I have developed a Pavlovian response to seeing the name Lieberman in the byline of an article. I pick up or click on a Lieberman article as quickly as I possibly can.

The independent Democrat senator from Connecticut, in a break with the overwhelming majority of his lifelong party, has been crystal clear and uncommonly eloquent in his support of the U.S. effort in Iraq and in the broader struggle against Islamic facsism.

Sen. Lieberman has earned the right to speak. He has been to Iraq numerous times and has made himself a student of Middle East history and politics.

His article in the Aug. 20, 2007 edition of The Wall Street Journal now calls our attention to Syria’s role in the “insurgency” in Iraq.

If we are going to be safe from international terrorism, we are going to have to buy in to the idea that it is a long-term battle.

Are we up for it?