Thinking hard about Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump sits at the defense table in a Manhattan court, Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, Pool)

Paul GleiserThinking hard about Donald Trump.

If you followed the news this week you know three things. First, you know that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted former president Donald Trump on 34 felony counts. Second, you know that the indictment is so lacking in substance as to be laughable were it not for its grave implications for the future of the republic. And third, you know that Donald Trump has enjoyed a big boost in the polls and a big boost in campaign cash.

You know these things, so I’ll spare you a rehash except to repeat that in two and a half centuries of our history no former U.S. president has been indicted. Gerald Ford knowingly knee-capped his chances for re-election by pardoning his predecessor so that the country might be spared the agony of prosecuting Richard Nixon. In that vein, though she was never president, Donald Trump quickly quashed the idea of prosecuting Hillary Clinton following the 2016 election, even though she very clearly committed multiple felonies.

We in America have for the most part wisely avoided prosecuting the political opposition – even in the presence of prosecutable crimes – for fear of becoming like the autocratic dictatorships and third world hellholes in which politically-driven prosecutions are par for the course.

All to say that if we’re going to break with tradition and indict Donald Trump, the indictment must clearly and undeniably lay out in an understandable way a serious crime worthy of serious punishment. Bragg’s indictment doesn’t come close.

This indictment is purely political. And the politics at the moment actually appear to be helping Trump. It can be argued that Alvin Bragg’s idiotic indictment all but assures Trump’s nomination in 2024.

But does the GOP really want Trump as the nominee?

The fact is that it’s not now nor should it ever be about whether Trump wins. The only thing that matters is that the country wins. That won’t happen if Biden – or some other far-left Democrat (the only kind that can win the Democratic nomination) – wins the general election.

Advantage Trump.

Trump deserves credit for the successes of his presidency – the booming economy, the full employment, the reversal of the long-running decline of the middle class, the energy independence and the respect the USA was enjoying on the world stage. Trump’s policies aided and abetted all those things.

But Trump faces some sobering math.

According to Gallup, the American electorate is divided into three cohorts. About 28 percent of voters are committed liberals. They vote for Democrats. They consume corporate mainstream media because corporate mainstream media gives them what they want. Actual facts bounce off them.

An almost identical proportion of voters – 27 percent according to Gallup – are committed conservatives. They vote for Republicans. They consume corporate mainstream media because it’s hard not to. But they also watch FOX News and listen to radio stations like mine.

That leaves 44 percent in the mushy middle. They like to call themselves “independents” or “moderates.” What media they consume is mostly the same media that Democrats consume. That means they might not be well informed on such things as Hunter Biden’s influence peddling or the FBI’s intentional interference in the 2016 campaign.

Moderates are not ideologically committed. They’re more likely to vote personality over policy. And though I disagree with that approach, it’s nevertheless true.

And it’s also true that these are the voters that decide presidential elections. If 51 percent of them vote for the Democrat, the Democrat wins.

There lies the problem for Donald Trump. The margin between victory and defeat is microscopically small. Every vote is precious. Say what you will about the integrity of the 2020 election, the difference between a Trump victory and a Biden victory boiled down to just 40,000 votes spread over six counties in four states.

A lot of mushy-middle voters just can’t stomach Trump. Unless Trump undergoes a personality transplant, there’s real risk that the drama that constantly follows him either pushes those critical marginal voters toward Democrats, or it causes them to stay home.

And that means the Democrat nominee – whomever that is – wins.

Which means the country loses.

So, given that understanding, how comfortable are you with Trump being the 2024 nominee?

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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18 Responses


    Well stated. Thank you Sir

  2. Dan Bullard says:

    To quote Herman Melville, “I’ll chase him round Good Hope, and round the Horn, and round the Norway Maelstrom, and round perdition’s flames before I give him up.” Trump is the best president of my lifetime, starting with Eisenhower.

  3. Linda M says:

    Trump has his flaws as do all of us humans. But unlike most of us humans we DO NOT have the credentials or the where with all to be president. I think President Donald J Trump PROVED to the world he was Presidential material. The left hates President Trump for one reason and one reason only…President Trump EXPOSED them for what they are…scam artists! Actually, President Trump EXPOSED both sides because if he had not been back-stabbed by the very people who should have worked WITH him instead of against him, this Country would really be in great shape. But the established men and women in Congress had many things to hide which were being brought to light. President Trump endured more than any one person could stand, even now, and that is why I am for TRUMP! In President Trump we have an AMERICA FIRST President instead of one who sells us out!

  4. Richard Anderson says:

    No matter who is the Republican party nominee, the Democrats are going to train their “political fire power” on that nominee.. whether it’s President Trump or Governor DeSantis or another. As of today’s date in the run up to 2024, the nominee is unclear, but very likely seems will be Trump after all is said and done. DeSantis will have his presidential day in the sun, but for this pivotal point in U.S. history we must have a maximum effort to win.. and only Trump, in my view, can defeat the vicious foes that are arrayed against “any” Republican nominee.

    Some pundits seem to think, that the Dems prefer Trump as the nominee as he would be easy to pick off in the general. Example, Ann Coulter. Once a Trump supporter for DJT’s 2016 bid, has turned against him, even though he accomplished “MORE THAN” any other President during just four years in The Oval Office, KEEPING HIS PROMISES. He did “Make America Great Again” on numerous important fronts… lowest minority unemployment ever recorded, achieved energy independence as the United States became a net oil exporter for the first time since WWII, no new foreign wars started during his tenure, and near zero inflation i.e. more money in your pocket not the government’s, name but a few.

    But because of “the haters” aka those who hate our Constitution Republic – America as Founded in 1776, he is going to have to do it all over again. And he can because he’s DONE IT. Only he knows the true score and just how deep “the swamp” in D.C. really is. It’s going to take a herculean effort, which is why I see him as the only viable candidate to “right our ship of state” at this particular juncture. Mark Levin made this very point a few days ago and I concur 100%.

    Yes, the leftist Marxist Democrats are going to go all out to knockout Trump, but they will fail. President Trump is MORE determined than EVER to be victorious, especially in view that millions of Americans from every walk of life, myself included, believe that the 2020 Presidential Election was “stolen” from him. Thus, those who supported him in 2016, 2020, are going to vote for him again in 2024.. but this time going all in utilizing ALL legal early voting means while simultaneously making sure that vote counting and ballot integrity rules are strictly enforced like never before.

    I consider myself well informed and I must say, I have never seen the enthusiasm for a candidate for President that Trump has, not even Reagan whom I like equally as well and voted for back in the day. Even today as of April 7, 2023, despite non-stop Dem bashing of him, support for DJT across The United States of America has not waned an iota. Taking it all into account, from “the escalator presser” in 2015 thru numerous events to date, I still gauge TRUMP support as very strong and getting stronger heading into 2024. MAGA!

    A Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter to all.

  5. C M Solomon says:

    Mr. Gleiser, your question “But does the GOP really want Trump as the nominee?” is like asking if a cork in the ocean will land on shore or drift further out to sea. The GOP is filled with vacillating wimps that care NOTHING about the fate of the Nation as we are currently being overtaken by the Communist Democrat Party in which the Rule of Law is being dismantled in favor of an “open borders” global Communist rule led by the CCP. These Republicans only care about maintaining their friendly membership in the Washington elite by NOT taking the OFFENSIVE against the Marxists trying to destroy our Republic. The evidence of the GOP’s weakness is their willingness to be more fearful of negative media attacks than anger from “back home” where informed Conservatives are looking for accountability due to lack of action. These Republicans are essentially FAKE Conservatives that in reality are the “controlled opposition” that can be both “moderate and conservative” depending on the audience at hand. If the Left can intimidate these weaklings to talk tough but always have an excuse why they can’t achieve their goals, then the Left wins by letting the Conservatives vote for “empty suits”. The biggest fear of the Left is the “fire brand” REAL Conservative that “takes no prisoners” and is willing to be routinely defamed by the Communist media propaganda machine. The “controlled opposition” is the Left’s way of continuing to siphon ineffective votes for these cowboys that are “all hat and no cattle” that are highly skilled at cleverly engaging in empty talk and are willing to “cross the isle” while escaping a lot of controversy in Washington. These “cowboys” are easy to spot since they are “silent” at defending REAL Conservatives under attack by the Left.

    We now are witnessing the crumbling facade of American Sovereignty and Western Civilization which has become independent of the Constitution and its protection of American patriots that have now been designated as “domestic enemies” by the CCP controlled Deep State. How many Republicans do you know that have the audacity to take on the Communist Left in this country and is currently exposing and attacking their lawlessness behavior and their criminal ability to turn the Administrative State into a weapon against ordinary Americans that simply want to exercise their Unalienable Rights to protect their family and property? Only one man fits this criteria and his name is Donald Trump, the Real President of the United States from which his last victory in 2020 was stolen by the Communist Democrat Party and illegal ballot harvesting and real time machine shifting of ballot counting in several corrupt Democrat controlled cities, counties, and states. The genesis of this theft was flawlessly enabled by way of a secret and well planned FAKE CCP inspired pandemic and its corresponding lock-downs and the dismantling of normal election policies and safeguards. Can the Nation recover from this embedded corruption without FIXING the last election? Crime only gets worse when it is tolerated, encouraged, and where the criminals are unpunished and remain free to continue their mayhem and are hailed as heroes.

    There are many tools yet to be used by the Communist Democrat Party to assault this Nation and guarantee their victory in the next election, REGARDLESS of Patriotic efforts to regain Constitutional control. Need I name them? The following link is worth watching to explain the problem.


    • Bill Paschall says:

      You are exactly right. There were many in the GOP so called leadership that were happy Biden won the election. You Can start with Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and Mitt Romney!

  6. Mike says:

    If Trump is indeed the 2024 Republican nomination, my wife and I will vote for him. That said, we both were very disappointed in his speech to America after arriving back from New York City and his bogus indictment. Believe me, if I were in his shoes, I would be rabidly angry plotting my strategy to get elected so I could reap a wholesale house cleaning on those who are a part of this fundamentally changing America. Sour grapes will only turn off those whom he needs. Vigorously and passionately speaking to those of us who are suffering and telling us HOW he is going to turn around this inflationary debacle will gain our attention and give us something to hope for. NOT how unfair Donald J. Trump has been treated. We all know that and agree it is unfair; but we are being treated unfairly as well. BE OUR CHAMPION as you did in 2016. That seems easy enough does it not? Do the unexpected and be humble, be appreciative and thankful for his MAGA supporters, be a Reaganite and make everyone see that “Shining City on a Hill”. And then do something totally beyond the Left’s comprehension; Forgive Them and drop the sour grapes. Thank them for the attention on television, radio, podcasts, newspapers, etc. Talk as if you are already elected and solve these problems throughout this campaign. Spread Hope, Reconciliation, a Bright Future, but explain these in detail, not leaving out that YOU, the leader will have to confront those who want to drag us down and that might cost some folks their jobs and pensions. Impress upon the mass’s the Rule of Law and the Constitution must be adhered to if we are to remain a united Nation. Tell us YOU will tear down this tiered Justice System and those who truly break the law will be dealt with. Who better to address this topic in a Presidential manner? Again, BE OUR CHAMPION on all fronts. Beat them at their own game. If only.

    • Richard Anderson says:

      Be assured, President Trump does has a plan to DEFEAT his opponents as he is indeed a Three-dimensional chess player in regards to political savvy and know-how. As the late Rush Limbaugh made comment of, Trump’s political instincts are VERY GOOD, and I would say UNMATCHED.

      One thing he is not going to do is lay out his plan and strategy in clear view like a bad chess player or a bad poker player for those who seek his political demise. No, he is going to FIGHT like he always has.. with intelligent and decisive action.. always several moves ahead of his opponents.

      He. DJT, “is” going to be the Forty-Seventh President of The United States of America, I humbly predict. And he will indeed fulfill the many good things he started, continuing anew on Inauguration Day January 20th of 2025. TRUMP 2024 — Save America. IN GOD WE TRUST.

  7. C M Solomon says:

    “NOT how unfair Donald J. Trump has been treated.” – – – “Forgive Them and drop the sour grapes. Thank them for the attention on television, radio, podcasts, newspapers, etc.” – – – “Spread Hope, Reconciliation, a Bright Future, but explain these in detail – – – ”

    How can we have Reconciliation with blatant enemies of the American people that remain free to carry out even greater crimes against our Nation as proud Communists that are SUCCEEDING in the destruction of everything we hold dear?

    When did Criminal activity that was treasonous and stealing an election through Criminal subversion get reduced to “being unfair”? Trump made it crystal clear that he was Declaring War on these Criminals as he outlined their Crimes and will see that justice will prevail when he is elected President. He will be OUR DEFENDER as he takes the OFFENSIVE against these gangsters ON OUR BEHALF! I guess I saw a different speech.

    However, these Criminals smell “blood in the water” and they will use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to ensure that Trump will NEVER be elected President as they ALREADY believe their VICTORY is assured to demolish the Constitution and our Republic at the same time. Their multi-decade Communist takeover plan that has been perfected in many other Nations proves that Freedom can be destroyed without firing a shot! All it takes is a complacent response to their threat and willingness to compromise, an inch at a time.

  8. John Tatum says:

    I am ready to vote for President Trump. I think he is a real leader and a good man. Maybe at one time he was not very steady as a person. However, now with Melonia, he is a very solid person. He can put up with the unfair treatment of the Deep State, and he will fight hard for real Americans.

  9. C M Solomon says:

    Assuming the following statements are true: “According to Gallop, 44 percent of the American electorate is in the mushy middle. They like to call themselves “independents” or “moderates.” What media they consume is mostly the same media that Democrats consume. Moderates are not ideologically committed. They’re more likely to vote personality over policy.”

    Would someone please explain to me how on earth these “brains full of mush” that consume the 24/7 vicious demonization of Conservatives by the Communist Democrats could EVER accept a “kinder and gentler” (Bush 41 likeness) that is sufficiently persuasive for them to vote AGAINST these lying Democrats with such a “pleasant personality” that spew hate from every pore? The TRUTH is that Republicans are successfully put on the apologetic (humble) DEFENSIVE because the Communist Democrats are attack dogs that stay on the OFFENSIVE and take no prisoners. When will we ever learn to be winners?


  10. Jim says:

    Wow, I read these comments and it seems clear that many are willing to ride the Trump plane all the way into the ground. For many, Trump is the only answer to the successful destruction of the far Left.

    Here are a couple of more facts. For the past six years the judicial organizations have had their way with Trump (FBI, DOJ, DA). This is undeniable. The follow along is that the same thing has happened with the media. Frankly, Trump has great policies but a huge weakness is his inability (or apathy) to effectively navigate this minefield. For those that think he can get re-elected and finally drain the swamp….this is a hopeless dream. Please listen to the reality that Paul and others offer and open your minds to the possibility that a Trump nomination gives the strong likelihood of another 4 years of a Democratic President. Very few people are worthy of blind loyalty…. Trump is not one of those people.

    • C M Solomon says:

      Please enlighten us on your candidates that can assuredly lead us to the eradication of the Global Communist Democrat takeover in this country as controlled by the CCP and set us on a WINNING path to a vigorous enforcement and US Constitution respecting government that destroys the Deep State stranglehold on the American people. Please do not waste our time with those that are infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

      • Jim says:

        Seriously, you’re sticking to “destroy the deep state”?? If we get away from the Trump jargon for a minute and talk facts…..Trump had 4 years to “drain the swamp” and how did that work out? The swamp handed him his head on a platter. The DOJ and FBI are worse now than when he took office. (They do the same things as before that politicize their roles, except now it’s out in the open….with absolutely no repercussions.). Congress is no better than before. The media is more rabidly liberal, if that’s possible. The federal debt went up over $8 TRILLION on his watch. Obamacare is still a going concern, in spite of Trump having a Republican Congress.
        For the record, I voted for Trump twice. So I’m not some crazed liberal. I’m just trying to take an objective view of history and read the pulse of the nation, and I don’t see the path for Trump to be president again.

        • Richard Anderson says:

          Pundits in 2016 during election night, kept saying Trump has no path to victory. This phrase as the night went on became Hillary has no path. He won then, he really won in 2020, and he will indeed win in 2024 overwhelmingly absolutely as Americans are angry and the silent majority will make their voices heard like never before.

          Mark Levin sums it up better here than I have ever heard…

    • Richard Anderson says:

      To those who may not know what makes Donald J. Trump such a great President and a winner. I will enlighten.

      Trump doesn’t know the meaning of the word “cave” as in giving up. Nor does he know what “selling out” means. This sets him apart. To use a movie line, men like him come along once in great while, whereas others less capable and less dedicated are always with us like bad weather.

      These above character traits are what makes him “the one and only” candidate to straighten out the mess of incompetent, cunning, and evil imposters temporarily ensconced in our government.. those who have “clawed” their way into power like desperate rats greedily after a piece of ill gotten cheese.

      Trump and his America First team are just what’s needed to restore “The Shining City on A Hill.”

  11. Mike Gauthier says:

    Trump was our best president, and he is the best candidate, but you and many others think he can’t win because of the constant mudslinging from the left, 2 impeachments and myriad accusations that have occurred since 2016. There is no doubt there is a lot of baggage there and it does indeed turn people off. Unfortunately, 90% of Trump’s baggage is leftist lies and distortions. If Trump does not win the nomination, the mudslinging machine that is the Democrat party will simply make the new candidate the target of their character assassination and dirty politics. We have to find a way to win despite the attacks brough on by the left or the GOP will never win again.

  12. C M Solomon says:

    I get so TIRED of these “all wise, Never Trumpers” (many of which infect the Republican Party) that constantly complain in self-righteous anger about Trump when they refuse to offer their RECOMMENDATIONS for an alternative that has NOT been through the Deep State fire (that Trump endured and learned from and is therefore still highly respected) that can now be our “new savior” having never been targeted by their Leftist Evil Warfare first hand and have never taken a public stand against that I know of. Where are YOUR recommended candidates? It is a FACT that the most HATED target of the Deep State is clearly the BEST candidate for office BECAUSE he is their greatest threat!

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