Thus ends Mueller.

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When Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel to investigate alleged Trump campaign collusion with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election – a questionable premise from the start – we heard endlessly in the media that Mueller is a man of unimpeachable credentials – a pillar of a man, a war hero, a man of uncommon wisdom.

According to the media narrative, Robert Mueller is the very embodiment of sober, non-partisan moral, ethical and legal rectitude. His very presence lent heft to the serious business of ferreting out the obvious wrongdoing that resulted in an unimaginable election outcome. Robert Mueller is just the man we need to assure the American people that our electoral system will not be hijacked with impunity.

But Wednesday, in two much-anticipated House committee hearings, that media-promoted cloak of respectability slipped from Mueller’s shoulders and fell to the floor. Mueller’s painful, cringe-inducing testimony revealed a befuddled, doddering old man with little command of the contents of a 450-page report that consumed $40 million in taxpayer money and that now bears his signature.

Any objective observer watching Mueller’s testimony can see that he lacks the wits to head up a large-scale investigation. That a large-scale investigation happened anyway leads one to conclude that Mueller was merely a front man. His nominal respectability was used as the name on the brass doorplate behind which a group of rabidly partisan government lawyers tried their best to overturn the 2016 election. It was an effort driven by the simple fact that official Washington – a.k.a. the “Swamp” and consisting mostly of Democrats but also more than a few Republicans – simply could not accept the plain truth that Donald Trump fairly and legitimately defeated Hillary Clinton.

It now appears beyond much doubt that Andrew Weissmann, the career DOJ lawyer who donated money to Hillary Clinton and attended her election night soiree in New York, was actually running the investigation. Weissman assembled a group of out-in-the-open Hillary Clinton supporters to be on his investigative team. To hear Robert Mueller tell it Wednesday, he was unaware of this.

Thus comes to an end any semblance of respectability surrounding the Mueller investigation – not that it had much to begin with – together with any remaining hope by Democrats that Donald Trump will be forcibly removed from office.

So, what now?

In a functioning free republic governed by the rule of law, sober men and women would get to the bottom of how such a specious attempt to take down a duly elected president ever got off the ground in the first place.

If the Swamp is allowed to criminalize every presidential election that a Democrat doesn’t win – and mobilize the federal law enforcement apparatus in that pursuit – there is little hope for the long-term survival of the republic. Swamp dwellers cannot overrule We the People. The abuses of power that culminated in the Mueller investigation must be accounted for and severely punished.

With the Mueller investigation now well and truly over, the real investigation needs to begin.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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8 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    He is so incompetent that he couldn’t even remember which US President appointed him US Attorney for the District of Massachusetts!
    When asked, he was obviously flummoxed an after a very pregnant pause said “Bush?”
    It was Ronald Reagan!!
    And we are supposed to respect the idiot?
    NOT ME!!!!

  2. Ron Eagleman says:

    If not for the recognition that he was a willing participant in an attempted coup, Robert Mueller would have my sympathy for his pathetic testimony during the congressional hearings. It is reported that he and his buddy, James Comey, profited greatly from their security clearances as F.B.I. Directors, which makes him a card-carrying swamp creature. President Trump is public enemy #1 for the bureaucracy, and this behemoth will not relinquish power easily. Mueller was obviously not up to this assignment, but his resume commanded respect; therefore, he was appointed to be the front man. The Trump hating investigators on his team were actually running the so-called investigation, and they used every dirty tactic possible to intimidate and bankrupt any associate that could possibly implicate the president in a crime. Considering the extent of the vetting of this president, the voters should have more confidence in his background, as I am sure that any disqualifying behavior would have been exposed and gleefully shared with the world. As Paul opines, it is now time for the real investigation to begin. I wonder if Hillary and the surrounding swamp creatures will be able to survive the same degree of scrutiny?

  3. Who here has READ the report?

    • Paul Gleiser says:

      Evidently not Robert Mueller.

      • I’m thinkin’ he’s not here.
        Who HERE has read the report?

        • C M Solomon says:

          I am HERE and did not read the report! WHY would any Patriotic American interested in protecting our society from a piece of illegitimate propaganda trash written by 15 hyper-partisan Democrat Progressive-Marxist pro-Hillary lawyers (that embellished a lie based on FALSE “Opposition Research” and paid for by the wicked and America hating “Hillary the Terrible” of the DNC and which resulted in the Mueller Report), ever waste their time polluting their brain?

          Your attempt to put anyone on the defensive by NOT reading this piece of wasted multi-million dollar garbage has failed with ME and furthermore, your pretending to re-write history as a sock puppet of the corrupt Democrats in our midst doesn’t speak well to your intelligence. This “Report” has no social redeeming value other than to expose the depths of corruption your Party is willing to descend into for the sake of destroying the Administration of a duly elected President Trump and with it the American people that support him. Weep and learn, if you can!

  4. Jim Biles says:

    I’ve read a good amount of the report. It’s mind-numbing in build ups of “person A met with person B who has connections to person C”. My mind was screaming, “Get to the point!!”. But there was no point because meeting is not a crime, and the Mueller team had no evidence. What was more indicative was what the report did not say. It didn’t spell out how, when, and why the Trump investigation started. It didn’t say why the Justice Dept was duped into using a political smear document as evidence before a FISA court, a document with clear origins from Russian sources. It didn’t say why the investigation only targeted Trump and didn’t include obvious conflicts of interest such as the Clinton Foundation taking millions from many political enemies of the US, including the Russians. It answered one important question….the Trump Campaign did not collude with the Russians to fix the 2016 election. But there’s a distinct odor in the report because of what’s missing.

  5. Darrell Durham says:

    Chairman Nadler is continuing to pursue “evidence of impeachable offenses” by digging into grand jury procedures. This issue can really only be settled by the voters.

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