The Surge is working. But don’t look for the story in the mainstream media.


In 1968, the Viet Cong threw everything they had at the U.S. in what came to be called the Tet Offensive. The U.S. routed them. The Viet Cong lost over 60,000 men and never recovered militarily. Yet the media portrayed the Tet Offensive as an irrecoverable setback for the U.S. military and domestic support for the Vietnam War collapsed. When the U.S. finally left (fled) Vietnam in 1975, it led to barbarism and reprisal that wound up costing more civilian lives than were lost in the war itself. (Remember the images of those who had cast their lot with us desparately clinging to the helicopter skids as we abandoned them to their fate?) The “peace” so sought after by U.S. liberal elites was far worse than the combat that preceded it.

This is all information to serve as background for the current “surge” taking place in Iraq. All objective data on the surge points very strongly to success. Yet you have to drill deep, past the surface layer of information provided by the Big 3 networks and the major daily newspapers, to find coverage that says as much.

Consider yourself having drilled. The situation on the ground in Iraq is remarkably improved from three months ago. This article in American Thinker by J.R. Dunn tells the story.

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Paul Gleiser

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