Policy success is the only option.

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Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 7/14/17


If the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC had done their jobs with respect to covering the Clintons all these years, I might be inclined to listen to what they now have to say about Donald Trump and those who surround him. But for years the New York/Washington media cabal studiously ignored potentially huge stories surrounding Hillary and Bill.

Let’s examine a few.

There was the Russian uranium deal. To any reasonable observer, it looked like a quid pro quo. In June 2010, former president Bill Clinton personally collected a $500,000 fee to address a Russian investment corporation in Moscow. Within weeks, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a secretive panel upon which then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat, approved a deal that gave Russia control of 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves.

Talk radio had the story. So did many conservative blogs and websites. But from the elite media, there was barely a peep.

Speaking of Bill and his speaking fees, when Hillary was sworn in at State, Bill’s rate for a gaseous 30-minute speech went from about $150,000 – par for the course for an ex-president – to $500,000 and up.

The media said nothing.

Then there was the all-but-impossible-to-miss cash-for-access program at the State Department. Shortly after Hillary became secretary, hundreds of millions of dollars began flowing into the Clinton Foundation from sketchy individuals and often-nefarious governments. Of the 154 people who met face-to-face or had a personal conference call with Secretary Clinton, at least 85 donated to the Clinton Foundation.

From the media: crickets.

And of course for months, the media was remarkably uncurious as to why Mrs. Clinton maintained a private email server when she was Secretary of State and then destroyed tens of thousands of emails when that fact was uncovered.

Nothing that Mrs. Clinton did – much of it shady and much of it involving the Russians – ever attracted any critical attention from the elite media.

And yet they now hyperventilate over a brief meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer. According to Trump, Jr.’s emails, the lawyer offered actionable dirt on Mrs. Clinton during the hottest weeks of the 2016 campaign. The meeting lasted roughly 10 minutes at which nothing of value was either received or given.

Treason!,” cries Hillary running mate Tim Kaine. As if Kaine wouldn’t have knocked his own mother over to get to that meeting with the Russian lawyer if she had been offering incriminating information on Donald Trump.

So we arrive at two conclusions. First, this isn’t going to stop. The Left and the media are going to try by all available means to either force Trump from office (unlikely) or derail his agenda (more likely).

Which brings us to conclusion number two. Policy victories are now indispensible. Put wins on the board – health care and tax cuts for example – and the lefty media hysteria is rendered moot.

Mr. Trump should be walking, talking and Tweeting accordingly.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    “The meeting lasted roughly 10 minutes at which nothing of value was either received or given.” … I’m assuming you have some facts that back this up?

  2. Richard Anderson says:

    The false attacks from the national left wing media and “the swamp” directed at President Donald J. Trump are complete balderdash! These two “coreless groups” do not like our President because he is not like them, in any way, shape, or form. Nor is he one of them. That is what sticks in their craw.

    Know this Mr. President, the American people are FOR you. Keep moving with all speed on working to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! and don’t worry, because millions of good citizens across our great country support you because of your fidelity to The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and to GOD.

  3. Linda E Montrose says:

    If someone really wants to know something, why not give your NAME?

    I never did understand all this fawning over the very ones who are bringing this country down… bill & hlllary…obama the illegal and others in our past that have done nothing but hurt the very people they swear to help. WHAT is the fasination with people such as this by the media and the people who DO try to help the American people are vilified? It makes no sense to me…NONE what so ever!!!

  4. Ray Baxter says:

    anonymous huh? Wonder why they always hide behind that word? If you have something to say don’t be afraid to put your name on it. Cowards hide behind “anonymous”. Trump has done nothing but good for this country so far & the left can’t stand it. The godless party of hypocrites are going down the drain because of all their lies & shafting of the American people. No one trusts the elite media with their fake news.

  5. R. Eagleman says:

    The Russia collusion hoax is just the latest of many strategies to overturn the outcome of the last election; when all else fails, try to slow down or stop the agenda. Even the most rabid of the Democrat Party have no rational dreams of impeachment, much less the recall of President Trump. The only thing left is to obstruct in every way possible, including slow walking the appointment of loyal administration employees. By preventing the drainage of these deep state denizens from the Washington swamp, these reptiles are desperately hanging on to their last vestige of power. Paul is exactly correct, the best method for overcoming this obstruction is to ignore the clutter and to execute the policies that are in the best interest of our country, and for which he was elected. Just keep putting points on the board; this will be the best medicine to eliminate that pesky rash.

  6. And what about Benghazi???
    At least Fox News is still doing real news.

    As for policy wins, don’t count on healthcare:

  7. Another excellent column. The media’s double standard could not be more obvious, as you point out. They have no shame but that’s fine as they are on the way to having no readers as well.

  8. R. Eagleman says:

    I agree with Holland, the policy to repeal and replace Obamacare appears to be dead in the Senate. However, by allowing this severely flawed plan to crash and burn without Republican fingerprints on it, may prove to be the best campaign strategy for 2018 & 2020. Democrats own it and also the outrage that will surely follow the next round of increasing premiums and deductibles. The only risky downside is that those who are already addicted to the subsidies, as well as the Medicaid expansion for those who were never intended to qualify, will now be screaming for it to continue. When the screaming gets so loud that our spineless legislators will relent to a single payer system, the Socialists will have prevailed. Am I missing something, or is there no interest in requiring all Americans to be covered under the same health care law? If these politicians know that they and their families will have the same health care as the rest of us, you can bet it will be a very acceptable plan. Has there been even one brave legislator propose such an amendment? If so, it never seems to come up in the debates.

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