For thee but not for me.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 3/13/15


A normal person might ask,

“If you’re thinking about running for president, and if you know that you are already heavily laden with baggage, and if you know your opposition will almost literally look under ever pebble on the beach for any kind of ‘gotcha’ they can find, why on Earth would you serve up a big one by behaving in such a way as to be certain that it looks like you’re trying to hide something?”

We are, of course, speaking of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the answer to the question is, “Hillary is about as far as you can get from a normal person and still be in this solar system.”

My first up close experience with Hillary Clinton occurred in the nether regions of what was then called the Fleet Center in Boston, home of the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Radio Row had been set up in an area that also happened to comprise the secure pathway into and out of the building for Democrat big wigs.

Hillary had just given an interview to one of the radio stations on Radio Row and, judging from the flames shooting out of her ears and nostrils when it was over, it did not go well. Mrs. Clinton pulled her assistant off to the side, where she imagined nobody was watching, and brought down upon that poor young woman the very Hammers of Hell.

I don’t know what made Mrs. Clinton mad. Evidently the interviewer had dared to ask something that she did not wish to be asked. (When it comes to the Clintons, that would consist of a very long list of topics.)

But what did Hillary think was going to happen? It was Radio Row – and not ‘Today’s Hottest Hits Together With Yesterday’s Favorites” – but talk radio. As a species, talk radio hosts live to ask people like Hillary Clinton tough questions.

That she was nevertheless so taken aback made clear that Hillary Clinton thinks she is somehow exempt. You have no right to ask. Rules and conventions apply only to ‘little people.”

Hillary Clinton is the very embodiment of the nouveau ‘ruling class’ that is taking over government at every level. Her email was on a server that she owned and controlled – rather than on the State Department system – for one reason and for one reason only: to avoid to the greatest extent possible having to ever answer inconvenient questions.

She was astonishingly open about it. The domain was very clearly @clintonemail rather than and thus obviously not a government system. But she didn’t care. The rules don’t apply if your last name is Clinton and Hillary knows that.

Thus we can know that if Hillary Clinton is ever elected president, she will not see herself as our elected servant. She, to a frightening and astonishing degree, will look down upon us as mere vassals.

Not – by a long shot – what the founders had in mind.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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4 Responses

  1. pk says:

    This is the way it has been since the Clinton’s 1st appeared on our political stage.
    Remember the threat from them to not say a word about their tenure…
    (silent ‘or else’)/
    Therefore few show & tell books have ever been written about them.
    I think, Obama is their political off spring in style.
    So if you want more narcissim, arrogance, secrecy, lies, people under the oval office desk etc..keep treating her with reverence.

    Look at BenGhazy ; her responsibility & yet we STILL do not know what happened there.
    The Clinton’s are the epitome of high-handedness; but maybe people like that .
    They must.


  2. C M Solomon says:

    I probably should have waited to submit my comment for your last post regarding the “latter day Munich”. Hillary perfectly fits the mold of the Megalomaniac profile that I discussed. I often wonder if many that seek the so-called “public service” professions, i.e., politics, are infected with this mental disorder of Megalomania.

    I have known several people that exhibit this elite disorder throughout my career. Their rise in power and influence is built on a total lack of truth and real accomplishments. They are also determined to destroy the reputation and influence of ANYONE that threatens their self-envisioned “path to glory” that they have determined to follow at ANY COST, regardless of how it hurts their fellow man. You are right: “For thee but not for me.”

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    I was in Arkansas this past weekend and saw a bumper sticker that read: I am ready for Hillary. The only thing I could think of was…REALLY?
    I don’t think the United States is ready for her even if this one person was!!!

  4. R. Eagleman says:

    Would someone please tell me one thing this political animal has ever done to help this country? In the sixties, she was an anti-war hippie demonstrator and a Saul Alinsky follower; she hooked up with a draft dodger and soul mate, Bill Clinton. She latched onto his coattails, and followed him to Arkansas as the Governor’s wife. She was an attorney at the Rose law firm in Little Rock,and was involved in several shady get-rich-quick deals, as well as a central figure in missing files that could have been very damaging to her and her husband. Sound familiar? When Bill was elected president, as first lady,she was in charge of establishing our first socialized health care system. Her efforts were soundly rejected by the American people; however, in all fairness, there were not near as many freeloaders in those days. She was elected senator from the very liberal state of New York, and all I can remember that she accomplished as senator was a lot of screeching and howling in opposition to the very same things that she is now involved. She was defeated in her bid to be the Democrat nominee for president, and then was APPOINTED Sec. of State. Her efforts to re-start our relations with Russia were shameful,embarrassing, and a complete failure. Maybe we should not mention the inadequate security at the Benghazi compound, that resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans, including the ambassador. Since there are missing files, we cannot yet determine her complete role; however, she was the Sec. of State, and we know that additional security was requested but denied. Her excuse for the critical missing e-mails was that it was inconvenient to carry more than one device, when almost any child knows that several e-mail accounts can be established on one device. Did she sign the OF-109 form? No one seems to know at this point, but at the very least, more incompetence and/or dishonesty. How embarrassing for a political party to have this person as the standard-bearer! If this person is our next president, she will complete the destruction of our country that our present commander-in-chief has started; that is, if he doesn’t do it himself in the next 2 years.

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