You Tell Me Texas

Tomorrow arrives for Democrats.

Increasingly, those who voted for the first time in 1992 can’t stop thinking about tomorrow because the prospect of tomorrow is keeping them awake nights.

Obama’s end-of-term spin.

Obama and his apologists can try to spin the facts of his presidency however they want. But spin isn’t reality.


Where does abortion go from here?

In a generation, abortion has gone from something discussed in whispers to something discussed for monetary gain over a routine business lunch.

GE to Connecticut: It may be time for us to go.

CEO Jeff Immelt announced that GE has formed an “exploratory team” to consider moving its corporate headquarters out of Connecticut to a state with a “more pro-business environment.”


Lemonade: The Sequel

Unlike the countless lemonade stands that set up shop in neighborhoods all over America every summer, one particular lemonade stand drew national attention – to the great consternation of the city elders of Overton.