demonstrating like little children? We were hoping that people would wake up. Maybe a little late in my book, but people DID wake up and it wasn’t for any other reason than the actions of one person and that was hillary clinton herself! SHE shot herself in the foot no one else did it for her…not Donald Trump or the russians or anyone else! She alone has to shoulder her defeat…comey couldn’t save her although he tried, now mueller is trying his best to help her lay blame somewhere besides where it belongs…on HRC!!!!!

  4. Paul, amazing how you hit that nail on the head every time. The map does tell it all. We have the president the country needs and the left in all its manifestations can’t stand it. The Russia probe has been a farce from the beginning and the anti-Trumpers have known that from the beginning. Lacking any damaging facts, they are trying to destroy Trump and his team with lies. I do think there is something to the idea that Muller and his ilk, including some Republicans, are attempting a kind of coup. We the people had better pay very close attention and be ready to speak up loud and clear in defense of the best president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan. Again, thank you for including that beautiful and so telling map.

  5. What Trump is TERRIFIED Mueller’s investigation will surface: He’s broke, in-hoc up-to-his-combover in debt to Russian creditors (brokered by Deutsche Bank, per last week’s news). After 4 bankruptcies and notoriously stuffing every vendor he could, his credit was zero in the USA. Because Trump is ALL about brand, this’d be a dagger through his heart.

    • Paul Gleiser says:

      Google “Is Donald Trump broke?” and you’ll get articles from all of the usual-suspect lefty blogs and publications (e.g. HuffPo, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, et. al) pouring out all sorts of speculation as to Donald Trump’s financial health. What you won’t get is a single article to the effect that Donald Trump is broke from any of the respected, mainstream business publications (e.g. WSJ, Forbes, Bloomberg, Barron’s, As to the bankruptcies, Donald Trump has never declared bankruptcy. As is totally common among real estate developers, some of his projects have gone bankrupt. That’s not particularly noteworthy. Very nearly every big real estate developer has had projects that have tanked.

      All of which is beside the point of my piece. The point of the piece is that the American Left cannot comprehend that the great unwashed, uncouth, unsophisticated, unenlightened citizens of the vast, desolate American heartland — upon which oh, so enlightened, sophisticated, uber-Ivied northeast liberals look down with dripping disdain — would dare to stand up to their Acela-corridor betters and say, “Enough!” and make it stick.

      Mueller & Co. were unleashed by the very same people who sputtered into their handkerchiefs and clutched their pearls when Donald Trump said that he would need to “see what happens” prior to accepting the results of the election. Now that our liberal northeastern and west coast elites have seen what happened, they can’t accept it.

      Therefore they intend, by discrediting Donald Trump and his election by whatever means necessary, to prove once and for all that the salesmen, auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, church-goers, stay-at-home mothers, shop keepers, small business owners and middle class citizens of every description — who have for two-plus decades stood helplessly as their standards of living have declined — are simply too unsophisticated and too stupid to know what’s good for them.

      Good luck with that. Middle America is awake and will not go quietly back to being condescended to by career politicians, unaccountable bureaucrats and smug faculty-loungers from the Ivy League.

  6. As for that “Acela corridor” in-which I reside and of-which you frequently disdain: Such reverse-snobbery is, itself, condescending. I’ve yet to hear Northeast neighbors utter “bellicose Texans.” We’re all Americans.

  7. R. Eagleman says:

    Yes, any discerning person would conclude that President Donald Trump is bankrupt; that is the reason that he accepts no salary and contributes very generously to many causes. However, the financial success and generosity of the previous occupant of the white house are legendary; he has never accomplished anything in the private sector, but was a huge success in feeding from the public trough. It may be instructive to compare the accomplishments of the two recent presidents; let’s see now, Trump is a real estate developer with properties all over the world, and Obama is a former community organizer. Yep, when one looks at everything through the liberal prism, the vision will be completely distorted. This distorted view will also prevent a person from recognizing that the team Mueller assembled is dedicated to overturning the election by any means necessary.

  8. Trump should fire Mueller.

  9. Jerry Smith says:

    Once again Mr. Gleiser, you toss around terms like “coup” and “Partisan” for everything you dislike. For once I would like you to provide a little proof in your tirades. You seem to forget that special Council Mueller was appointed by Republicans and approved by similar folks. You also seem to forget that Mr Trump said numerous times that no one on his campaign talked with the Russians. Why did he LIE? Everyone from his Son on down talked not once but many times. If this is OK, why lie about it? This has nothing to do with Clinton or Obama, it has to do with TRUMP and the Russians. The United States of American’s intelligent organizations said the Russians messed with our electoral process. They did not say Trump messed with our electoral process, but he and his campaign certainly act like they had something to do with it. WHY? That is the entire reason Mr Mueller is doing his job. To find out why and HOW the Russians interfered with our election. Every American should want to know those details and hopefully our inept Congress will be able to do something to keep it from happening again. If they find wrongdoing by people in the USA, then, of course, they are obligated to bring those people to justice. Because the Republican President ‘seems’ to be involved somewhat in this problem, it is apparent that our Republican controlled Congress will do almost anything to keep him in power, just to try and get some of their agenda passed. They even stoop so low that they supported the failed Senate bid by a person from Alabama because they “need the seat to ensure the Trump Agenda goes forward”. And through all of this, you, Mr. Gleiser, you try to discredit the exact folks who are trying to get to the bottom of this mess. I say, “Shame on you”, I expected better from you than to try and undercut a legitimate and needed investigation without any proof what so ever. Sad, sad! Remember, it is not proof by showing Trump won the election. Everyone knows he did. It is also not proof by showing some of the Lawyers etc. have views about the President that differ from yours. If that were to be proof, then the entire Congress should be fired as they all have some views that differ from yours and mine. So, in the future please try and show a little more ideas than ‘everybody against Trump is bad’. because I am here to tell you, THEY ARE NOT!

    • Richard Anderson says:

      If retired former Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI man James K. Kallstrom –whose credentials in the law enforcement community are stainless– has serious concerns about the leadership at the top within the FBI, ALL Americans should be concerned.

      This investigation, in my humble learned opinion, is putting the duly elected 45th President of The United States by the AMERICAN PEOPLE in jeopardy. Simply because their* [*i.e. members of The Swamp who despise President Trump, but adore HRC] candidate lost fair and square.
      To say again, as I stated above, this is over sour grapes. That is all. And the discredited dossier being “hawked” by them* and the liberal left MSM proves it.

  10. Paul Davidson says:

    A ridiculous so-called column, parroting Fox conspiracy theories. Mr. Gleiser conveniently leaves out that the Congress investigating the Russia influence in the 2016 election is controlled by REPUBLICANS. And, he conveniently left out that the investigative committee is chaired by a REPUBLICAN. Oh yes! And the majority of those committee members are republicans. It is Mr. Gleiser, not his so-called bogeyman “the Left” that cannot accept the already multiple indictments and two guilty pleas so far. It is Mr. Gleiser who cannot accept that Donald Trump did not win a plurality of the votes. He hides behind the color map, conveniently omitting that most of the red area of the USA is extremely rural. Mr. Gleiser, your hatred of anyone who doesn’t believe as you do is obvious. How pathetic that you peddle an imaginary conspiracy theory (“deep state”? You surely are more intellectually honest than this) in the hope of poisoning the outcome of an investigation that EVEN YOU know is not going to be favorable to the Trump family. The Steve Bannon disheveled, ill-fitting suit of unfounded paranoia doesn’t look good on you either, sir. There is a reason why the Republican Party is losing badly in voters under age 30 and to those with a college education: the young and educated are not easily fooled with baseless conspiracy talk.

  11. Disagree that congressional Repubs’ will-do-almost-anything to keep Trump in power. They can’t wait to throw him under the bus.

    Look how many of ’em — on camera on the news Wednesday — congratulated Senator-Elect Doug Jones. The Swamp is deep.

  12. R. Eagleman says:

    As a reminder, members of congress are elected to represent their constituents; they are the loyal opposition, and have a legitimate philosophical bias against the other party. In contrast, an INDEPENDENT council investigating team should not be consumed with disdain for the real object of the investigation. This prejudice not only stains the investigation, but it also creates a lot of doubt in the American people about the outcome. Only the naive would assert that this investigation is just about Russia trying to influence our electoral process. This was recognized by President Obama long before the election; however, he did not take it seriously until the election did not go as expected. By the way, Russia has been trying to influence our elections, as well as those in many other countries for years. The same naivete would conclude that Russia would prefer Trump over the past administration that did the bidding of Putin in numerous instances. Does anyone recall the cancellation of the missile defense program that was to be installed in Eastern Europe, invasion of Ukraine, Uranium One, and many other pro-Russian decisions of the past administration. How about “tell Vlamimir I will have more flexibility, etc, etc. after I am re-elected”? Come on, try to view this coup attempt without the Liberal “goggles”!! One last observation: the agenda for which President Trump campaigned and was approved by the electorate should certainly try to be ensured by keeping every seat that would help fulfill those promises. To do otherwise would be to betray the wishes of the American people. I will admit that his persistence in trying to actually do what he promised is a radical departure from the previous administration, as well as other administrations and politicians from both parties.

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