The world’s latter day Munich.


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Said Winston Churchill on October 3, 1938:

“England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame, and will get war.”

He was speaking of the just-concluded “Munich Agreement” dated three days earlier and signed by, among others, Adolph Hitler and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. It was upon his return to England that Chamberlain, speaking of the agreement, uttered the now infamous words, “peace for our time.”

Of course, there was no such thing. Less than a year later, Great Britain was at war with Germany, marking the beginning of World War II and the deaths of more than 60 million. The Munich Agreement, which effectively deeded Czechoslovakia to Hitler, was an act of appeasement and, as the world bitterly learned, evil cannot be appeased.

What has been largely forgotten in the 70 years since the end of World War II is how close the West came to losing it. Willful blindness on the part of the U.S., England and France in the 1930s allowed Adolph Hitler to consolidate his political power and re-arm Germany. That blindness put the Allies severely behind the eight ball as the nascent threat posed by Germany came into full bloom.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of 2015 might be fairly compared to Winston Churchill of 1938. Just as Churchill warned of the dangers posed by Nazi Germany, Netanyahu now warns of the threat posed by a nuclear Iran.

Today, as with Germany in 1938, many dismiss the Iranian threat. Certainly the Obama White House does. Just as they were beginning to threaten the stability of the Iranian regime, the Obama administration lifted economic sanctions in order to pursue a nuclear arms agreement — an agreement that Iran is as certain to ignore as Hitler ignored Munich.

History reminds us that even though the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor by Japan, President Roosevelt pursued a “Germany first” policy. He did so in part because of intelligence showing that the Germans were working on a nuclear weapon. Roosevelt knew that a Germany possessed of a strategically-superior weapon would be exponentially more dangerous and more difficult to defeat – difficult to the point of enslaving all of Europe.

Today, despite petulant dismissal by the White House, Benjamin Netanyahu warns of the very same thing concerning Iran. And just as Germany posed a threat to the very survival of Great Britain, Iran poses an even more immediate and grave threat to the State of Israel.

Netanyahu came to the U.S. and spoke to a joint session of Congress to say that the mullahs of Iran will be no more appeased by an agreement on a piece of paper in 2015 than Adolph Hitler was in 1938.

Give the Iranians time – let them hide behind an unenforceable agreement – and they will certainly become a nuclear power. Take them at their word that they will then seek to annihilate Israel. Take Benjamin Netanyahu at his word when he says, “never again.”

The parallels to Munich could not be more clear.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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8 Responses

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu spoke the truth as does your column.

    I got the following from Wikipedia regarding the “nuclear doomsday clock” maintained by left wing egg heads at the University of Chicago: “The most recent officially announced setting—three minutes to midnight (11:57 pm)—was made on January 22, 2015 due to climate change, the modernization of nuclear weapons in the United States and Russia, and the problem of nuclear waste.”

    Odd that Iran and North Korea aren’t on this list of folks threatening the world. Odder still that “climate change” is listed.

    That Obama is an idiot explains much about the man, but beyond his galloping ignorance is an innate hatred for America as it is and for American allies, especially Israel. Dollars to donuts Obama isn’t a Christian. He is almost certainly an atheist or a closet Muslim. If he is not a Muslin, then at the very least he has a dangerous affinity for Islam, the religion he grew up in.

  2. pk says:

    “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”
    And so it is.
    Read ” Willful Blindness” by Andrew McCarthy; the Attorney General of New York who prosecuted the blind Sheik for this crime.
    He was stunned by this Sheik quoting the K*ran word for word in his defense. So much so that McCarthy looked up , not believing the Blind Sheik, and found out that the Blind Sheik was 100% accurate.

    Read it & open YOUR eyes; I did.

    This threatened Apocolyse will happen WAY before global warming, if true, will become a threat.
    The K*oran says that the good M8slims will create so much blood by killing all of us to promote the Apocolyses’ arrival.
    Thus the bomb.
    Got it???

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    It doesn’t do one bit of good to tell people that history is repeating itself, but it is and has since obama was put into office. Hitler and obama are mirror images, you read about one and you know the other. All the advancements in the world can not teach people what they don’t want to learn, especially when we have already seen it before.

  4. That Bibi’s QUITE-the-orator alrighty; but let’s not forget that his basso profundo was also cheering-us-into the Iraq fiasco.

    Which-is-NOT-to-say Saddam wasn’t a bad guy. But he was contained. Every-so-often we’d take-down one of his jets that wandered-into the No Fly Zone. He was in-a-box, WITHOUT the mushroom-cloud-kit Cheney & Co. sent Colin Powell to the U.N. to fib-about. Destabilizing Iraq CREATED ISIS.

    Let’s think long-and-hard before spilling more American blood and squandering American treasure in Iran.

    Admittedly, some are skeptical about talking-peace-with 1979 hostage-takers. We’ve all seen “Argo.” But a generation earlier, who’d’a thunk we’d end-up friends with Germany and Japan?

  5. Michael Mahfood says:


    THE WORLD’S LATTER DAY MUNICH Commentary was a step above your usual insightful commentaries.!

    My thoughts:

    It becomes more painful everyday to watch our world crumbling around us. When we stop and let the full meaning
    of what Bibbi said….”in this case the enemy of our enemy IS our enemy..” sink in -then are we living history again?

    Michael Mahfood

  6. pk says:

    Love all of the comments.
    With Obama’s reaction or lack of reaction & bouncing to Selma reminds me of one of the tenants of the Community Action people ( designed to create chaos when ever they used & other things aren’t working to obfuscate problems you do not want to deal with)….CHANGE THE SUBJECT; hence the march to Selma other ‘new’ themes.
    Note how quickly Obama keeps leaping from idea to idea; indicates to me , an inveterate people watcher mud singing hoping some will stick.
    Don’t be fooled.
    He fooled us many times…they haven’t all come out yet.

    ‘fool me once your fault; fool me twice is MY FAULT.”

  7. C M Solomon says:

    If our nation’s safety (in a world of murderous dictators that would stop at nothing to defeat their enemies) is headed by another would-be dictator who trusts in his own intellect and international social justice dogma (at the expense of our opinion as citizens in a Representative Republic), you can predict that he will acquiesce with other dictators for which he envies their unlimited power. The collateral damage of thousands (yea millions) of lives to achieve “social justice” is worth the sacrifice, so goes the justification. Recent history is replete with examples of this kind of evil, run amuck.

    This mind set was shared by Stalin, Hitler, Mao and all other similar dictators that saw their activities as “righteous” and fully justified. “The end justifies the means” no matter what evil is perpetrated on other human beings. These elite creatures have no conscience or heart or sense of right or wrong. Their POWER to control humanity “for their own good” is all that matters. If our nation were to be ruled by an all powerful dictator that is benevolent in his own mind, then “what’s the problem?” he would ask.

    This is a dangerous mental disorder called “megalomania.” Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, omnipotence, and by an inflated ego, devoid of empathy. The disastrous consequences of their irrational behavior to achieve their goals never enter their minds.

    This is what we are faced with in the next two years, or longer. We have only seen the beginning as the veil is removed and the true “transformation” is exposed and our nation is to be punished for its exploitation of the rest of the world for the last 100 years. This is the dogma of “appealing to our enemies” in the name of international social justice that our fearless leader is determined to advance. He is only following his instincts as formed by his mentors of the last 35 years.

  8. C M Solomon says:

    “The parallels to Munich could not be more clear.”

    Paul, I have another parallel that is similar to your Munich comments. Today’s revelation that the co-pilot of the Germanwings Flight 9525 Airbus is suspected of forcibly crashing the Airbus into the French Alps with the deliberate slaughter of 149 innocents makes me sick to my stomach. This co-pilot locked the door so that the pilot could not return to the cockpit to stop his murderous scheme. I feel like one of the trapped passengers on that flight as it was plunging into those mountains at 400 MPH. Everyone and all the hardware was virtually vaporized in an instant, broken into small pieces that are unrecognizable.

    This nation is headed by a radical ideologue (the President), a novice at piloting a nation that sets himself above our rules of moral human conduct and the Laws of the Constitution itself. He has locked the door on Congressional oversight, denied the transparency that he promised, and has turned a deaf ear to the last election as he accelerates his lawless, radical agenda. He does not answer our cry (as in the last election) to stop the destruction of this nation’s laws and traditional freedoms that we have seen eroded at a faster rate than anytime in our history.

    We are plunging to a nuclear Iran and an Islamic terrorist dominated middle-East, all under his direction. He refuses to secure the border against the illegal aliens and criminals or terrorists for which he promises welfare benefits at our expense. He is in control of the flight path as we cozy up to the world’s worst tyrants.

    The target is clear. This President is willing to sacrifice this nation and its fundamental stand for freedom against tyranny as he gives preference to radical Islamic states that rule by murder that are determined to destroy us and Israel. We all can hear their threats. Why can’t HE hear them? The unfortunate truth is he agrees with their desire to “get even” with this nation. His hatred for this Constitutional Republic is obvious. His actions tell the truth. I don’t care what he says to the contrary.

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